Lions president says Thursdays will be Color Rush days


Last year, the Nikefication of the NFL expanded to the Color Rush concept, with teams wearing jerseys and pants of the same color in certain Thursday games. In addition to the whole red-green colorblind glitch from the Bills-Jets game in which the concept debuted, many weren’t impressed with the change.

But that’s hardly enough to pull the plug on a concept that brought a ketchup-mustard vibe in a game between the Bucs and Rams, and a Star Trek homage when the Jaguars faced the Titans. Lions president Rod Wood said Thursday that “all teams that play on Thursday this year will wear a Color Rush uniform,” via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press.

The reality is that a dislike of the uniforms likely won’t prompt people who otherwise are watching the game to change the channel. Meanwhile, plenty of those who like them may buy the jerseys and related “Color Rush” merchandise.

36 responses to “Lions president says Thursdays will be Color Rush days

  1. What an awesome concept.

    Maybe all teams should the same uniforms for either home or away games.

    That way you could help uniform the fan base to everyone just rooting for good plays and sportsmanship

  2. …….it’s a gimmic’e league now, so the craziness must continue!……I was at the final home game in St.Louis and still feel bad for their fans to see them ‘go out’ like that in the Mustard&Catshup game……

  3. nike jerseys are ass ugly, color rush or not, i’ll buy my next classic throwback jersey all day long

  4. I’m all for the color rush, just let the team’s choose colors that aren’t hideous to look at. For example, the Jags could’ve easily wore all Teal or all Black instead of khaki. Hell, the Cowboys wore all white. As long as they’re actual colors and not poop, I’m all for it.

  5. Why?

    If a team wants to participate in that let them, if they don’t why force them.

    Some of them were decent, but many of them were flat out Ugly

  6. Okay, I admit that I did find some of the Color Rush unis fun. Who can forget the Bills-Jets ‘battling Christmas elves’ red vs. green? And I really liked the brown mustard Jags uniforms. But the Rams crazy bright yellow was a bit much. As long as they keep them to Thursday night, I’m okay with it.

  7. Want to bet people won’t change the channel?

    That ketchup-mustard bout made eyes bleed, and people frantically diving for the remotes, across the nation.

  8. Wow … I must be color blind because seriously those uniforms make me want to puke.

  9. I’m a hawks fan and I think it would be cool to have them wear their throwbacks or some all green design that’s not hideous. Also why does Jax color rush unis look so similar to the Saints color scheme?..I think that color combo should be off limits to unique to the Saints.

  10. The NFL pitches these ideas as being for the fans enjoyment. Reality is, it is a way for the NFL and Nike to squeeze a few more dollars out of the fan base. If the game is as popular as the NFL claims, why the gimmicks?

  11. What? Those first two comments are paid for I don’t care what you say. Those things are an eyesore and make the NFL look cheap and campy.

  12. Just another reason not to watch Thursday night games. Between the bad game and the hedious uniforms I won’t be watching. Great move NFL.

  13. The last part of story was the main purpose,

    MAKE the owners more Money end of story

  14. I love the Jags and McDonald’s Hot Mustard McNugget sauce, but much like ice cream and ketchup, those two good things just don’t go together

  15. I like the color rush concept. Some teams have been doing it on their own for a while now. An example being the Cardinals who have routinely worn red jerseys and red pants during home games. And the Ravens have worn black jerseys and black pants, as another example.

    Its been about 6 years or so, but I remember seeing the Patriots wear blue jerseys, and blue pants a few times, and that is my favorite Patriots uniform. Wish the teams would do it more often.

    Maybe I am in the minority on this one, and that’s fine

  16. Bills v Jets was one of the dumbest looking games, Christmas in November. I hope the Bills avoid Thursday night this year.

  17. ( . Y . ) <—– love the handle

    I agree with you. It really depends on your Team's colors. The Dolphins wear all Aqua or all White on most gamedays. I think this needs to come to end when the Jags play the Seahawks and they go with the all Chartruese Uni's. I don't even think Diodes can make those colors 🙂

  18. This (like throwback days) of course has nothing to do with jazzing-up Thursdays and everything to do with selling jerseys. I worked in London in the 90s at a time when soccer teams there were bringing out not just revised styles but often entirely new uniform colors every year, or had half a dozen different away-strips that seemed to change by the week. It got to the point where you couldn’t figure out who’s fans were who. Fortunately it was a fad – that only lasted a dozen or so years! – before ebbing back to semi-sensible levels.

  19. As I understand it, the only color that matters is black. To offer any other alternative is to be insensitive.

  20. The NFL won’t be happy until Aaron Rogers gets injured ending a SB run playing in week 21 Thursday in Dubai or Moscow while wearing some hideous jersey.

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