Myles Jack won’t have a personal Pro Day Friday, may not run a 40

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Laremy Tunsil might not be the only top 10 pick in this year’s draft to avoid running a 40-yard dash before he’s chosen.

According to Mike Silver of the NFL Network, UCLA linebacker Myles Jack won’t have a personal pro day prior to the draft, and might not have a timed 40 for teams to refer to.

Of course, speed’s much more of a part of Jack’s game than Tunsil’s, as the Ole Miss left tackle won’t have to run that far unless something goes horribly wrong.

But Jack’s recovering from a knee injury last year, and didn’t run the 40 at UCLA’s pro day two weeks ago. There was some suggestion he might have his own workout on Friday, but that won’t happen now.

“He’s close, but he’s not totally ready, and I’m not gonna let him go out there and run an average time,” Jack’s agent, John Thornton, said. “He’s going back to Indy for a medical recheck on April 14th and 15th, so he won’t be doing anything before then. If there’s time — and if he can prepare the way he needs to prepare — he might run for a specific team in a private workout. But I feel like most of them have seen what they need to see.”

Even without playing most of last year because of a torn meniscus in September, Jack is expected to be a top 10 pick. Concerns about a college knee injury didn’t keep Todd Gurley from being drafted that high a year ago.

Thornton said Jack was “85-90 percent” right now, and as good as he is, that will create a bit of breath-holding for teams near the top of the draft who would otherwise be climbing over themselves to get to him.

18 responses to “Myles Jack won’t have a personal Pro Day Friday, may not run a 40

  1. Dude is a beast. My guess is he will recover from the knee injury, be 100% by October, and teams will wish that they had drafted him.

    He’s smart not to be running wind sprints or 40s when he’s still in the recovery timeframe, which was predicted as being 4-6 months on Sept. 26. He should wait until he’s 100% before he starts pushing it.

  2. What about that last ‘can’t miss’ player w/ a knee problem, Clowney? Oh yeah, he’s an afterthought. Too many red flags for me.

  3. Watch the highlight tape on this guy. He doesn’t stop forward progress or hit, he grabs the jersey and shoulder pads of his opponent and then awkwardly jerks them down. No WAY this translates into an NFL career. He also comes in high and not low. You’d have to re-teach NFL technique on a rehabbing knee. No WAY!!!

  4. He is an absolute stud. He should just take his time and fully recover. He might actually be the top talent in this draft.

  5. jjb0811 says:
    Mar 29, 2016 5:54 PM

    What about that last ‘can’t miss’ player w/ a knee problem, Clowney? Oh yeah, he’s an afterthought. Too many red flags for me.
    Clowney recovered from a torn miniscus. His bigger problem was the microfracture surgery he had to repair articular cartilage. Jack won’t fall far, if at all.

  6. I hope he doesn’t run a 40 so all the bad teams pass him up. The bad teams are the ones usually most interested in this type of nonsense (that’s why they’re bad). The good teams just look at tape to see how fast a guy plays. I’d rather have Jack go to a good team.

  7. This guy is a stud and will succeed at some NFL position. John Thornton is a smart former player, he’s doing right by Jack here.

  8. It would be fantastic if Jacks fell to the Vikings at 23. He’d be re-united with his UCLA teammates, Barr and Kendricks, and form, easily, the best trio of young LBs in the league. Zimmer and DC Edwards would just drool about all the incredible attacking possibilities on defense with those three guys on the roster.

  9. kayakattack says:
    Mar 29, 2016 8:24 PM
    I don’t need to see Jack’s 40..Watch one UCLA game and you’ll see he’s got elite level speed
    * * * *

    I agree, but running now is to show that the knee is healing/ healed well and won’t be a long term problem.

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