Vernon Davis signing with Redskins


Free agent tight end Vernon Davis has agreed to terms with the Redskins, Jason LaCanfora of CBS Sports reported Thursday.

Davis was traded from the 49ers to the Broncos last season, but he did not play a role in the offense during the Broncos’ Super Bowl run. Davis caught 18 passes with the 49ers last season and 20 with the Broncos. He has 55 career touchdown receptions but just two in the last two seasons.

A first-round pick of the 49ers in 2006 when Redskins general manager Scot McCloughan worked for the 49ers, Davis, 32, is a native of Washington, D.C. He visited his hometown team early in the free agency period.

Davis said earlier this month that he wanted to play four or five more years. With the Redskins, he’ll try to start by proving he can still be an impact player in 2016.

31 responses to “Vernon Davis signing with Redskins

  1. He was done since the 2013 NFC Championship game. Haven’t even seen a glimpse of his former self since then. Its sad – in his day he was a hell of an athlete. But those skills have eroded – and he never really learned how to catch a football.

  2. Nice move. Last year the Skins scrambled to find bodies to play TE behind Reed. None of those bodies actually posed a receiving threat. He doesn’t have to be 24 ear old Vernon Davis to have an impact on the Skins. More options for Kirk. More options for the D to defend. Dangerous overall passing attack.

  3. Nice signing, considering the Redskins already have Jordan Reed and could use some insurance in case Niles Paul and/or Logan Paulsen struggle to recover from their respective injuries.

  4. Just want say ‘thank you’ for using the team name – Redskins – rather than the currently fashionable politically correct “Washington DC football team”.

  5. Exactly, this is insurance for Derek Carrier’s recovery. He might have to spend 2016 on injured reserve or at least on the PUP for first 6 weeks of 2016 season.

  6. Same type of player as Jordan Reed… only not as motivated or frankly, from what I saw last year, as good.

  7. Hope it works out for Davis. He sure picked a good time to sign a one-year contract with Denver. Rings last forever.

  8. Man, I like what the Redskins are doing. Low risk signings like this are Scot’s reasons for earlier success in SF and Seattle. I gotta say it, hail to the Redskins.

  9. After Reed we have Niles Paul who was injured last year and is going to play FB a lot this year. We need depth and someone who can actually pose a threat in the passing game as well as be able to actually block somebody. a 1 year deal isn’t breaking the bank and gives him a chance to play in front of his hometown. Smart signing.

  10. This issue with Vernon isn’t “talents eroded” – he’s still a physical specimen. His problem is being haunted by Cam Chancellor. After that hit, he’s never been the same.

    Watched him in Denver last year and he would drop wide open passes because his eyes were looking for the hit. He alligator armed everything.

    In the AFC championship game he had his largest number of snaps and did zero with them. Meanwhile Owen Daniels (whose talents eroded years ago) had 2 touchdowns.

    Dude is done.

  11. VD still riding that wave of promise. Trust me Redskins fan…As a 49ers fan, our team is in shambles with very little talent and I still wouldn’t want him back. Guy plays with so little heart.. It’s frustrating to watch him play because you can see how good he might have been.

  12. Now cut Andre Roberts after June 1st and sign Anquan. They’ll have two vets adding more good leadership and more offensive production for less money than the were paying Roberts (who gave the Skins zero for that contract).

  13. Zac needs to write all the REDSKINS articles. Or better yet, every single article. The only writer here I have respect for and doesn’t push leftist agendas.

  14. For a guy who thinks that he has four or five years left in the tank, does he realize that all of the balls will be going to Jordan Reed?

    This is the second worst off-season signing for any team because Matt Schaub is the absolute worst.

    Vernon Davis is so depleted in skill, if he was under contract he would be designated as either a post-June 1 cut or declared cut way before March. He can’t play anymore.

  15. sorry folks but i cant bless this signing. now normally id be in favor of any move mr snyder makes cause his track record shows the guy just knows his stuff. but i think he overlooked a major red flag on this one, notably that vernon davis’s brother micheal killed a guy in dc 3 years ago. i think the best thing for vernon would be to stay as far away from his roots as possible lest he get dragged down into that life.

  16. He’s signed as a backup, because that’s all he is at this point. Others have noted here the last couple years of dropped balls and half-hearted route running. He’ll be a former NFL player in <2 years.

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