Report: Chip Kelly alienated scouts, took over draft


Last week, former Eagles coach Chip Kelly continued to push the ridiculous narrative that he didn’t run the show in Philly. This week, someone has leaked to the media details that further prove Kelly is full of something other than smoothies.

A former member of the Philadelphia front office told Matt Lombardo of that Howie Roseman and the team’s scouts had little input over the draft during Kelly’s three seasons with the team. The biggest example came from the decision-making process that resulted in the selection of linebacker Marcus Smith in round one.

“Right before that [2014] draft, the scouts set the board,” the unnamed former employee told Lombardo. “Then Chip got a hold of it and totally turned it around. Scouts had no say at all in that draft. Anybody that Chip didn’t want, that player’s card got removed from the board and thrown in the trash. Those guys were never even in the discussion.

“Almost immediately, you had a lot of scouts looking around and wondering, ‘Why am I even working? Why the hell are we even here?’ We put all of this work in, put the information in and Chip changed everything and took whoever he wanted to take.”

The source, who said that he had a third-round draft grade on Smith, explained that Kelly would listen to former front-office exec Tom Gamble, but that Kelly wouldn’t listen to Roseman.

“It just wasn’t a good relationship,” the source told Lombardo.

The not-so-good relationship hit the fan after the 2014 season, when Roseman fired Gamble and Kelly responded with a showdown that resulted in Kelly getting the keys to the car and Roseman being promoted to executive V.P. of football operations while also being physically exiled by Kelly from football operations.

Then the 2015 season came, the Eagles struggled, and Kelly was held accountable for it with his job. By quickly landing a new job in San Francisco, Kelly’s methods arguably were validated.

Which is something that should make 49ers G.M. Trent Baalke a little nervous, especially if Kelly has success right out of the gates with his new team.

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  1. And now you know why Philly has never won SB; poor ownership leading to bad hires. Dream on Philly as the Skins, Cowboys and Giants all keep their Lombardi’s nice and polished.

  2. He had everyone fooled. I really wanted him to work out, but by the end could not wait to see him go.

  3. With the way that Baalke has been running the team lately, maybe they need a little Chip Kelly ignoring the GM going on.

  4. Something tells me Chip Kelly is a phony and his number will be up as an NFL coach. Throw in the batch of college coaches who should never have left the campus.

  5. What an idiot… He probably had just watched Moneyball the night before… Haha… As a Seahawks fan I love that he’s with the Niners!! More entertaining!! Can’t wait to sweep them again this year.

  6. If true, this would probably explain why there were so many reports of players not getting along with Kelly and him losing the locker room or whatever. Like it or not, football’s a team game and one can’t run the show all on their own. Real life isn’t Madden: players aren’t just plug n’ play stats and numbers. Lots of variables and human motivation and will and scheme fitting and all that.

    Keep it up, and he won’t last long in SF either.

  7. Kelly is a good coach. Look at his NFL and College record. You don’t just fall into all those wins.

    But he is a terrible GM, and the word is out.

    He will never get the GM keys again. Ever.

    GMs will always have to look over their shoulder for various reasons, but they will never see Chip when they look back.

  8. In other words, Kelly has “smartest man in the room” syndrome.

    What a lose-lose hire this was by Baalke, from a personal standpoint. If Kelly fails, can York really give him another chance at hiring a coach? And if Kelly succeeds, he’s going to go after Baalke’s job.

  9. Sounds like Chip went into the Philly gig with shall I say a great deal of confidence. Obviously it did not play out the way Chip thought it would. I see two scenarios going down in SF.. One, he reviews everything that occurred Philly, make adjustments and implements a modified system.. Or.. two, Chip comes to the conclusion that he was sabotaged in Philly, that his system will work if everyone is on board and he rolls it out intact and with few changes, week one of the 2016 NFL season..

  10. By quickly landing a new job in San Francisco, Kelly’s methods arguably were validated.

    In no way was GM Kelly validated by landing that job. I don’t even think it’s validation of HC Kelly.

    Chip Kelly was decent when he first used his ‘hurry up’ offense but those gimmicks only work for so long in the NFL (see ‘Wildcat offense’). Teams and coaches got wise to it and it was less effective. Not to mention he got rid of some of his best players as GM.

