Chiefs defend letting Justin Houston play in the playoffs


Chiefs outside linebacker Justin Houston suffered a knee injury in Week 11 that caused him to miss the rest of the regular season. He then played in the playoffs, and the Chiefs now say there’s a chance he could miss the entire 2016 season.

So did Houston worsen his knee injury by playing in the playoffs?

No, he did not re-injure it,” Chiefs G.M. John Dorsey said, via the Kansas City Star. “The training staff, they all had a plan together to kind of work through this thing. There was a timeline estimate and he slowly began to get out there and practice, and you could see that everything was . . . I mean, it was good, it was stable, it functioned.”

Dorsey says Houston’s ACL injury — which is not a full tear but did need to be surgically repaired — wasn’t diagnosed until he got a second opinion after the playoffs. Based on what they knew at the time, Dorsey says, letting Houston play was the right call.

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  1. Sounds as if Goodell’s concussion attorneys will have to branch out and begin the obfuscation/attack phase regarding knee diagnosis as well. Houston…you have a problem…you listened to the master.
    Must be nice to have a disposable workforce with non binding contracts.

  2. So the Chiefs, with a billionaire owner, uses inferior medical staff. Good to know. They should be docked another pick for letting that slip.

  3. 1. Justin Houston made the mistake that many players made. Trusting team doctors. Those guys work for the team not the players.

    2. Where did Chiefs GM John Dorsey get his medical degree? How is he qualified to determine Huston didn’t reinjure his knee?

    3. Because contracts are not guaranteed like other sports teams treat the players like disposable commodities. If they “misdiagnose” a player to the point that they can’t play at the same level or play anymore they can just cut the player and move on to the next new toy.

  4. When you’re so hyped up and can’t wait for the biggest games of your life, even though you’re injured, you tell yourself to push through EVERYTHING to get that win or die trying, because that’s that WARRIOR SPIRIT!

    And THAT’S why you need a voice on the outside to tell you to look at how playing may affect your longterm health!

    By letting this guy play, you may have lost him for 2016, and if he can’t come back 100%, you’ll most likely cut him.
    Somebody needed to have the gonads to tell him to sit, that it wasn’t good for him to rush back, or at least tell him to get a second opinion, and they didn’t.

    The front office & doctors failed this guy…

    Never trust a “company” doctor!

  5. Gee I’m ready for royals baseball to get going so sports talk guys will quit talking about the chiefs and Justin Houston. News flash the season is still 6 months away. He will be fine the chiefs will be fine even if he misses a month or two. Let’s all move on.

  6. I cant see second guessing the decision for him to play. It isn’t like he is Ladainian Tomlinson sitting out in the playoffs with a hang nail

  7. this is one of many reasons why this clown shoe of a franchise hasn’t won anything since 1970..mistreating their players

  8. “Based on the incorrect information we gathered from only one opinion, we made the correct choice”

    So basically the decision was fine, the process surrounding reaching it was just absolutely terrible.

  9. As a divisional rival you want to beat your opponent twice every year but you want to beat them at their best. I hope this dude is on the field this year for no other reason than he’s a great player and fun to watch

  10. Wow! The Chiefs are breaking all of the rules all of a sudden!
    Sick’em Rog! Let’s see you keep it all fair. Have fun Chief’s fans! Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

  11. Not sure how you can miss the ACL tear when you are already working on that knee.

  12. Chiefs aren’t being honest but in reality all teams have patched-up their walking wounded and put them on the field in the playoffs. They got through the wildcard round, then lost to the Pats by 7 in the divisional. The bigger point is was it worth risking a guy’s year (or rest of their career)? For a franchise QB no, for an OLB probably yes – because all these guys are risking their long-term health & career every time they play anyway.

  13. As a Chiefs Fan, I think J Houston told the team he was alright and tried to push through the injury. I think Reid and Dorsey wanted to have his pass rush in the playoffs. I don;t think anything malicious happened. I do hate that so many salary cap dollars have been wasted on a injury prone player who has only played 1 full season. Sucks to give a big money deal to someone who cant stay on the field.

