Robert Nkemdiche will have private visits with half the league


If any scouts needed to see the physical measurables of Robert Nkemdiche, they could rely on this week’s Ole Miss pro day.

Of course, the physical isn’t the part of Nkemdiche’s game they’re worried about.

According to Alex Marvez of FOX Sports, Nkemdiche said he had private visits set up with 16 teams prior to the draft.

That’s a lot of hotel rooms, and you can be fairly certain most teams will try to book him on the lowest floor possible.

Nkemdiche is a top-10 talent, but there are many questions after he defenestrated himself from a fourth-floor hotel room in Atlanta in January, leading to a premature end to his career at Ole Miss (and possibly his life). Nkemdiche was charged with possession of marijuana, but during a strange media interview at the combine, said he was only drinking when he went out the window. He also said other players including potential top pick Laremy Tunsil were in the room, but “no one wanted to take the fall.”

He also admitted to being “lazy” that day.

All of that (and his word choice) will create plenty of questions for teams to sift through, as they debate whether to take a chance on a player who can be an impact lineman with his pass-rush ability.

And because of those questions, he’s going to have plenty of chances to explain himself over the next month.

15 responses to “Robert Nkemdiche will have private visits with half the league

  1. I’ll bet this article was the first time in the history of the NFL where a player reference included the word “defenestrated”.

  2. This guy is certainly making the most of his window of opportunity. Hopefully he doesn’t take a big fall in the draft because of character concerns, but if he does he’s shown he knows how to land softly.

  3. Yeah except weed can keep you out of the league. Why do you think Randy Gregory fell so far?

  4. purpleguy says:
    Mar 30, 2016 2:50 PM
    I’ll bet this article was the first time in the history of the NFL where a player reference included the word “defenestrated”.

    Right? I have a degree in English and I had to look the word up.

  5. Rule #1 in the NFL, get a fall guy. That’s what your crew is for that you pay to walk around with you like you matter.

  6. Hopefully all his character concerns won’t result in the defenestration of his NFL career.

    By the way, fenestra is Latin for window. Those who know German would recognize the word for window (fenster). There are some notable defenestrations in history. They may be worth reading if you’re bored while sitting on the think tank (commode).

  7. I think the most troubling part of his character concerns is attempting to throw his teammate under the bus. Given how the Lakers reacted to a situation that happened the last few days the players may not like someone trying to throw someone else under the bus when he gets in trouble.

  8. That’s cause they all want to know what the hell happened when he jumped out of a window. Not to see what kind of player he would be. They will be laughing when they ask him, “what the he’ll did you think was going to happen.” That alone would keep me from even taking him as a 7th rd pick. Guys a moron. Smoke another one you pothead.

  9. Some GM will gamble on the guy. Too much upside to drop far. And like many others, I had no idea there was an dedicated word for tossing someone out a window. If it ever happens to me, I’m just going to say I got Nkemdiched.

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