    However, hiring Kelly IS validation of GM Baalke’s desperation and the sad state of affairs of the whole 49er organisation after the ‘mutual’ firing of their boy wonder, Jim Harbaugh.

    While York, Baalke and Kelly all deserve each other, 49er fans still are trying to figure out a way to hold little boy Jed York responsible.

  11. Rex Ryan 2.0, you drive teams into the ground but talk such a good game everyone thinks it was for reasons outside your control and there you are, in a new Head Coach position. Unreal.

  12. Chip was successful in college, so I can see the Eagles wanting him.
    They wised up after a few years.

    The 49ers on the other hand saw the train wreck that Kelly caused – and they still hired him.

    I’d say the 49ers front office looks a lot worse than the Eagles.

  13. Keep in mind these guys have to feed into a self-loathing fanbase and these kinds of reports fit nicely into the narrative of Kelly as Mussolini and ignores the fact that Philly just doesn’t have the talent anymore (which leads into a better critique of Kelly and his ability to get along with star players). But whining scouts? meh.

    GMs set the draft board. They move players all the time. Scouts complain. Scouts don’t always agree. People pound the table for their guys and they don’t always get them. If you don’t like it – work your way up to the GM spot. Don’t whine to the press. Your name will get out – and you won’t get that next job because you’ll be seen as a complainer and someone who can’t be trusted.

    This article doesn’t bring anything new to the table. My personal read on Kelly (from afar) is that he’s a great football mind but he doesn’t know his limitations yet. He’s finding them. And the biggest one so far is that he can’t treat 28 year old men like 18 – 21 year old kids.

    I want him to succeed because he makes the game interesting again for me. The NFL has been very stale offensively the past few years in the post RGIII / Kaepernick read-option time frame.

  14. Is it possible that Kelly learned something form this experience and is now going to trust not only Baaaaaaalke but also Gamble who now works for the Niners again? Just maybe….

  15. By quickly landing a new job in San Francisco, Kelly’s methods arguably were validated.

    Uh, no…more like “Santa Clara’s propensity for disaster was empowered” or some such…

  16. I don’t see the problem. Most NFL scouts are idiots anyway and Chip may have noticed that. He should have been allowed to run the draft. It was his team.

  17. Hawk fans might want to be a little more concerned with their offensive line.. Easily the worst in the NFL.

    Of course “unnamed sources” are the kind of thing they get all giddy about. Helps them escape reality.

  18. Don’t make the assumption that the scouts are always right. They would be GM’s and execs if they were. Leave the big decisions like drafting to the people who get paid to do it.

  19. It’s like the real problem is a systemic dysfunction in the Eagles organization with not everyone on the same page. Kelly had control, but really didn’t have his people in place in the organization. Roseman was still there, but never really understood how to choose personnel that fit into a Kelly system. It was a recipe for disaster. Kelly has a very good mind for football. For his own sake, he joined an organization where all are on the same page. Everyone always knew that Roseman was not a Kelly guy.

  20. Not sure why it would worry Balke at all. Jelly has shown that he greatly values and respects football guys and devalues those who are suits who know little bit have an inflated idea of themselves. The guy that would’ve been worried, had he not been moved, would be Marathe. That guy was a number cruncher with and ego and a big mouth- just like his counterpart in Philly

  21. Not being a philly fan I have to say this guy sounds like Mike Martz part 2 Good football mind but horrible in communication with his players.

  22. I still think he’s good at coaching but holy crap he was a disaster in front office. He had absolutely no business being in charge of anythi ng front office related.

  23. He can’t possibly do a worse job than Baalke. However, this is going to be a disaster. If Baalke and Jeb Dork couldn’t deal with the massive ego of Harbaugh, how in the world are they going to deal with Kelly’s demands for power and personnel. He thinks he’s smarter than he actually is.

    Baalke whiffs yet again. I really wish Eddie DeBartolo would take the team back from his incompetent sister and nephew.

