Kevin Colbert believes Ben Roethlisberger has 3-4 more seasons in his prime


Ben Roethlisberger has been one of the most consistent quarterbacks in the NFL over the last decade.

He’s thrown for over 4,000 yards in each of the last four seasons in which he started at least 15 games. He passed for 4,952 yards with 32 touchdowns and just nine interceptions in 2014, and came 62 yards shy of hitting 4,000 yards again last season despite missing four games for Pittsburgh.

Roethlisberger is now 34 years old and among the older starting quarterbacks in the league now. Nevertheless, the Steelers believe that Big Ben has three to four more peak seasons left in the tank.

Ben’s a franchise quarterback,” Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert said, via Jeremy Fowler of “There are a few that have two [or more Super Bowls since 2004], but he’s one of those few. We’re very fortunate. We still have, you know, we think three to four more good years in his prime. We’re excited to see what he can do in that time period and what we can do to help him be successful.”

And even without Martavis Bryant (who was suspended for the 2016 season), the Steelers’ offense has weapons everywhere. Le’Veon Bell will be back from injury and is a massive threat as a runner and out of the backfield in the passing game. Antonio Brown is still there. So is Markus Wheaton. And while they will miss Heath Miller, the addition of Ladarius Green should help minimize the loss.

With such a strong receiving corps to work with, there is no reason to expect Roethlisberger to slow down in the near future. The only concern would be due to injuries and he’s missed 13 games since the start of the 2010 season.

Brett Favre, Peyton Manning and even Matt Hasselbeck played until at least age 40. Tom Brady will likely do so as well. Roethlisberger could reach the plateau as well before calling hanging up the cleats for good.

29 responses to “Kevin Colbert believes Ben Roethlisberger has 3-4 more seasons in his prime

  1. Big Ben is weird mix of being incredibly durable, yet not durable at all.

    He’s taken a lot of shots where for a moment I thought “He’s not getting up” but he does. At the same time, the dude almost never plays 16 games.

    I don’t see him lasting as long as Peyton or Tom. The league is good at protecting QBs, but Ben isn’t good at protecting himself. The hits from the past will affect his play in the near future.

  2. Ben will be a factor as long as he can move well enough to play. He’s just too damn good to be anything else. But one also has to face facts, he’s one knee hit away from being a fire plug for the rest of the season.

    Ride him while you can and carry a viable backup.

  3. Queue the tired, one-note ranting of Citizen Strange…

    Ben has taken more punishment than other “quick release” QBs in the league, so I don’t see him playing until he’s 40. The Steelers have finally put an offensive line in front of him so you’d think he can play at a high level for a couple more years. The Steelers will not be able to afford keeping the young offensive talent around him though, so this season is a critical window of opportunity in Ben’s career.

  4. “Brett Favre, Peyton Manning and even Matt Hasselbeck played until at least age 40.”

    No, Peyton Manning didn’t.

  5. Brady, Peyton,and Brees all received preferential treatment during their careers while Ben was treated like a crash dummy. Him not being protected like other QBs probably took a couple of years off of his career. Now, Farve always impressed me because he took a serious beating during his career and kept coming back for more.

  6. Unless the D gets fixed, Ben isn’t hoisting another trophy. Get it done, Colbert.

  7. Ben is the toughest son of o bitch in the NFL since ditka. If no major injuries, steelers will be in the super bowl. Loaded everywhere on offense. Need some help in the secondary. But getting back to the subject of Ben, I can see him playing a few more years.

  8. Ben has taken more than his share of hits. However, since the league has evolved into a no hit league (especially for QBs), many quarterback will be playing into their later 30s.

  9. “And some believe the sky is blue because we live inside of a blue-eyed giant.”

  10. The way he plays the position with a low QB IQ always taking hits like some faux steel belt tough guy, will have him done before any 3rd or 4th year.

    It just takes that one hit.

    All the offensive rules have helped people like him and Rivers in particular.

  11. Steelers sure love to overrate everything in black and gold.

    I will never forget his first Super Bowl. To this day, no one knows how a QB can be that bad and the team win a SB.

  12. He rode the cart three times last year, but never actually suffered a season ending injury. Let’s hope he does have to ride the cart only once this year and that’s the last we see the little drama queen.

  13. There’s no other QB I’d rather have for the next few years. However, if Ben keeps showing up every training camp a little heavier than the last, no way he makes it to 40. He’ll need to get back down to 240-250 to extend his career that long.

  14. Big Ben has one or two more superbowl wins in his future. Problem is the team needs to stay healthy in order to do so. Its the same old injury song year after year.

  15. Do the people that hate on Ben as a QB actually watch the games he plays? The internet. Why bother.

  16. While he was hurt some last season, he only missed 10 snaps the previous two seasons combined. I also think that if you look at the plays where he got hurt, anyone else would also have gotten hurt in the same situation too. So when you throw in that this is the best offensive line by far he’s ever played with? I’m not going to be so quick to question his durability going forward. At the moment he’s quite healthy. Since you can only play one season at a time, I’m like most Steelers fans in that I can’t wait to start next season 🙂

    Go Steelers!

  17. Ben takes one heck of a beating every year. I still think the hit Bart Scott laid on him several years back was one of the most vicious hits I ever saw a qb take. The dude is tough as nails and will be missed when he finally hangs it up. Definite first ballot HOFer.

    And this is from a Ravens fan!!

    Go Oz!!

  18. Wheaton is a weapon? Or has a weapon?

    Why would it make a difference to a troll.

    Ben has three years left at most of his desire to compete stays high and he has the weapons… A knife … A Wheaton … Or a Brown.

  19. The thing is, in this league, any player, especially QBs are one hit away from early retirement! Hopefully with a now decent line in front of him, Ben will be able to adjust his game and take a few less hits

  20. Nope, the Steelers took WAY too much time to fix their offensive line, and too many of Ben’s early seasons he spend laying on the turf. He took too much punishment too early, and it definitely cut his playing years. I honestly don’t believe he has *any* prime seasons left in him, he’ll be serviceable (at best) as long as they can keep him upright but they need to develop his successor starting immediately.

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