NFL shelves the veteran combine


Last year, more than 2,000 players applied to work out at the first-ever veteran combine. But the talent pool was shallow: The NFL chose just 105 of them to work out at the veteran combine, and only two of those made it onto a Week One roster.

This year, the NFL has decided to call the whole thing off.

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told PFT the league shelved the veteran combine this year after evaluating whether the clubs were interested. The level of interest wasn’t sufficient to warrant the event.

Veteran players who aren’t under contract are free to work out for teams at any time, so there’s not much of a reason to have the veteran combine. Don’t expect to see the NFL bring the veteran combine back.

13 responses to “NFL shelves the veteran combine

  1. That’s Michael Bush that I believe at the combine ran close to a 5.0 40……as a RB. I believe he then retired.

  2. Bring back the World Football League or develop a minor league football program here in the US! The greedy NFL and it’s owners make plenty of profit to take a little bit of a loss to grow the game and establish a worldwide presence.

  3. Those poor veterans man. They used a different timing system than the rookie combine. A more honest one that didn’t give out ridiculously fast 40 times. Most of these guys didn’t get slower, it was just that the timing was way more accurate.

  4. Let me help out this story. The NFL realized they can’t make any money off it. They contacted London, and they weren’t interested either.

  5. When does the NFL start the China marketing campaign to try and help fix the trade imbalance ? Maybe 5.0 second 40 times would be not so bad there and it would be like American baseball players stretching their twilight years in Japan? It’s a win-win !!

  6. 6-8 team league…in the southeast, better weather. Anywhere from Northern Fla to East TX, to Georgia (Birmingham, Pensacola, Chattanooga, Biloxi, Memphis, Shreveport as examples). If NFL teams want more control, they can buy as their own – put their own systems in, coaching/marketing/sales farm teams too. Otherwise, old system in NBDL originates that NFL can sign 5-6 teams to each minor league team.

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