  24. I don’t think the SF hiring “validated” Kelly’s methods. Kelly had 2 good yrs in philly and 1 bad one. people think Kelly spun his firing in philly as a cultural issue, an “east coast” thing. he positioned himself as a west coast guy from his time at Oregon, and he convinced SF that the eagles “didn’t get him” because they weren’t sufficiently intelligent and innovative. he convinced SF to hire him because he is a “west coast guy” and would fit in better culturally with a west coast-based team.

    we shall see. Kelly did have 2 good yrs out of 3 in philly. but the trend, with yr 3, the most recent yr, being the bad yr, was troubling.

  25. Tom Gamble is now in San Francisco again and he vouched for Chip Kelly. As a 49er fan, I would hope this is the start of the end of Baalke and Gamble would be the ideal replacement. The HC must get along with the GM and vice-versa, seems that would be the case with Gamble/Kelly relationship.

    Although not even Lombardi could win with the FO that is currently in SF…they are taking another year off to pocket the cap space. This is the only team in the NFL that doesn’t care about winning, only making money…at least the only one that doesn’t even care about appearances.

  26. In other words, Kelly has “smartest man in the room” syndrome.
    Yep, probably derived from the short-man syndrome… aka. Napoleon complex

  27. Considering the Eagles 3 previous 1st rd picks before Kelly got there were Lane Johnson ( ok, but next pick was pro bowler Ezekiel Ansah) , Fletcher Cox ( no hate… Good pick) and Danny Watkins ( now a firefighter in Waco, TX) , maybe Chip throwing the scouts out wasnt a terrible thing.

  28. Can’t wait till Chip calls the Eagles us with a trade offer for Bradford for 2 second rounders.

  29. “ninersblogger says:
    Mar 30, 2016 12:25 PM
    Hawk fans might want to be a little more concerned with their offensive line.. Easily the worst in the NFL.

    Of course “unnamed sources” are the kind of thing they get all giddy about. Helps them escape reality.”

    – – –

    A (very) bad O-line versus an entire franchise circling the drain?

    Mismanagement in both, yes. However, one of these situations is more fixable than the other.

  30. Everyone thought this guy was smart when his ideas were working, even the media…once the league caught up to him, he was finished. Never did we draft all that well with him as coach, he was basically rolling with Reid’s team the first couple years. Whoever was in charge of drafting while he was here screwed up a lot of picks.

  31. This should surprise no Eagles fan. Kelly was obviously on a power trip and anyone who didn’t conform to his way of thinking was tossed aside.

    I still think he could have some success in the NFL if he just recognized his oversized ego and made a few changes. But I don’t think that will ever happen.

  32. I don’t get the comments that he was a good coach but bad GM. Indeed, he was a bad GM but he was also a bad coach. If you watched the Eagles under his tenure you saw only one way in which he was an improvement over Andy Reid and that was his clock management wasn’t as horrible. He wasn’t a good coach OR a good GM. It is only because he was SO bad at personnel and dealing with other human beings that his mediocre/poor coaching sometimes looked decent.

  33. It’s only a matter of time before he starts doing his thing again and there is confrontation with him and Baslke. This is why he is a college guy, no one can tell him what to do and he will be back when the niners miss the payoffs a couple of years and keep getting worse. Then Goes back to a D1 school and goes on a roll a la Nick Saban. Or who knows maybe there is a huge fallout from this big that schools don’t want to put up with his antics.

  34. Honestly, I was really hoping that he would stay in Philly for a long, long time.

  35. When you think you are the smartest guy in the room and are not train wrecks tend to happen. The local and national press were calling Charles the next Bill Bellichick sans the Lombardi trophy, playoff wins etc. Going 20-12 with Andy’s players then crashing with ” his guys” is sad for the ticket holders paying some of the freight.

  36. I love this last line, “Which is something that should make 49ers G.M. Trent Baalke a little nervous, especially if Kelly has success right out of the gates with his new team.”

    Seriously? If the Niners have success right out of the gate, I will be pleasantly surprised.

    Do you like that?!

