Dolphins sign veteran running back Isaiah Pead


The Dolphins have found a running back who has agreed to take their money.

They’ll still be looking.

According to Alex Marvez of FOX Sports, the Dolphins are signing veteran running back Isaiah Pead.

Pead was cut early last year by the Rams, and spent three weeks with the Steelers after Le’Veon Bell was injured, but didn’t get a carry for the Steelers.

He only has 19 NFL carries, after missing the 2014 season with a torn ACL, so this is simply a flyer on a guy who was once a second-round pick. And for a team that has nothing beyond Jay Ajayi on the roster at the moment, it’s worth giving him a look.

40 responses to “Dolphins sign veteran running back Isaiah Pead

  1. Meh, maybe he shows why he was a 2nd rd pick, if not then he’s cut.

    Anderson was happy to take the Dolphins money, Dolphins were not interested in paying Miller what he wanted . The only RB who turned down an offer sheet was Johnson. You can stop with the nonsensical shots at the dolphins.

  2. As a Ram fan, I wish I could say something nice here, but every time Pead was in the backfield or returning a kickoff, my anxiety level would spike upward. The number of bad plays he made — I’m talking about really bad plays, such as fumbles, penalties, and negative yardage — exceeded the very few positive plays he made. I was so glad when the finally cut him. And remember, this is the Rams I’m talking about.

  3. who is this guy? – typical Tannenbaum move – let’s fill up a roster spot with somebody that won’t contribute a lick on offense!!————- And with the first pick of the 2017 Draft – Miami selects……

  4. He is still young at 26. Hopefully Miami will use him the way they didn’t use Lamar Miller. Why they give up on the run midstream is beyond me.

  5. Isn’t it great how some people can kid themselves that they’re smart and superior because the team they support is currently successful? #compensatingforlifesinadequacies

  6. Jay Ajayi, Damien Williams will be ahead of Pead on the depth chart, so if another RB is added, Pead most likely never sniffs the 53-roster. That being said… Camp bodies are important.

  7. Finally agreed to take their money? Are you serious? They signed the first guy they pursued Anderson. Johnson may have used them but every other back that has visited them were over the hill retreads. This has been a bizarre offseason for Miami though.

  8. All the dolphin posters still bitter about 12 playoff points in two playoff games over the last 15 years. While the Patriots have four world championships and six super bowl appearances over the same time period. So who is bitter?

  9. Pead is not a garbage player the guy actually has talent. Remember the Steelers signed him at the end of last year. I think the Steelers front office has an eye for talent. Pead will get a great opportunity with the Dolphins simply because there is NO established RB there. Miami just lost their star starting RB to FA.

    For all you people saying he is just a “camp body” I want you to go look at Miami’s depth chart and tell me what star established RB you see.

  10. I figured it out. Ross lives in New York. He hire Tannenbum to run the team after Ireland. He’s clearly a Jets fan looking to destroy the Dolphins.

  11. None of Miami RBs currently on the roster are proven starters including Pead. Pead has just a good a chance to start as any of them. Ajayi for now is the penciled in starter but a better preseason by Pead could change that even though as it stands right now its Ajayi job to lose. Pead has just walked into the perfect situation for him. He just came to a team that just lost their starting RB to FA and no established proven starter left on the Roster. Only thing that would kill his chances is if Miami drafts a RB i in the 1st rd. and some of ya’ll people think he is just a “camp body” as to say Miami has an abundance of proven RBs on the Roster already

  12. Look, I get the Trolling it is fun, but the fact is this guy tore it up in College and was a 2nd rounder!! He got injured and never had a chance to prove himself. He gets a second chance at literally no cost. If he is not on the Roster come Sept. he makes nothing. Hate on the Dolphins, but have a heart. If this was a Patriots signing, you guys would be high fiving over the genius depth strategy. Yes, he is a Camp Body with more than a decent chance over next months UDFA’s. They have 2 RBs and have several Mini Camps to run. It is not a good nor a bad signing. It is a chance for a guy that has accomplished more than every single person on here to continue his dream.

  13. Around the same time the team also brought back Daniel Thomas. Who can show Pead the proper way to fumble. The trick is to make enough gains and good plays before fumbling. To make the team think about it being a wash. Which this team had already done for far too long in the past.

  14. We just keep beating the Patriots like we have the last 3 years and I won’t care who carries the ball.

  15. jchipwood says:
    Mar 31, 2016 6:04 PM
    All the patriot posters…

    Ah chippy, some of us just like to return the visits you and some the other Fins fans pay us, others are probably just slumming

  16. Now I understand why the Pats went out and got Pot Roast…look at that Miami backfield!

  17. last 15 years. While the Patriots have four world championships and six super bowl appearances over the same time period. So who is

    That’s right. The football team does, you however, are in the same level as us. A fan. Nothing more or less. My life at home is not better or worse because the Bills don’t make the playoffs although it’s probably way better than yours because my wife is hot. You’re a fan. Stop acting like you’ve accomplished anything in life because of Tom Brady.

  18. billsfan1…..Tell it like it is, way to go. This could be the cry baby last season, just think what he can do in 12 games. Bill

  19. Steven Ross is destroying this team with his poor management decisions. Coach Gase may turn out to be “the guy” but, come on eh- letting Olivier Vernon & Lamar Miller walk speaks volumes. Jeff Ireland looks pretty reasonable for Miami fans, right now.

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