New Lions G.M. declares Detroit “an attractive place to go”


The Lions can’t sell warm weather, or a lack of state income tax, or a winning tradition.

But new General Manager Bob Quinn said he still thinks they can be an attractive free agent destination.

“It really hasn’t [been an issue],” Quinn said, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press. “The players that we’ve had in for visits and we’ve signed, and even some of the guys that we haven’t signed, were really receptive. Had some really great conversations with players and representatives and agents about the opportunity that we present, as a franchise, with the ownership, the head coach, the hierarchy that we have, in terms of the structure of the organization. The position coaches. The coordinators.

It’s an attractive place to go.”

In addition to having him run the Lions, the city of Detroit’s chamber of commerce should sign Quinn up now.

The Lions were able to get free agent wide receiver Marvin Jones, despite interest from the Patriots. Of course, they gave him a five-year, $40 million deal — though New England’s offer was supposedly similar.

They might have to overspend for players to get them, at least until they’re able to win. That’s what allowed New England to become a destination, specifically for veterans who want to win a championship. And until Quinn can create that kind of atmosphere in Detroit, he’s going to have to offer something else.

He cited staffing and improvements to the football facility as places they’re improving, trying to put pieces in place to make people consider the Lions differently.

62 responses to “New Lions G.M. declares Detroit “an attractive place to go”

  1. For unemployment, EBT Cards, gang violence, shootings, drug use, corrupt state politicians, no drinking water, should I continue? Seattle is the place to be.
    Go Hawks!

  2. Attractive???? Yea, keep thinking that. I also have a nice warm beachfront property to sell you that is sunny year round especially in winter on Lake Superior.

  3. Good for him, I mean he’s doing his job. I found myself the last few years hoping the Tigers could win it all once they got deep into the playoffs just because a championship can put a little hop in your step for a few months and it seems a place like Detroit can use that. Kind of a troll job trying to get people to pile on to a struggling area like Detroit though.

  4. Not really attractive, but they should be a better run franchise with moron Mayhew gone and as long as the Fords stay out of Quinn’s way.

  5. Hey, at least the real estate is cheap.
    And Michigan has a bunch of great craft breweries (Bells, Founders, Dark Horse, Jolly Pumpkin).

  6. To all of you who are sure to make ugly offensive comments about Detroit but who haven’t actually been here and only know what you’ve seen on the news: Detroit is actually an awesome city and it’s in the process of a huge comeback. Billionaires like Dan Gilbert are buying up as much of the city as they can. It’s not for charity either these are smart people who have the foresight to see that things are turning around and they’re eventually going to make a lot of money on their investments.
    So keep the negativity to yourselves and do us one favor-please don’t ever come here. We’ll be just fine without you and your uninformed opinions.

  7. You mean you’ll give me what the Patriots were going to give me AND you have no expectations? Where do I sign?

  8. “Hey, honey! I have two weeks of vacation coming up, why don’t we go to Detroit!” – No One Ever

  9. Cleveland has updated their slogan accordingly: “It’s a perfectly legitimate location.”

  10. bornahawker says:
    Mar 29, 2016 10:23 AM
    For unemployment, EBT Cards, gang violence, shootings, drug use, corrupt state politicians, no drinking water, should I continue? Seattle is the place to be.
    Go Hawks!

    This guy just made my point for me. No drinking water? Maybe you’re thinking of Flint which is 60 miles away?
    Please educate yourselves at least a little bit before spouting complete garbage

  11. It’s easy to keep bashing the city of Detroit but there is a turnaround happening here, with a bunch of redevelopment and growth in the downtown area. Hopefully the Lions can follow suit. All of the plastic faced sun lovers from the west coast and the overpaid suits from the east coast can stay away for all that we care.

  12. Is it really that attractive considering his quote?
    “It’s an attractive place to go”. If it was that attractive, his quote should have been, “It’s an attractive place to come to”. Let me finish his original quote, “It’s an attractive place to go, I just won’t live there”.

