Josh McCown: Right now, I’m expecting to compete with RG3


When the Browns signed quarterback Robert Griffin III, it was widely expected that Josh McCown would be traded or released. But McCown says that his expectation is still that he’ll remain in Cleveland and compete with Griffin for the starting job.

“Right now, it’s come in and compete and show up, so that’s what I’ll do,” McCown said today on PFT Live. “If that changes, that changes, and I’ll go to that next place and compete there as well. . . . I’ll go with that mindset, and if they see differently and I am traded or moved along, I’ll appreciate my time there and then go embrace the next opportunity.”

McCown realizes that most people see Griffin as the starter. He doesn’t want to sit on the bench behind Griffin, but if that’s his role, he’ll accept that, too.

“You want to compete and you want to have a shot to play, and so if a guy comes in and he’s perceived to be the starter, as a competitor, you don’t like that,” McCown said. “But at the same time, understand that when you go through a coaching change and a restructuring of the organization, they’re going to do whatever they can to help this football team be better. And so as a Cleveland Brown, I’m all for that and I’m behind that 100 percent, so we welcome Robert into the quarterback room as a part of our team, and I’ll do everything I can to help Robert.”

McCown said he’d be happy to play alongside Griffin and hopes the two of them can win together.

“The Browns’ quarterback woes have been well documented. For us to put a good quarterback on the field who can be productive and help our team win, that’s our ultimate goal,” McCown said. “We’ll see how it plays out, but I look forward to working with him.”

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  1. Regardless of how you think he is as a player, Josh McCown the man is pretty classy.

  2. I needed a good laugh this morning. The only thing Mccown should be saying is “Yes Mr.Griffin” or “Would you like ketchup with that Mr.Griffin” or “Here is your shoulder pads and cleats Mr.Griffin”

  3. Wish more players had JM’s humility & team first attitude….the Browns should keep him & hope he rubs off quickly on RGme.

  4. Josh mccowns been around the block a few times . This just a regular job for him . Hes getting paid regardless . Gladly take any roll any team gives him. Beats having a regular job anyday

  5. Not sure why the Browns signed RGIII? This just seems like yet another poorly thought out move by Cleveland’s ownership/front office.
    If you look at the numbers, McCown has played very well in two of the last three seasons, including last year. The only season he did not was 2013, on a bad Tampa Bay team, which he tried to carry almost single-handed. By contrast, Robert Griffin has not played much at all for more than a year, with his only combined healthy/productive season his rookie year.
    You would think that the Browns would just take their QB with the #2 pick in the draft, if they feel that the right guy is there, and go with McCown as the perfect ‘bridge’ starter and mentor to the rookie.
    If they for some reason don’t decide not to pick a QB with that selection, then they very likely will again be in position to draft one high, maybe #1 overall, next year.

  6. and that’s exactly what you’d want a vet QB to say…would be smart for the Browns to keep him, but would make a good addition to any team with a young developing QB.

  7. torethatbridgeout says:
    Mar 31, 2016 9:08 AM

    Regardless of how you think he is as a player, Josh McCown the man is pretty classy.
    Spot on. Regardless if you like the guy, he not only said the right thing, but I believe he truly believes it.

  8. It almost doesn’t matter who starts week 1 – pretty much guaranteed both will start this year. Injuries…concussions…eratic play, etc. One or more will happen.

  9. It is this sort of attitude that more players need to emulate.
    It’s the reason Josh McCown and Matt Cassel keep getting hired.

  10. The Browns are in love with Wentz. I’d be shocked if they pass.

    They signed RG3 as a smokescreen and keeping McCown because it makes sense on various levels.

    The Browns will have an average QB payroll (3 QBs) with decent to great depth for at least the next 2 years.

    So yes, McCown is competing with RG3. He will probably win. They will all take a backseat to the new kid fairly soon.

    The Browns are heading in the right direction, if Wentz turns out to be the real deal.

