Shanahan tells RG3 to be patient, be himself

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Former Redskins coach Mike Shanahan told new Browns quarterback Robert Griffin III in a phone call recently that with patience and the right system he believes Griffin can still be a star in the NFL.

In a radio interview Wednesday with ESPN 980 in Washington D.C., Shanahan said he’d told Rams coach Jeff Fisher that Fisher should sign Griffin and that Griffin had called Shanahan to thank him for doing that. That led to the two talking about their past — and Griffin’s future.

Griffin signed with the Browns last week.

“You’re going to struggle,” Shanahan said he told Griffin. “You’ve got some great talent and that comes in time, but you haven’t been out there the last couple years. It will take some time, but be patient and go back to the things you did great and take advantage of it just like you did as a rookie, but be all in support of whoever’s out there and have some fun.”

Griffin led the Redskins to the NFC East title as a rookie in 2012, setting a record for highest passer rating by a rookie quarterback at 102.4. But Griffin tore his ACL in the playoff game following that season and hasn’t been the same player since. Shanahan was fired after 2013, and the Redskins released Griffin before free agency after he didn’t play at all last season.

Shanahan said he emphasized that Griffin find an offense that allows him to play outside the pocket and showcase his athleticism, and that he believes Browns coach Hue Jackson will do that. Shanahan said he saw Griffin “do some things nobody else has ever done” and that he believes that player can emerge again.

“If he looks back now it would be silly for him to go to a dropback game if that’s all somebody does,” Shanahan said. “To get to the next level, if you haven’t done something there’s a learning curve and it takes a lot of time in that classroom studying film to understand the strengths and weaknesses of a defense to where you don’t have to think, you can react.”

58 responses to “Shanahan tells RG3 to be patient, be himself

  1. In other words…….”you can’t ever be a full time drop back passer. You were just a gimmick and the only reason you were successful is because of my son and I.”

  2. I’ll never forget that time when shanny marched him back on the field when he had that shattered knee and ended his career..whatever you say Mike.

  3. The game long passed Shannahan by. Everyone but Mike Shannahan seems to agree on that.

    Griffin is one hit, maybe two away from being history. Unless he’s suddenly learned all of the things needed to play QB in the NFL, not for the Baylor spread or some version of street ball, he should struggle mightily.

  4. As a Redskins fan, I wish him the best. Yeah, he went through some patchs in DC, but he is an awesome guy and will contribute to the community as well. It would be awesome to see him play like he did in 2012 again, except when the Redskins play the Browns this season of course. However, it’s playing at that level and not getting hurt that is the main problem. He can’t stay healthy, not just the ACL but the concussions and on and on. I would hate to see him endure another gruesome injury that may affect his every day life.

  5. Wonder if RGIII remembers the conversation and what he heard being said…? Like their time together, it probably isn’t a match.

  6. Shannahan is just trying to rehab his image with the league. If he liked Griffin that much, he would be playing for Denver right now. What he told Elway/Kubiak and what he’s saying publicly are two different things.

  7. I agree, play your own style of football but slide and run out of bounds. More scrambling, not running and pick up the drop back passing game as you progress as a player and don’t jump right into it. I think Hue Jackson will do wonders with this guy.

  8. He’s athletic, or was, no doubt, but that does not make him an NFL QB. Regardless of offense, he’s inaccurate and doesn’t make decisions quickly enough. You can’t learn the brain/arm combo of a quick release and accuracy, either you got it or you don’t.

  9. Browns were stupid to pay RGFragileEgo.

    He’s a failure plain and simple. I feel bad for the Cleveland fans that all t hey have to look forwards to is another year of losing.

  10. People need to stop dwelling on the past. Gruden has this team firing on all cylinders, and with McCloughan setting the table, they will simply out-talent their opponents. Prepare to see a true classy champion grace the field when the burgundy and gold confetti falls!


  11. Viking fan here, and I wish you well!

    You’ve been at the top and you’ve been humbled, now go and do it your way and I wish you well!

    At least until you come up against Teddy. ha.

  12. Be himself! That’s what got him into the situation that he is in now! He has to learn to be an NFL QB! But how many years and how much money does that take?

  13. RGIII isn’t commenting on his old coaches…..

    But his old coaches are still talking about him…..

    Who are the real egomannics?

    Dude didn’t start a game last year?

    If the kid plays well it will be because of Hue…..period. if he plays.

  14. As I have said on this web site many times, those who trash talk RGIII do so at their own peril. This guy has talent and lots of it. At some point he is going to make a lot of trash talkers look like fools, not that they will ever own up to it.

