Vikings to re-sign Chad Greenway


Ten years after arriving in Minnesota as a first-round pick, linebacker Chad Greenway has moved another step closer to finishing his career there.

Via Alex Marvez of FOX Sports, a deal to bring Greenway back to the Vikings will be done as soon as tomorrow.

Greenway has become a part-time player in coach Mike Zimmer’s defense, but he brings reliability, toughness, and leadership. He’s also a fan favorite, and Vikings fans will be happy to see him running out of the tunnel into the team’s new stadium, even if it’s only for one more season.

The 32-year-old native of Mount Vernon, South Dakota played college football at Iowa, making it twice to the Pro Bowl and once being named a second-team All Pro. He also has played for four playoff teams, including the 2009 NFC finalists who lost in overtime to the Saints.

66 responses to “Vikings to re-sign Chad Greenway

  1. Minnesota Vikings Offseason Checklist:

    Fix our Offensive Line: (Check)

    Draft a WR round 1: (Soon to be check)

    Resign Chad Greenway: (Check)

    Have the best team in the NFL (Check)

    The Lombardi Trophy is coming this year…

    The Dynasty has officially began.

    Embrace History.

    Embrace Greatness.

    Embrace the historic Minnesota Vikings.

  2. Nice to see this get done. Outside of the draft, the only thing left for the Vikings to do before training camp is sign Harrison Smith to a long-term deal.

  3. He’ll never been mistaken for Jake Ryan; that’s for sure. Even at his age, he’s way too good at tackling and covering.

  4. thepftpoet says:
    Mar 31, 2016 12:30 PM
    Embrace the historic Minnesota Vikings.

    More like histrionic

  5. The only bad thing about the resurgence of the Vikings is the return of pftpoet, My condolences to all other fans. The guy is an embarrassing jerk to every Viking fan. His schtick isn’t even original — that goes to that redskin fan that I am sure embarrasses every Skin fan.

  6. Good job Vikes. Chad provides great leadership in the locker room, can still be productive, and the Vikings will give this great player the opportunity to retire from the only team he’s ever loved. Now all that’s left, besides the draft, is signing Harry the Hitman to a long, long and lucrative contract.

  7. “The Lombardi Trophy is coming this year…”

    ROTFL!!! Thanks for the laugh thepftpoet!

    You better enjoy your division “championship” this year because that step backwards is gonna hurt next year. Maybe you guys can sign Bryce Paup if you need more washed up linebackers for your lineup.

  8. Yes, I agree, Chad is one step closer to finishing his career in Minnesota. What is not mentioned is that he was effectively finished when he was drafted by Minnesota.

    In his 10 years there, he has only played in few playoffs games losing more than they ever won and the closest he came to sniffing a Superbowl, Childress sent 12 men into the huddle followed by BrINT throwing one of his patented game killing interceptions. He’s a good guy, just probably wished he could have played for a contender.

  9. Good signing. I have a lot of respect for Chad and how he handles himself on and off the field. Let’s see if we can keep him as a coach, if he is interested, once his playing days are done. Zimmer backs his guys. What a great team to follow right now.

  10. Fun Fact: Chad Greenway had more tackles than Clay Matthews despite on being a part-time 2 down linebacker as opposed to a full-time middle linebacker. I also heard he can tackle Larry Fitzgerald.

  11. @Lindacaseauthor, that Harry the Hitman line actually made me laugh out loud.
    It truly made my day.
    Thanks for the chuckle and I hope your day is going good as well.

  12. Great player. Too bad he’s spent his career on a garbage team. There will be no answer this year either for Seattle, GB, Arizona, or Carolina. Skol that.

  13. Nice! one more year #52!

    we’ll give our veteran respect and bring him back for one last run, unlike other putted and pathetic franchises that’ll cast aside veterans for punk kids from california.

    you know you have issues when the first 10 out of 15 comments are from packer fans about chad greenway. enjoy your run as annual super bowl contenders, now you’ll be lucky to qualify for a wild card berth, you can thank the incompetence of ted thompson and the cowardliness of mike mccarthy for that. but, doing nothing and getting back a 30 yr old WR off an acl tear will fix everything!

    Everyone and everything associated with that joke of a franchise in green bay is pathetic and an embarrass to the nfl and society in general.

  14. He’s old, this doesn’t improve us!

    Teddy is going to run us into the ground with his Gumby arm. This team is going to take a step back this year, as much as I don’t want it to. Them the facts boys!

  15. Meanwhile…the toothless sisters to the east are still napping in the offseason.

    By the way, you have to love the multiple accounts one packer fan has. Want proof? How many different posts end with “>”. It’s basically their signature LOL. I count 3 on this thread alone.

  16. ^^ ‘The Packers got rid of their over the hill linebacker’ – 1) Hawk was hot garbage 2) Minnesota isnt naive enough to ask Greenway to start every game this year – unlike Green Bay for many years

  17. I’ll tell you what…Greenway would have tackled Fitzgerald. Might have even covered him.

  18. Chad has 10 times the CLASS as “CLASSLESS Mathews”
    from you know where ….. just ask Carson Palmer …. !!

    Congrats to the Vikes & Chad.

  19. The trolls are out and everyone has an opinion, This in no way impedes the Vikings progress toward their goal of winning the Superbowl, which in my opinion is much closer than any other team in that division! Mr. Greenway is a coach on the field and a very expeienced player which helps the Vikings in certain Defnsive situations!

  20. Packer fan here- seems like a good signing for the Vikes. Far too uncommon for a player to stay with a team his whole career- good for Chad and sounds like good for the locker room and fans as well! See you guys on the gridiron this fall!

  21. Glad to see Chad will finish his career with the Vikings. He has been a class act since joining the team and a solid performer.

