Manziel’s college coach: If he wants to play, he has to change

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In college, Johnny Manziel won a Heisman Trophy playing for Kevin Sumlin. In the NFL, Sumlin says, Manziel needs to clean up his act.

Sumlin, the head coach at Texas A&M, told Bruce Feldman of FOX Sports that Manziel’s off-field act is a major problem: “The things you see on TMZ, without a doubt, are hurting him”

Although Sumlin said Manziel was always dedicated to his craft in college, Sumlin thinks Manziel lacks awareness of just how dedicated he’ll have to be if he wants to make it in the NFL.

“Pro football is a job,” Sumlin said. “I know from his competitive nature he loves the game. Without a doubt, there’s a lot of things going on in his life that if he’s serious about playing professional football he’s got to change. Whatever that perception is has become reality for him, and he’s got to look that in the eye and say, ‘Alright, here’s a situation. Here’s what people think. What are the issues right now?’ He’s got to address those. He’s a great competitor, and when he was here he loved the game of football, he loved to practice, he loved to play the game. That’s got to translate in his actions in the clubhouse or with his team. The perception that he doesn’t care, he’s got to deal with that, and the only way to deal with that is to show up and work at it every day.”

Sumlin is obviously right. The question facing Manziel is whether he’s willing to listen to people like Sumlin and clean up his act. If he’s not, his career may already be over, at age 23.

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  1. This article is being read right now by Big John Football. He is just getting home from last nights activities.

  2. Yeah maybe you should’ve used the same principle when he was under you authority, Coach.

    Your words ring hollow now.

  3. I don’t see why this guy gets so much press. Plenty of 22 year olds live the same lifestyle; parties, dating, killer trips et al. So he doesn’t care about the NFL, its not for everyone. He’ll always have that Heisman which will earn him at least $100,000 a year minimum.

  4. I get the impression that Manziel did as he wanted while at AM. Sumlin tolerated anything because Johnny could play. I saw one game where Manziel pushed Sumlin away as he tried to talk to him on the sideline looked very revealing……embarassing for the coach….

  5. This is priceless coming from the guy that enabled JFF’S entitled attitude at every opportunity because he benefitted from him being on the field

  6. At this point, is it possible to clean up your act enough that a GM would take a risk? He has mediocre talent, little upside and brings a lot of issues.

  7. Tebow is still playing and can’t even hold a football.

    Manziels career is far from over

  8. Isn’t this the same coach that enabled Johnny Boy. HAHHAHAHAHA dude is a train wreck. Nobody cares about u johnny. #privileged

  9. Coach Sumlin and the college football world made Johnny and enabled his bad behavior by giving him breaks all the way through.

    Local law enforcement let him get by and the 30 minute benching he got for NCAA violations was only an example.

    It’s too late.

  10. Addiction, robbing people of their lives and potential.

    One day they are pronouncing how good they feel and how committed they are and the next they are calling you, locked out of their house in their underwear.

    Addiction is a mighty foe.

  11. Perhaps Sumlin’s time would be better spent figuring out why all his QBs transfer to other schools.

    Manziel is, as most know, indepently wealthy. If he would rather do something besides football, that’s his business. Most people with the “punk”, etc. comments are simply jealous.

  12. It’s amusing when someone who embraces fame as an end so much winds up on the wrong side of it. As you can see, I don’t have sympathy for the guy, he’s earned his reputation and all that goes with it.

  13. Manziel doesn’t have the same problems as Trent Richardson.

    His family doesn’t need his money, and at least he still can play.

    But booze and skanks are a terrible combination.

  14. Here’s the thing: the more often that respectable people come out and publicly (or even privately, for that matter) state that Johnny needs to change, the more he’ll dig his feet in the ground and keep doing what he’s doing. It’s the same reasoning why Trump’s numbers are always better when his adversary’s call him a “joke”. Johnny’s not going to “change” until he sees it himself, on his terms. Whether that happens before he dies or burns out, remains to be seen.

  15. The reality is that:

    (1) Manziel will never have to work another day in his life because his family’s fortune is more than enough for him to live in luxury in perpetuity.

    (2) Manziel will most likely never see the inside of a prison cell because of his family’s political connections and influence.

    So I’m sure that this enabled lowlife doesn’t care about what advice anyone has to give.

  16. Looks like all Billy Vegas wants to do is hold down some meaningless job to pass the time so he can go out on the town every night – seems like that would be such a fulfilling life. I guess if you can dream it, you can do it!

  17. This article is dead on in that Manziel needs to listen to people and get his act together. Lot’s of 23 year olds party (I am very guilty of that) but NFL teams will not want a wild man as the face of their franchise.

  18. The internet lynch mob has wished for his demise since before he was drafted and so far their wish has come true. I bet they’ve been sleeping soundly every night for months.

  19. Geez. Wonder if he told the Browns that before they drafted him. I’m sure they would have asked!!! Course not, he was in on the whole farce.

  20. What incredible insight and spot on advice by Sumlin.

    … and all this time I thought all NFL teams were looking for alcoholic, party-boy quarterbacks.

  21. Your words ring hollow right now is right, coach. Hopefully Coach Sumlin has learned his lesson as well and isn’t enabling the next Manziel as well.
    Coach saw his talent and future demise based on his off-field antics early on, why didn’t he bench him for his own good?
    At that point in their careers, he is a life coach not just a football coach. But I guess for Sumlin, football just got in the way.