  37. It’s becoming clear Kelly was the real problem more and more. I mean he still denies to this day he was in full of football operations in his third year..
    There is a reason he was fired on Tuesday in week 16…it was because he denied he was the GM during the Monday press conference, and Lurie had enough…he did not deserve a single day longer as head coach after that Monday press conference…

  38. eagles512…Chip has confirmed over and over he wasn’t the GM either…now based on the out of this world outlandish notions that he was just in charge of the 90 man roster and not the GM even to this day, why is anything from the other side not believable.

    For the first time, someone with the Eagles has said straight up that Marcus Smith was a Chip decision…lets see what Chip says now that he was point blank called out…

  39. Don’t be fooled. the “leak” was Roseman who is still trying to justify his existence. Roseman was the reason that team fell apart last year… and the contracts were ALWAYS Howie’s job. Eagles fans who think this is true are delusional. Look no further than Howie as your reason for failure and as such your team will never will a NFC championship let alone a Super Bowl with him there.

  40. And what a suprise York jumped right into this mess. The kids so dumb he would take rich kotite over vince lombardi given a choice. As a life long fan i dont expect much as long as he owns this team, we have cap room and have signed 2 players one a third string QB! I believe its more about making money to him then winning honestly.

  41. The “good coach/lousy GM” narrative is a dumb one. From 2013 to 2015 Kelly went from 10-6 and playoffs to 9-7 and no playoffs to 6-9 and fired before the end of the season. Offensive rank in points scored went from 2nd to 5th to 13th and defensive rank in points scored from 17th to 22nd to 28th. Most giveaways in the NFL in 2014 and 2015.

  42. Obviously Howie is still bothered by the fact Chip has exposed him. If Howie was confident in his own ability, he and Jeff would not care what Chip was doing now. Instead they’re terrified Chip will succeed in SF. I hope he does.

  43. Putting out all this hate on Chip Kelly isn’t going to put points on the scoreboard. It is quite obvious that the Eagles were a mess, long before Kelly even got there. But once Kelly got there, Tom Gamble was the only true NFL scout in the building, so it would sense for Kelly to lean on him. So naturally, the Eagles got rid of Tom Gamble, and that left Chip Kelly with nobody to turn to but himself. The Eagles should try making themselves look good by winning some games, not by constantly bashing Chip Kelly. That only makes them look bad.

  44. I have been an eagles fan for a long time but frankly I have become a. 49ers fan as a result of Kelly’s treatment. Howie Roseman and those under him in conjunction with the owner have conspired to get rid of Kelly following year one. They set him up to fail in a way that would leave the fans loyal to them and believe Kelly the problem. His tinkering actually improved the team as can be seen by his last and only draft….despite what this scout says, it was Howie that ran the drafts until 2015. It was Howie that negotiated absurd contracts for the 2015 free agents, it was Howie that leaked discord and inuendoes to specific press members that he had worked with for years. Sorry but I am not going to buy into this scouts narrative….by the way, was he one of the ones that Kelly fired and replaced ….?.

  45. The fact is that Rossman was in Lurie’s ear the whole time causing trouble for Chip. The players that reported issues with Kelly were the player who got released”SHOCKER”. And let’s be serious to all the people that think Kelly didn’t do a good job ask yourself if your team could win as many games with Sanchez and Vick as your QB. A Steelers fan tried to tell me chip sucked and I said Chip won 10 games with Vick as a QB how many did the Steelers win with Vick. Needless to say he shut up.

  46. I’m kind of surprised another NFL franchise wanted Kelly so badly after the way he flamed out in Philly in spectacular fasion. It doesn’t surprised me in the least that it was San Francisco that ended up hiring him. While Kelly has shown that he has the ability to coach it’s pretty clear that he has no idea how to be a GM and even worse he still thinks he does.

  47. @adavidberg; Kaep’s career is a flabbergaster. He played some great football early on. His game vs Green Bay where he threw for nearly 300 yards and ran for 170 was one of the greatest games I’ve ever seen a QB play. Then he fell off a cliff from 2014 forward… Last year in the St Louis game he’s on his own three yard line. Failed to look left to see a wide open Torrey Smith jumping up and down trying to get his attention. All he had to do is lob it to him and Smith would have gone for 97 and a TD. He was 20 yards open at the LOS.. That was it for Kaepernick. He was benched right after that game.

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