  11. They have been somewhat similar the past 2 seasons they have played

    RG3 (13-14): 62.8%, 4897 yards, 20 tds, 18 int, 83.7 rate
    JM (14-15): 59.8%, 4315 yards, 23 tds, 18 int, 81.2 rate

    Im sure RG3 will win the competition but if they are going to draft a QB I think McCown is good to keep around a mentor, “Bob” is a bit a diva.

  12. For some reason I just want Griffin put together a solid season. I don’t really get why he gets so much negativity aimed his way. If a somewhat abrasive personality is justification for it then why do so many other pro athletes get a pass. When he’s healthy he can play his type of QB like few others can or have. If you enjoy watching football I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to see this guy on the field.

  13. Got to give the dude credit, he’s everything you want in a veteran back up. You’re a young quarterback trying to learn, got to love having this guy behind you

  14. McCown is actually a decent player in the right situation – maybe the Broncos should consider bringing him in perhaps with decent skill position players he’s shown he can competently lead an offense like on the Bears a few years ago.

    McCown’s problem in my opinion has always been he plays every snap as though he were going to get benched the next play and with a certain reckless abandon.

    I remember cringing watching him in the season opener against the Jets needlessly putting himself in harms way. While admirable, almost guaranteed to lead to injury

    This guy’s always been a bit over-excitable IMO, I remember early in his career when he was starting for the Cardinals against the 49ers in a regular season Mexico game, dude was acting like he just won the Superbowl when he threw a TD

  15. Josh McCown is the Larry Fitz of QB’s – all class. Trivia: Larry’s first NFL catch was thrown by none other than Josh. I note that the “classy” comments above have a single thumbs-down. Nice to see that logicalvoice hasn’t changed one bit.

    Bob Griffin is already off to a bad start, “buying” his old #10. If anybody should have wanted to wear a new number as part of a fresh start, it’s Bob. I wish him the best though, he’s had a rough go of it since his rookie year.

  16. If the Browns are smart they will keep McCpwn around, and there’s more than one reason why. A. One of the things Griffin hasn’t had so far in his 4 years is a seasoned vet to try to push him in the right direction. McCown has had a lot of struggles throughout his career, as well as that one impressive year in chicago, so he could definitely help teach griffin how to deal with the highs and lows of playing QB in the NFL. B. McCown is a stiff and won’t win them any games…if Griffin doesn’t work out, the Browns should want another QB who will win as little as possible and set them up for a chance to draft deshaun watson next offseason. C. McCown is relatively cheap at about $4.4mil this year…and $1mil of it is guaranteed so they would have to pay him that if they cut him

  17. Good attitude by Josh. Ideally some of the attitude with rub off on RGIII.
    And something I hope rubs off of RGIII is RGJr. He has become a distraction and I believe he is smart enough to realize that. Time to back off and let RGIII find his groove.

  18. mccown learned from the best: kurt warner. rg3 was signed but browns probably draft wentz… keep him benched until RG3 gets hurt, then play the rookie. mccown probably cut or traded after the draft.

  19. STEP ONE to make the Browns a better team: Keep RG3 and McCown. STEP TWO: Have a real, open, honest QB competition for the starting job. A lot of teams have a major dropoff going from #1 to #2 in case of injury to the starter. Be better than those teams, at least at this position.

  20. mlzehnder says:
    Mar 31, 2016 11:19 AM
    Some mock drafts have them taking a QB in the first. Wouldn’t that be hilarious!


    Taking a QB in the first is exactly what the Browns SHOULD do. Bring in Goff or Wentz, let RGIII start until the rookie is ready or his knee falls off, and keep McCown for depth and as a role model.

  21. McCown had a great half year with Chicago a few years ago under Marc Trestman. The offense he ran finally made sense for him. I wish Cleveland would hire Marc Trestman to be their offensive coordinator.