  22. Pathological narcissists rarely just up & decide to change their stripes (by first self-admitting …. & I don’t mean just to ‘rehab’ … he’s already done that & probably on advice of counsel)

    Any NFL QB has soooo many more duties & responsibilities in being the ‘Face of the Franchise’ than just that … & that would be just Step #1 for the Manzielf

    Dr Drew on line 1

  23. Again, how did the Browns miss all of this during their background checks? They did do one, right? Anyone?

  24. Sumlin is an enabler. There were plenty of problems when he was in college. But notice how Sumlin implies he did all we asked of him so we had no issues. He lacks any credibility in commenting on this.

  25. What Sumlin is failing to recognize is that while Johnny FB may love to “compete”, that is only when he is winning. In the pros, where the athletes are bigger, faster, stronger and smarter than what he “competed” against in college, Johnny FB is only an average athlete. Thus, it is not as “fun” competing. Johnny lacks the heart and the drive to compete against adversity. But, he got a few mill for his cup of coffee in the NFL, and daddy’s got money so he’ll be all right.

  26. Coach – saying what nobody else has said or even noticed, that Manziel has to change if he wants to play in the NFL. What would we do without these profound insights never before considered by any of us? Sumlin for President! : /

  27. Party time is over now it is time to grow up. Your whole life can’t just be one gigantic party. Time to be an adult and put your big boy pants on because there is nothing more pathetic than a grown man still acting like a kid. Nobody has any patience for that nonsense!

  28. I honestly pitty the people that stomp on the face of another human being with problems. Many green eyed jealous people here due to the family has money. Many great athletes were addicted to something LT
    Namath, Farve, Micky Mantle, Babe Ruth and a lot more.

    Whatever path Manzeil chooses in life I just pray he finds someone to help him live a normal life. I could care less if that life is in or out of football and I could care less if his family is wealthy or poor. Most of the students at Texas A&M come from wealthy families. I find nothing wrong with that and none deserve to be ridiculed because of that.

  29. Sumlin should have done something about Manziel while he was at A&M. It would have helped Manziel and would have helped his future program. The Manziel “attitude” has infected the A&M locker room now and lingers even though the host is gone. They’ve already lost two 5* QBs this year and one of them admitted that it was due to the Manziel locker room vibe.

    Manziel might have been the best thing and worst thing that ever happened to Kevin Sumlin. My guess is he’s out in College Station after this season if not sooner.

  30. What irony. No doubt Johnny owns his own mistakes, but college coaches are supposed to mentor athletes, not overlook what they do off the field in college. If he had played for Nic Saban who refused Jameis because of questions about behavior, Johnny might have had a chance to reform before the NFL.

  31. Do you guys know how it works in college football ? Yes Summin could have been more responsible. But when you have a coach reporting directly to the AD who reports directly to the Chancellors of the school, yes, the coach is given the task to look the other way whilst the very large booster checks are filling the inbox. It’s not like many think it is. Just sayin

  32. If people think the NFL does things thru back doors , you would love seeing the inside of back doors in large D1 influential programs. Kids wake up in summer camp and the ” football fairy ” magically places $100 bills under their pillow. Yeah , it’s true folks. Now, prove it happens, you or no one else can.

  33. His NFL career is toast. Possibly, he can keep his carefully crafted Bad Boy Persona (ala Kevin Federline) profitable for another 15 minutes or so.

  34. He is not keeping his bad boy persona. That was created by you, the fans and the media. Do you think for one minute he really cares what you think about him. :). He doesn’t.

  35. jjb0811 says:
    Mar 29, 2016 6:10 AM
    I don’t see why this guy gets so much press. Plenty of 22 year olds live the same lifestyle; parties, dating, killer trips et al. So he doesn’t care about the NFL, its not for everyone. He’ll always have that Heisman which will earn him at least $100,000 a year minimum.

    Worked for 4 TDs in a single game Al Bundy.

  36. We never saw what he was truly capable of in the NFL. Look at Sanchez a pick and fumble machine. He’s still playing. If he actually wants another chance he’ll have to do a long in-patient rehab stint and maybe a year in the CFL. It isn’t just that the NFL is obviously tougher competition than college, it’s that he was stuck on a team that only exists because the real Browns moved to Baltimore. The new Browns are a horrible organization. The only motivation might be to score a big contract after his rookie contract and as we now he is already wealthy. He wants a chance to contend. Many don’t get that and still work hard. Look at all of the “second chancers” the Pats signed. People like Chris Long just want a chance to play in the postseason.

  37. He’d be a good 3rd string somewhere if he can put his issues behind him (good luck).

    Watch his college highlights. He’s a small framed QB that has great pocket presence and scrambling skills with a good arm.

    …..and that’s about it. No vision, no regards for the football when he’s scrambling, or even the safety of himself. He started what? 3 games and ended up injured with a concussion in 1 of them due to being wreckless diving head first into defenders for a TD.

    Not going to work very well in the NFL where everyone is bigger and faster than the college kids you’re used to playing against.

    I wish him luck, as it’d be quite the feat to overcome all the adversity he’s caused for himself.

  38. Poor Mike Pettine, you know he never wanted that bum. But the Browns are the Browns for a reason. They’re the Edmonton Oilers of the NFL.

  39. You would think a former first round draft pick would be more or less guaranteed a second chance. But with a pending 4 game suspension for slapping around women, plus his drinking problem and the fact that he plays QB all work against him.

    I do believe he is done, stick a fork in him done, as far as having a future in the NFL.

  40. As the 2016 Draft approaches, it is worth recalling that the Godfather, Gil Brandt rated Johnny Manziel the #1 player and a can’t miss, high character prospect in the Draft only 2 years ago.
    Gil – How’s that rating looking now?

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