Broncos’ Brandon Marshall may skip offseason work


Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall is considering skipping the team’s offseason work.

Marshall, a restricted free agent, has a one-year, $2.553 million offer on the table but wants a long-term deal. Mike Klis of KUSA reports that Marshall is considering staying away from offseason work if he doesn’t get a long-term deal.

Although the $2.553 million offer comes because the Broncos tendered Marshall at the second-round level, he actually would have been better off if they had tendered him at the lower offer of $1.671 million. That would have given Marshall a good chance of signing an offer sheet with another team because any team that signed him would have gotten him with no compensation if the Broncos declined to match the offer. That’s what happened with Broncos running back C.J. Anderson: The Broncos tendered him at the low level, which gave him the opportunity to sign an offer sheet with Miami, which Denver later matched.

But because Marshall was tendered at the second-round level, another team would have to give up a second-round draft pick to sign him. That makes it a long shot that Marshall will sign an offer sheet.

If he can’t come to an agreement on a long-term deal, Marshall would likely sign the tender offer and play this season for $2.553 million. But for now, Marshall is taking his time in an effort to get the Broncos to give him a better offer.

13 responses to “Broncos’ Brandon Marshall may skip offseason work

  1. If you’re a team that needs a LB, who are you going to pick in the second round that you know for sure is going to be better than Marshall? Teams could get a better player for a higher, but still reasonable, salary. It seems that teams greatly overvalue the unknown vs. the known.

  2. As he should, Denver has done nothing but low-ball it’s players since they won the SB. And still no one except Mr Buttfumble at QB.

  3. Makes more sense for him to actually participate and not suffer a similar loss in form like DT had. If that were to happen teams wouldn’t be calling. If he goes through with all offseason work and has a great year, he’ll have plenty of offers.

  4. Restricted free agency should really just give teams the right to match any offer. The draft pick tender is unfair to the player cause they won’t get an offer sheet and the compensation is low. Restricted free agency sucks either way but it gives the player zero leverage the current way

  5. Well there goes another one Elway errr mallard.

    You are in deep trouble this year. Glad this is due to winning the bowl so you have some cushion buy man you have jacked up this tea pretty bad. Would be shocked. If you win 6 games next year.

  6. Make no mistake haters, the World Champs are just fine; just preparing to reload. I do really like the fact NBC continues to keep the SB final score planted at the top of the sports page for a reminder. Great way to enjoy the off season for Pats fans.

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