  22. I hope Cleveland keeps ya Josh. Maybe some of your toughness will rub off on all of the defensive players on that team. People can say that Josh was the problem on last years team, but most of those people probably didn’t even watch the Browns play. They see the score and it’s Josh’s fault that the Browns lost. When in reality it was VERY poor defense that lost them most of their games.

  23. If there is a competition, and if it is a legitimate one, he might beat RGIII out.

    He’s a much better drop back QB then RGIII.

    He has similar physical tools as RGIII. Strong arm. Fast. Not as fast, but still pretty darn fast.

    McCown is still probably the best basketball player on his team. He has been on every team he’s been on. Though at his age, perhaps he’s finally been passed. Don’t know. But that’s the type of athleticism McCown has always had. He basically was the prototypical QB coming out of college. Height, arm strength, athleticism. He has it all.

    I’d like to see McCown utilizing Hue Jackson’s offense more then I want to see RGIII.

    Still though, with McCown’s age, and RGIII’s track record of imploding and not being a good leader, they still should draft a QB #2 overall.

    Let that be your three, and somehow try to trade Shaw if there are any takers for a 7th rounder.

    Then you’ll have a year to figure out who to draft with the #1 or maybe the #2 overall pick in 2017. Did Wentz or Goff not do the trick? Draft another one.

    You need a QB long term. McCown’s age means he won’t be around 3-5 years from now. He could possibly for the next couple, but the Browns are in rebuilding mode, so it’s going to take awhile as they have far less talent now then they did at the start of free agency. So by the time things may turn around, McCown will have probably retired.

    RGIII is likely to bust in his time too. I guess you never know, but it doesn’t look good. So until you know certifiably that he is a franchise QB, you keep searching for one. A bad franchise would assume they ‘fixed’ the position. A good one would keep looking until they have a franchise QB.

    So let McCown and RGIII start the process as the Browns suffer through the rebuild. If somehow RGIII is salvageable. Great. But draft a QB. If in 2017 or 2018 you have another chance and Wentz/Goff isn’t lighting it up, or after having him in your system for a year your realize some doubt in him, draft another one.

    No team goes anywhere without a QB, and right now, the best QB on your team is still Josh McCown.

    On the flip side, teams like the Broncos and Jets should go after McCown, as McCown if he stays healthy, could definitely give the Broncos a chance to repeat and win another Superbowl. He’s a lot better then Butt Fumble Sanchez. McCown is a lot better then people give him credit for. But he almost always finds himself on terrible teams, and fans blame him. I would love to see him on a good to great team.

  24. For those who don’t understand the signing of Robert Griffin the 3rd here’s a quick recap.

    Johnny Manziel was supposed to be a project QB who never took the field and McCown was the starter.

    Manziel was on the field by the third quarter of game 1 due to McCown injury.

    Manziel’s rookie year he was supposed to be a red shirt where he never takes the field.

    Manziel was the starter by mid season due to Hoyer injury.

    Manziel is gone leaving only 1 QB left on the roster outside of the practice squad.

    Browns are in the AFC “All our backup QB’s will start at some point” division. THAT is why the Browns signed RG3. The Browns can (and probably will) draft a QB and that QB will be #3 on the depth chart just like Landry Jones is in Pittsburgh behind Roethlisberger and Vick. That prevents more “guy who’s not ready is forced on the field anyway” situations. Look at the QB depth charts of the other teams in the North, the only team that doesn’t have backups they got in free agency around a young QB is the Bengals and that’s because McCarron proved he could handle the job.

  25. He had the job handed to him in D.C. and still couldn’t hang on to it. Good luck when hes faced with a real competition.

  26. Take is easy Josh – Don’t tug on Super Bobs cape, if you get hurt trying to out-do him for starter in training camp, you’ll flush Cleveland’s season right down the drain !! Oh who am I kiddin’? Tom Brady couldn’t save this franchise !!

  27. Compete with RG3?? McCown should have no trouble beating RG3 out for the starting job. Even if he doesn’t just wait a few weeks and RG3 will be injured again and MvCown will be the starter.

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