  13. I’ve lived here for 27 years and can’t think of reason why anyone would want to be here from November-April. High temps of 50 with a chance of snow everyday? No thanks

  14. Who have the Pats ever overpaid for? How far back are you going? Most of their big name talent was home grown. Rodney Harrison, Corry Dillon were reasonable as I recall. Who in the ’90s was a reach? I don’t like the Patriots but if you cite one team as an example of overpaying players to come until you start winning, it’s not them. Maybe the Saints.

  15. A great place to go? Maybe to watch how they make Kellogg’s cereal.

    Ask Gary Moeller. He had a ball there too. Bobby Ross quit because it was so bad. And there best players of all time quit too. I think something is going on where they have to say it’s great to get people to come visit. It’s a dying town, blame Clinton for losing all the manufacturing jobs and the bailouts the republicans gave to the car businesses. I feel bad for the people that have to live there and can’t even get clean water to use or drink and there is a a Great Lake right there. They need to better then say it is a great place to get people to relocate. Help your people there and stop polluting the water. #less gvmthelpsusall.

  16. To the ignorant fool who said Detroit has no clean water: Flint is 60 miles away from Detroit & NOT ON Detroit’s water system. Detroit pipes it’s water directly from Lake Huron while Flint was being cheap and decided to go break off from Detroit’s clean Great Lake water system & pipe from the heavily industrially polluted Flint River. Michigan has tons of clean drinking water, far more than Seattle, we have 3200 miles of Great Lakes shoreline. Detroit is at the center of the largest freshwater system on the planet known as the Great Lakes (20% of the world’s TOTAL supply). The Flint Water Crisis is an anomaly that should’ve never happened. The city is rapidly revitalizing. How about you actually come visit the city rather than judge by what the news tells you. There’s more to the Motor City than meets the eye. It’s a city full of incredible surprises. Detroit has already begun to go through a renaissance and it will be stronger than it was before. Let’s talk about Seattle. It was a DETROIT man who put Seattle on the map. William Boeing (Boeing Aircraft Manufacturing founder) was from Detroit & he put your city on the map. Former Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer is also from Detroit. If it wasn’t for Michigan, you wouldn’t have a car, cereal, and many other things. #DetroitVsEverybody #DetroitHustlesHarder #PureMichigan

  17. As a Lions fan I am very excited with the hire of Bob Quinn and can’t wait to see what he does in the draft. So far, he has done nothing but impress me on how he handles himself with the media and what free agents he has brought to the team.

    Do I expect them to play in the Superbowl this year or next or in 3 years? No, but I do expect Quinn to turn this franchise into perennial winner year in and year out and that starts with changing culture, which is exactly what he is starting with this interview with Dave Birkett. Solid move.

    Go Lions!

  18. Do you really think players on the Lions actually live in the inner city? The suburbs around Detroit are beautiful places to live.

    Players on most teams in inner cities don’t actually live inside the city limitsSo most of you are just trolling just for the hell of it.

  19. Any city is great to live in when you’re a millionaire. Seriously. You live in the best, most beautiful houses, eat in fantastic restaurants, shop in high end luxury stores, etc.

    Like the old saying goes … “Life is a poop sandwich. The more bread you have the less poop you eat.”

  20. If, by attractive, you mean in comparison to Cleveland or being out of the NFL then yes, I can see that.

  21. He needs to push the positives for Detroit…

    Cheap housing….for a cool million you can own a whole city block in some neighborhoods….I put the emphasis on HOODS….

    With fewer cops because of budgetary layoffs you will have the privacy for your extracurricular activities….smoke some weed…maybe fight a few dogs….you know privacy….

    The winters are awesome!!! Who wouldn’t like lake effect snows and freezing temperatures for months on end. Suh left for Miami and is missing all the fun here…

    Keep trying Detroit….will the last man out please turn off the lights???

  22. Detroit is making a nice recovery thanks to guys like Dan Gilbert who is bringing businesses back into the metro area. Still a ways to go but guys like Gilbert, Mike Illitch and Quinn are guys I’m glad to see in the positions they are in.