  15. RG”ME” and his father are what ruined him. They went against medical advice that he be held out of the remainder of the season after he initially tweaked his knee that year that he shredded it later in the playoffs. Shanahan had nothing to do with it. Dr. Andrews had nothing to do with it. It was all Robert Griffin and his father blatantly ignoring and going against medical advice that he be held out to recover from his initial knee injury.

  16. I root for people to succeed. I root for no injuries. I root for no goats (not that stupid acronym).

    I live in my own world of hope. Took a lot of pain to get here and I know where it ends.

    Here’s hoping that RG3 finds his peace.

  17. “Griffin led the Redskins to the NFC East title as a rookie in 2012, setting a record for highest passer rating by a rookie quarterback at 102.4.”

    Wow. Are you sure? I’m going to have to look up those stats to be sure. I mean, every day I read comments here saying that he’s NEVER had any degree of success as an NFL QB, that he has less of a proven track record as a starter than Chase Daniel or Tim Tebow, that he could run a little before he got hurt, but he could never pass (a 100+ QB rating? are you sure?), that he had a fluke year as a system QB (I guess no other rookie has ever been accommodated by an offensive system), etc. Most of the comments here characterize the dude as Johnny Manziel with a worse attitude.

  18. He’s the same as Kaepernick, flashes of athleticism and skill but that don’t have IT. They will never be great QB’s because they don’t have the ability or desire to read defenses or to be great. Both are very inaccurate as well. And to think what they gave up for him….and to think everyone could have had Russell Wilson for three whole rounds….Russell is likely even better than Luck at this point….man it’s good to be a Hawks fan….

  19. All Shanahan has ever done is prove that he has to be one of the worst coaches ever. He said himself that he is not a good judge of talent and that is one statement he made that is correct. Better coaches have never even had a chance to coach. It’s amazing idiot owners think this guy has any knowledge about coaching.

  20. Wait. Now Shanny’s helpful to Bob Griffin but wasnt when Elway called. Shanny’s non-recommendation killed any Denver RGIii signing.

    Yeah, “just be yourself”…in Cleveland. Just like Kellen Winslow Jr.

  21. @abninf who says:
    “Pocket passers win championships.”

    Sometimes that is right. Sometimes it is wrong. Like Russell Wilson, Cam Newton, Joe Montana, Steve Young, John Elway, Roger Staubach and even Jim McMahon who were better & more lethal throwing on the run. But learned to be very effective pocket passers over time. But they still routinely extended plays with their legs too. Even Eli Manning won 2 Super Bowls heaving soul crushing darts while running for his life! RG3 has the exact same potential to be successful just like them. After all, he’s already proven he can do it (win & lead a team to the playoffs). He just needs to regain his confidence and mojo that was shattered by injuries and head games by all parties concerned. Including himself.

  22. Be Himself?!? You mean back to constant social media comments, throwing his team under the bus, having his Dad tell the head coach how to do his job? Let’s not forget making goofy sayings and severely underperforming.
    Don’t worry Shanny…..I’m sure he’s ready to get back to being ” himself”

  23. So forget about running a Pro Style Offense just use the simple Baylor scheme of run fast and throw hard till every defense in the league figures it out in 5 minutes causing you to hold onto the ball forever and get blown up trying to scramble to make something happen. This may not be pretty to watch.

  24. We can expect to hear from the doubters because there is certainly room for doubt but:
    RGIII was good with the press last year despite being inactive all but one game last year and we as fans will always have 2012 which was truly magic. That it became toxic so quickly is horrible and there is plenty of blame to go around but it is time (past time really) to move on. Good luck Robert and see you when Cleveland visits this season.

  25. If the a Bengals were serious about having any chance at winning a postseason game they would have snapped up RGIII.

  26. I would love to see him do well with Cleveland. He has all of the tools. If he can use them the right way,he will be a good NFL quarterback.

  27. Master Splinter needs to shut his suck hole. Even his salary cap cheating would have netted zero SB rings until he fell bass-ackwards into Terrelle Davis.

  28. MichaelEdits says:
    Mar 30, 2016 8:12 PM

    “The only thing Shanahan ever did without salary cap violations plus John friggin Elway is lose games.”

    People who imply that Shanahan’s success was due to Elway always amuse me – as if ANY coach could win championships without great players. What they also don’t seem to realize is that Elway didn’t win any Super Bowls without Shanahan, either.

  29. He said, “play outside the pocket.”
    The NFL better put at least a PG-13 rating on the TV broadcast, this could get ugly.

  30. The same can be said for Kaepernick. Let them do what they do best, use their athleticism.

  31. Looking at that picture up there, it appears that Shanahan really took the Redskins thing to a whole new level.

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