  14. Poor medical treatment, that’s what happens when you have University of Kansas acting as your medical staff. Thank God Justin went to a real Doctor in Dr James Andrews who actually fixed his knee.

  15. I don’t think it impacted the injury negatively to let him play, but it definitely was a trade off to have a far less than 100% player in the playoffs and no Houston at least for part of the next season, vs. surgery after week 11 and a healthy Houston for all of 2016.

    Doesn’t look that smart now, but you don’t make it to the playoffs too often.

  16. kcflake says:
    Mar 30, 2016 9:36 AM

    “This is why KC never wins”

    11 wins last year and 1 in the playoffs? That is some winning in my book.


    Very true. The season ends in disappointment for 31 teams, but getting into the playoffs and winning is exciting for the fans and far better then missing the playoffs with a losing record.

  17. The Chiefs team doctor (magic 8 ball) said when asked if Houston was good to play “Signs point to yes”.

  18. Reminds me of how Big Red allowed McNabb to play while injured many years ago. Odds are Houston wanted to play no matter what and Big Red, who is probably the best players coach out there, let him.

  19. So, we need another law suit!!!

    Justin Houston will no doubt be hearing from a lawyer who will want to represent him in a law suit. They can sue the Chiefs, the NFL, The Commissioner, the owner of the Chiefs, the Chiefs team doctor, the Chiefs trainer, and anyone else they can think of!! Heck, sue the fans who were at the game, too!!!!

    Why not? It’s the name of the game, now. Get in the NFL, get a lawyer and sue!!!! After all, we have to make sure these lawyers have plenty of work to maintain their lifestyles!

  20. Sort of a Faustian bargain, wasn’t it? Play Houston to help the Chiefs secure their first playoff win in 22 years….but perhaps at the cost of sacrificing a playoff berth in 2016.

  21. It’s easy to look back and second guess. I highly doubt even one kc fan thought before playoff game…’hope Houston sits out and squares himself away for next year’

  22. I hear Dorsey didn’t make any decisions until he got second and third opinions from other league medical authorities Jones and Irsay.

  23. Well YA! It’s the playoffs! We don’t even know if the owners are committed to 2016.

  24. you are all wrong. Houston visited Dr. James Andrews BEFORE the playoff game that he returned for. He went back to Andrews later for an operation. So whether the Chiefs KU doctors suck or not, its not on them!

  25. Doesn matter. He will be useless after that giant contract anyway. Did any player that signed a giant contract do anything or just jj watt?

  26. araidersfan says:
    Mar 30, 2016 11:35 AM

    Sort of a Faustian bargain, wasn’t it? Play Houston to help the Chiefs secure their first playoff win in 22 years….but perhaps at the cost of sacrificing a playoff berth in 2016.


    Houston received a leg whip from his Ron Parker in the 1st quarter of the Bills vs Chiefs game on November 29th. He immediately left the game which KC won and then missed the next five Chief wins. He contributed 2 tackles and 1 assist in the bombing KC laid on Houston and may have aggravated his knee, or not – his knee was heavily braced up.

    He played 8 snaps vs the Patriots, and removed himself from the game because he felt he was more of a liability playing at less than 100%.

    He knew he was still hurt. What amazes me is that it took that many weeks after the initial injury before they committed to the surgery. But that decision had to have been partly Houston’s too.

    The Chiefs did nothing inappropriate in this situation. Houston’s a quick healer, he rebounded after his last injury to post 22 sacks the next season. This guy is playing in 2016 and he’ll be tearing up division opponents.

    Bank on it.

  27. The Chiefs did nothing inappropriate in this situation. Houston’s a quick healer, he rebounded after his last injury to post 22 sacks the next season. This guy is playing in 2016 and he’ll be tearing up division opponents.

    Bank on it.
    Hey Homer, you know this how?

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