    For all you geographical genius’ out there, Flint is 90 minutes north on I75 and poses no threat to Detroit’s drinking water. Obviously just a way to pile on and proves how clueless you truly are.

  23. bornahawker says:
    Mar 29, 2016 10:23 AM

    For unemployment, EBT Cards, gang violence, shootings, drug use, corrupt state politicians, no drinking water, should I continue? Seattle is the place to be.
    Go Hawks!

    Seattle? July is the hottest month in Seattle with an average temperature of 64°F. Rain, dreary gray skies, rain, and more rain. Nothing like that bleached prune look. No wonder the suicide rate is high.

  24. snoiLtiorteD says:
    Mar 29, 2016 11:00 AM

    I’ve lived here for 27 years and can’t think of reason why anyone would want to be here from November-April. High temps of 50 with a chance of snow everyday? No thanks

    You’ve “lived here for 27 years” yet you say no thanks? Right.

  25. Detroit is a perfect example of the effect of Liberal policies allowed to run their full cycle. Take a good look at Detroit people…’s what the Liberals will do to the rest of the country given the chance.

  26. Detroit, another once beautiful major American city ruined by Democrats. When will people learn?

  27. Poisoned water, crumbling infrastructure, terrible football, Worst car company on the planet in ford and delusional fans like senatorCORKsky.

    What’s not attractive about that, LoLions!

  28. ✓Tavaris ✓Joe ✓Donovan ✓Christian ✓Matt ✓Josh ✓Teddy ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ © says:
    Mar 29, 2016 11:39 AM
    To the Detroit folks talking about Detroit being on the way up, the economics simply don’t support that theory. The city was overbuilt and for a population that is currently 2x it’s current population. Those jobs aren’t coming back, so the population isn’t going to double. Which means the same old abandoned buildings will stay that way.

    And since you obviously don’t live here and have probably never been here I’d encourage you to do a little research on the Detroit Land Bank and then you could be educated on what is happening with a lot of these properties. Lots of Detroit experts coming out of the woodwork today. And, no, Detroit’s population will most likely never return to its 1950’s level but then again I haven’t seen anyone here suggest that it would. That has very little to do with whats going to happen to run down abandoned buildings though.

  29. I do love all those urban decay photos of Detroit. But looking at them online is close enough for me.

  30. Rebuilding ? As of March 28 2016, the City of Detroit has 70,000 abandoned buildings. 31,000 additional empty homes and add to that 90,000 empty lots. That’s a lot to turn around and no player entering the NFL as a rookie this year will ever realize that turn around in his entire NFL career. It’s a nice snow job by the GM but unless they back up Large dump trucks full of money it’s not going to be a prime destination for any FA. Sure a billionaire is buying it up. He is getting property for pennies , literally, pennies.

  31. Deroit city itself is problematic, but still has wonderful enclaves and the secure areas are on the rise.
    Detroit suburbs are excellent with a few posting among the highest income per capita. There are plenty of wonderful places to go and to live outside of the city proper.

    Then again, if you don’t know you don’t need to know. Keep your ignorant self in bliss wherever you are.

  32. I don’t know about Detroit being attractive or not, but it does appear as if Quinn uses the same barber as Al Davis’ kid.

  33. wehave bush says: All of the plastic faced sun lovers from the west coast and the overpaid suits from the east coast can stay away for all that we care…convinced me, Detroit is not in my future plans…

  34. I took a position with a company that spent years getting its teeth kicked in by its competitors, had been extremely mismanaged and lost its prestige in the marketplace. New management came in with a turnaround plan, got everyone on board, rolled up their sleeves and got to work.
    Best career move I ever made and been well rewarded for it. I hope Quinn and the people he brings in have the same experience. And the people of Detroit as well. With the investment being made in that city, the future is looking up. Hate if you like- but I’m a Raiders fan from the East Coast, and I wish them all nothing but the best.

  35. ok bob sounds to me like you are one of those guys who would rather climb a tree and tell a lie than stand on the ground and tell the truth

  36. The NFL has nothing to do with attracting free agents, but everything to do with drafting and developing top talent.

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