Former Bills, Bucs WR Mike Williams works out for Patriots

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The Patriots are taking a look at a veteran receiver.

Ben Volin of the Boston Globe reports that the Patriots worked out former Buccaneers and Bills receiver Mike Williams today.

The 28-year-old Williams played his college football at Syracuse and was a fourth-round draft pick of the Bucs in 2010. He played last year for the Bills but didn’t do much, catching eight passes for 142 yards. Williams is no relation to the Michael Williams who currently plays tight end for the Patriots, or the former Lions first-round receiver who’s also named Mike Williams, or the Mike Williams who was a 2002 first-round pick of the Bills.

The Patriots also brought in former Jets tight end Jeff Cumberland and former Chiefs quarterback Ricky Stanzi for workouts.

28 responses to “Former Bills, Bucs WR Mike Williams works out for Patriots

  1. This is just the type of under the radar move that makes the Patriots, the Patriots. He’s a low cost veteran with a body of NFL work open for… Oh never mind !

  2. I’m pretty sure he was out of football last year. Definitely didn’t play for Bills in 2015.

  3. I have the distinct feeling that absent a first round pick the Patriots are not too enamored with the talent available in the draft. I think they will try and trade a lot of picks into future years!

  4. This guy is the quintessential anti patriot. He can’t fit in there. Not qualified

  5. Belichick just likes to have guys competing for jobs. Even signing Hogan when they have Develin, coming off an injury. Or NWashington. If they don’t make the team, or beat out draft picks or UFAs, whatever. Stanzi’s just a camp arm. Brady’s 39.

  6. Is Harbawl going to cry deception that they have two Mike Williams on the same team? Maybe one could wear a pinie?

  7. .

    ROTFLMAO……. You continually post on Patriots threads and you’re a Jets fan. I guess you have nothing else to do because, as usual, the sons of Rich Kotite have no chance. Maybe instead of posting exclusively on Patriots threads, you could watch the ’69 Super Bowl, the butt fumble, or maybe post a compare and contrast between the manner in which the Patriots build a roster and the Quinton Couples memorial dream team that the Jets have assembled. Buh Bye.

  8. Patriot fans kill me. He sucked when the Bills picked him up 2 years ago, now it’s a great move, real smooth. Shows the Pats know all. What a cadre of clowns.

  9. This is one of those patriots pick ups that digs into the chest of pats haters, kinda like how the pats haters felt when Butler picked that pass off in the Superbowl.

  10. Always surprised at the lack of fair shake he got in Buffalo. He has a lot of talent and the Bills hardly ever gave him a shot. He’s a great compliment to the receivers they have.

  11. neilpountney says:
    Mar 30, 2016 8:47 PM
    I have the distinct feeling that absent a first round pick the Patriots are not too enamored with the talent available in the draft. I think they will try and trade a lot of picks into future years!

    I think that had they still held the first rounder they would have traded down for more picks later. BB has that habit plus the first rounder was very close to second round.

  12. Williams is a good smart flyer to take if he checks out. Never been a sexy name but he has played some good football in his time. Plus 28 isn’t that old. And if it turns out it’s not there any more they can cut him in camp without having lost anything.

  13. PATS FAN HERE: This sucks. Playing too much MASTER of the CHESS BOARD. When Edelman goes down, which he will again this year, we only have Amendola (who is worth 80% of Ed.). We need receivers who can impact GAMES (not a game, but games). I know nothing about this guy other than the fact that he has no catches lately. Which looks to me like another player who got paid and gave up on trying. BAD MOVE.

  14. As a Bucs fan, I can tell you about Williams. He was a known talent with huge red flags coming out of college, which is why he lasted until the middle of the draft. Despite the fact the Bucs drafted a receiver ahead of him, Williams won a starting job BEFORE training camp, during OTAs! His entire rookie season was pretty spectacular.

    Afterward, I don’t know. He started dropping balls. He wasn’t getting open. The Bucs then signed Vincent Jackson to be the #1 receiver making Williams more of a complementary guy, and he wasn’t good at that. He’s just faded away ever since.

    He’s a heck of a talent, if a coach can just get it out of him.

  15. daddeeo says:
    Mar 31, 2016 12:12 PM
    HUGE TALENT who drops balls, doesn’t get open and fades away… LOL. love it.
    actually he caught everything, jus throw it up in the endzone and he came down w/ it. His issue was the off field stuff and then coming back to play under that idiot Marrone. I feel he was black balled. The writer of this article must barely follow the nfl other than headlines b/c MW was the man and he acts like he never heard of him.

  16. I hope Pats sign him…. Like to see him back in action W/Brady throwing to him….

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