Romo says he’s healed and ready


After weeks of deliberation, Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo had surgery to shore up his left collarbone against what would be a fourth fracture. And he has now declared that everything is fine.

My surgery has healed up nicely,” Romo said on Twitter. “Looking forward to OTA’s and a full offseason. Let’s go!”

The Cowboys and their fans undoubtedly will be looking for a full regular season and postseason. While that’s hardly a guarantee given Romo’s back issues, eliminating the left collarbone as a potential source of lost time can only be a positive.

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  1. What is the over/under on the number of games Romo makes it through before something breaks?

  2. I’d be looking forward to a “full offseason” too if I had a glass collarbone like Tony. What he really should be looking forward to is a retirement where he doesn’t have to spend the rest of his life in a full body cast.

  3. Oh man… well… um…. this sounds familiar.

    The season long follow-through counts more… than a post surgery medical update.

    I’m not a Cowboy fan… but Tony seems like a decent guy. I hope he can pull off his roll.

    That said… he can’t be Owner, GM, or HC, so the overall result isn’t hopeful.

  4. YES!!! Another 8 & 8 season rather than 4 & 12. I can’t wait to read how the ‘boys are once again SB contenders all offseason. When was the last time they made to the SB ’94?

  5. Thats what hes been saying for the last 5 years

    Good luck JJ keep your fingers crossed!!

  6. “eliminating the left collarbone as a potential source of lost time can only be a positive”….in what world do you actually believe this surgery did that?? if he takes a hit from a big interior d-lineman who lands on top of him and smashes his left shoulder into the turf his collarbone is going to shatter the same way it did the first three times

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  8. So now we believe Romo that the collarbone issue is all taken care of? How about the other three times? Didn’t he think that it was taken care of then?

  9. Probably the second most brittle choke artist in the game to Carson Palmer. The cowgirls need to draft a real qb or they’ll suck for another decade

  10. Get Manziel in there!!! I have been saying that all the kid needs to straighten up is to come home to Texas!!! THEN YOU MIGHT WIN IN THE PLAYOFFS??? Romo can’t do it for you!!!

  11. Ya until he goes down in game three again. You can’t tell me the cows are not very concerned about how this guy holds up. I see a QB in round one for them or a trade in their immediate future

  12. Why is his back being brought up? That hasn’t been a problem for him since the successful surgery. Stop trying to make implications on things that aren’t true. Stick to the story at hand.

  13. He certainly overachieved for an undrafted player, but I wonder how his career would have turned out if he played for a team with a functional front office.

  14. “Shore up.”

    Get the facts right. The mumford procedure does nothing to “shore up” the clavicle. It helps with pain. This is generally an outpatient arthroscopic procedure. It can be performed open, but recovery and cosmetic factors generally make this arthroscopic. The distal end of the clavicle is shaved, essentially, to treat disorders in the AC joint (where the collarbone meets the shoulder blade). AC joint fractures and separations are only indications for the procedure. The procedure does not magically “shore up” the AC joint or the collarbone, whatever shore up means to you.

    Recovery is difficult for most people as your shoulder needs to be immobilized, but this is not possible. Recovery is also quite painful.

  15. The Surgical Procedure that Romo opted out for….had little or no effect on reinforcing the clavicle, to make it stronger against further potential injury !….Look it up ! The Mumford Procedure shaves the end of the collarbone, to make it less painful and more comfortable , when the collarbone is re-joined and grows back together in healing.
    It does not strengthen it against further injury. Dallas Fans…Tony Romo is NOT out of the woods yet and Uncle Jerry Jones.. better address the QB position issue. db

  16. Romo only has a few years left at best or until a career ending injury. The Cowboys really need to use their 1st round pick this year on a QB who can carry a clipboard for a year or 2 until ready and Romo retires.

  17. yeah he’s ready…

    to get hurt again.

    old and injury prone. and the rest of the nfc east loves it.

    romo mr peanut brittle will never make it thru another season intact. he will always be one hit away with that old, beat up back.

  18. Tony Romo: “See you in the Super Bowl”

    Tom Brady: “uh, yeah, good luck?”

    That was easily the funniest and most awkward on field exchange last year. Brady looked absolutely puzzled.

  19. game 9… Tony breaks his ankle…… on it. they will be 6 & 3 by then… and go 8 & 8 for the season…..

  20. Problem is his collar bone issue is a direct side effect of his Back issue. A Back issue that is not going
    away ever…Once you have a back problem it
    never goes away you can only hope to deal with it
    and that’s for a NON FOOTBALL player.
    Sorry to say but ROMO is a ticking time Bomb
    ready to explode on his next big hit…

  21. Why do fans get angry when a player gets hurt? I understand that the player intentionally got hurt….that he tore his acl on purpose or that
    he intentionally puts at risk his future earnings. I bet Romo had surgery to set up a future injury and weaken his clavicle. We had a QB
    on our small college team that had broken his collarbone more than a few times …he went to an expert. The expert said he was congenitally at risk because of the placement of his collerbone in relation to the other bones it was connected to…the doc called it an accident of birth….hey maybe it’s Romo”s parents fault! Let’s blame his injury history on them.

  22. Tony, Tony, Tony…

    You’re made of cheap plastic. You will never be what they said you would be. Why they said that, I’ll never know, given that Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez can claim equal or better success in the postseaon, but that’s a separate issue.

    You’re killing Jerry, Tony.

  23. One more good hit and Romo will be sucking all his dinner’s through a straw !!!! However, he “will” look good driving around in his new “hot rod” wheelchair with a Dallas star on the side……

  24. Brilliant… ignorant haters spewing their ignorance.

    In the 9 season that Romo has played as the starter he has missed a total of 23 games or about 16% of his possible games played. not including the playoffs.

    Also, he has won in the playoffs. He has appeared in 6 playoff games with a 2-4 record.

  25. Ready? For what to be right back on the shelf. Better draft your QB now cause he is brittle and doesn’t heel well if he can break the same collar bone twice in a few months time.

    Don’t even come out and tell us how good Kellen Moore is either like you did with Brandon Weeden.

    If he were good he would be playing in the Arena league or Canada not in your sorry team. Maybe you can wait to draft your QB next year since you might win 5 games this year. What a waste of an offensive line. To mush investment there and it is hurting the whole team. This is why you need to lose the ego and hire a GM. You are not Bobby Beathard or Carmen Policy. You are an owner who thinks he has input.

    Tell me this what has the team done since Jimmy left- NOTHING!!!!! 20+ years of. Crap. At least you sell merchandise.

  26. Romo is going to feel great until he see’s Hicks staring him down twice a year.

    TBH Romo has always been an under valued QB, he is going to retire as one of their best QBs to put on the star, but his back alone is enough to warrant drafting a QB high this year to come in a learn the system.

  27. “My surgery has healed up nicely,” Romo said on Twitter. “Looking forward to OTA’s and a full offseason. Let’s go…..get injured again!”

  28. He’s a great passer and deserves to be healthy. I love to watch him sling the ball, but the game shows no mercy when it comes to injury. The odds are not in his favor.

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