Jay Gruden wants a developmental quarterback in Washington


Washington has its starting quarterback in Kirk Cousins and its veteran backup in Colt McCoy. Now coach Jay Gruden wants to add a young quarterback who can be developed.

“You can never have too many good arms in the building and you want a young guy that can develop through the system,” Gruden said, via CSNMidAtlantic.com. “It can be a college free agent. It would be nice to draft a guy but you know, we’ll see.”

Washington has indicated that it views the 27-year-old Cousins as its long-term franchise quarterback. But for now, Cousins is under contract for only one year, at the franchise player salary of $19.95 million. If Washington does draft a developmental quarterback, it’s possible that he could be the starter as soon as 2017, if Cousins and Washington don’t agree to a long-term deal.

In the last seven drafts, Washington has only drafted two quarterbacks: Cousins and Robert Griffin III, both in 2012.

28 responses to “Jay Gruden wants a developmental quarterback in Washington

  1. I understand what he’s trying to do, so many teams a GM comes in gets the coach HE wants, the coach then gets the QB HE wants. It’s been going on for years, McNabb/Reid, Favre/Holmgren, Brees/Payton, Aikman/Johnson Rodgers/MM Luck/Pagano

    I understand he is also doing this to create more options for Washington going forward. I am assuming they don’t want to have to Franchise Cousins a second time. He wants to have a say in it, so he can try to find someone that he can develop and move forward with a guy that was HIS choice.

  2. I fixed the title for you… jay gruden wants to ruin another developmental quarterback in washington…

  3. Another one? I think he helped turn Dalton into as good of a QB as he can be, not that Dalton is going to be elite, but I don’t think Dalton is going to get much better.

    The QBs he inherited were all ready swimming in murky water. Is going to be the coach that takes them to a SB, probably not, but I think with a bit of patience good drafting and an owner letting peope do there job he can definitely build a team that can compete, for the division consisitantly, with the Cowboys being in jury away from a top 5 picks, and the Eagles and Giants being inconsitent and bringing in new coaches, it’s going to be a free for all, especcially after Romo retires.

  4. Funny how his brother is the so called QB guru and never came remotely close to developing one while Jay’s made 2 average qb’s into pretty dang good ones and gets slammed in the comment section .

  5. Focus on Kirk this year. One year wonders are rather common in the NFL, especially after the other teams have a full year of tape on you.
    See Nick Foles and others!

  6. I certainly wouldn’t waste anything other than a late round pick on a QB unless they really don’t believe Cousins is their QB of the future. Nobody wants to return to the QB drama of 2014. Both Cousins & McCoy have at least 5 years or more left, and no one believes there’s a Brady or Manning in this draft. There’s plenty of time to think about a future QB.

  7. Cousins was always a first round pick, I said it back in the day. I remember one throw in particular against my fellow Big Ten team where he rolls right, throws back against his body, in an extreme downpour, on a ROPE, 40 yards for a TD.

    You want a true developmental QB? Its Johnny Manziel dude, he was born to play for the Skins. As long as he can avoid the amazing nightlife in Adams Morgan.

  8. I think Jay has done a good job with Dalton and Cousins, but if history has showed us anything, it’s that a Gruden with power WILL go QB crazy.

  9. Why would anyone pine away for 18-20 hrs a day making 7 figures when you could work maybe 3 days a week for 6 as long as you don’t step on your Johnson. You type A, ultracompetetives can have it. I’ll live longer and have time to spend it all on the greatest game ever. I think I’ll go hit a bucket now.

  10. nativetexan2012 says:
    Mar 30, 2016 8:35 PM
    I certainly wouldn’t waste anything other than a late round pick on a QB unless they really don’t believe Cousins is their QB of the future. Nobody wants to return to the QB drama of 2014. Both Cousins & McCoy have at least 5 years or more left, and no one believes there’s a Brady or Manning in this draft. There’s plenty of time to think about a future QB.

    Balls, you don’t know anything about the potential qb’s from this year. There are at least 750 qb’s graduating from college this year. If you think that college scouts or analysts have evaluated all of them closely you are delusional. There most definitely is a manning or brady this year as there is every year. Unfortunately they get overlooked or passed over and are now doing something else with their lives. Do you think for one moment the best kid starts in HS, in college and in the NFL ? It is the most poorly evaluated position in any sport anywhere. An nfl team should draft an late round qb or udfa qb every single year and then be actually objective in evaluating them instead of listening to the idiocy of draft analysts and media types of fall in love with two players every year out of the hundreds and hundred available. No wonder the state of the position is so awful.

  11. Jay Gruden has developed some of the better QBs in the NFL and I don’t expect Kirk to be any different. This is a solid plan; you can never groom too early. Hail to my new team the Washington Redskins.

  12. The reason Scot McCloughan wants lots of draft picks is because he knows all picks are crapshoots. Few draftees are ready to play in the pros as they arrive. This is especially true with regard to quarterbacks. They have to be developed with good coaching to reach their potential. That’s why character is such a high priority. You want great coaches and very coachable players. That’s what, in the long run, bears out successful draft classes.
    Jay Gruden is a very good quarterbacks’ coach, and great quarterbacks are more likely “made” within a system, rather than “picked” off the shelf. You don’t need a high draft pick to get a SB quarterback. There is plenty of raw material out there to build a great QB over time, with diligent work and great coaching.

  13. No one wants to say it but the jury isnt quite in on Cousins. He needs to win the big games against good teams. Im a life long Skins fan but too many folks in DC think this guy is Tom Brady. He isnt. Gruden is smart. If they werent in wait and see mode they woulda given him a long term deal.

  14. I think overall you have to like the direction of The Redskins, the team representing our great nations capitol city. The Redskins have come a long way.

  15. Draft Kevin Hogan late in the draft. The kid is a winner- the winningest QB in the history or Stanford. He has a good arm, is really smart, and has run the prostyle offense for the last four years- since taking over for Andrew Luck as RS Freshman… Also, Hogan is a local kid- went to Gonzaga College High School.
    Very little downside to drafting him, but the upside is huge. I could really see him growing into a starting QB in the league if give time to develop.

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