  22. Greenway is a class act. Next step is into the Vilkings’ front office. From 8 man football to Iowa, then 11 years in the league. Chad is a winner!
    Go Hawks!

  23. You can always spot the trolls from the east….including the ones who can’t spell “Tarvaris”…..even though they’re using it as part of their log-on name…..nice educational system you got over there!

  24. What good is drafting a WR in the first round if no ones worth a first round pick? That would be like saying the year they needed to draft a QB and they went with Ponder at 12 and just because it filled a need it was a success???

    Greenway has been a solid player for years, Other than missing his rookie year he has been very healthy, won honors like Whizzer Man of the year in ’15, a Pro bowler, its just a shame that the Vikings are 1-4 in the playoffs in his career.

  25. ✓Tavaris ✓Joe ✓Donovan ✓Christian ✓Matt ✓Josh ✓Teddy ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ © says:
    Chad lined up in different places primarily just off line and played an entire game at MLB where he’d never played before and did well. He also lacks the stupid vanity that Erin’s girl friend loves to display.

  26. Classless Matthews. SKOLOLOL

    Mathews has been nothing but a model NFL player on and off the field. He punked Palmer because they are friends having both played for USC.

    “Vikings linebacker Chad Greenway delivered a brutal helmet-to-helmet hit to Lions receiver Calvin Johnson on Sunday, and he’s paying for it.”

    “Calvin Johnson said Thursday that he suffered nerve damage from hits suffered in the Detroit Lions’ loss to the Minnesota Vikings in September, which has made it hard for him to grip the ball, the Detroit Free Press reported.

    ” The helmet-to-helmet hit by linebacker Chad Greenway. Greenway was fined $21,000 for that hit, which Johnson said Thursday gave him a concussion.”

    Trying to end someone’s career by concussion vs. not helping them up off the ground. Hmmmm………

  27. He never lived up to the 1 round status, never had any big plays or highlights, but he was loyal to the vikings.

    He was one of 4 players that lived in Minnesota during the off season and actually did it every year.
    He was there when Brett Favre actually won a playoff game for the vikes.

    He never got arrested, never complained about management or all the coaching changes. That’s why some people in Minnesota like him.

  28. So what it sounds like after reading all this praise for Greenway and it is very much so earned, it sounds like he is the Dan Marino of LBs

  29. Just wait until to you see Greenway next year Packer fans. He is doing P90x so he is going to be like a Superman!!!!!!!
    Breaking News: Greenway to take up yoga this offseason as well. He will be virtually unstoppable next season!

  30. Just wait until to you see Greenway next year Packer fans. He is doing P90x so he is going to be like a Superman!!!!!!!
    Breaking News: Greenway to take up yoga this offseason as well. He will be virtually unstoppable next season!

  31. So very happy that this is FINALLY getting done! Chad should be on the Vikings this season for countless reasons. I know Zimmer would not have brought him back if he didn’t think he could contribute. That being said, Zim knows what a leader he has in Chad, and the young guys need that. He also knows how much all of his teammates look up to him and the fans adore him. It’s a win-win!! Yeah!!!!!!!

  32. ✓Tavaris ✓Joe ✓Donovan ✓Christian ✓Matt ✓Josh ✓Teddy ?Deshaun ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ © says:
    Mar 31, 2016 6:21 PM
    Sad when news of a 2 down 32 year old mediocre linebacker re-signing with your team is the highlight of your day!


    Even sadder when the signing of a 2nd tier TE and retirement of a fat, tub-o-goo 1st round bust (no, I don’t mean Lacy) are the ONLY highlights of a team’s entire off-season.

  33. ✓Tavaris ✓Joe ✓Donovan ✓Christian ✓Matt ✓Josh ✓Teddy ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ © says:
    Mar 31, 2016 3:47 PM

    Classless Matthews. SKOLOLOL

    Mathews has been nothing but a model NFL player on and off the field.
    Matthews was fined $22,050 for his helmet-to-helmet hit on Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson in the 2015 NFC Championship game. Ouch!

    Matthews was fined $17,363 for hitting Foles with the crown of his helmet. Last season game against the Rams.

    “And that’s kind of how I play, whether it’s a facemask or a low hit on a quarterback.”

    Stay classy clay.

  34. Good to see Chad back to finish his career. Class on and off the field.
    Unlike the Packer Trolls, I sure hope you are not
    teaching your children to be as Close Minded and arrogant as their you! Probably teach them Bullying at school shows the “real Men”!
    If you were a Fish you would be Carp, good for nothing, best thrown on the bank to rot!

    AND A Note for MODS… After all the garbage they have posted and not been removed by you, a response
    is more than fair.. and in other words.. leave this up!

  35. beerbratscheese says:
    Mar 31, 2016 8:32 PM
    The A.J. Hawk of Minnesota. Congratulations, Vikings fans.
    Thanks. You must still be sore that the GB front office and coaching staff couldn’t see the value of a seasoned veteran who still had something to give. At the least, if GB had been as loyal to Hawk it would’ve allowed clay to kick outside more.

  36. Greenway would never have caught Fitzgerald. Matthews was rushing the passer on that play, and had been blocked behind Palmer before he threw the ball. He had to sprint downfield just to get a hand on Fitz.

  37. People comparing Matthews roid rage conduct with how Greenway plays the game are absurd. Matthews is an undisciplined player.

  38. Typical packer fans ripping a player after he leaves. AJ Hawk never went two weeks without making a tackle.

  39. frank booth says:
    Apr 1, 2016 1:37 AM
    Greenway would never have caught Fitzgerald. Matthews was rushing the passer on that play, and had been blocked behind Palmer before he threw the ball. He had to sprint downfield just to get a hand on Fitz.
    Greenway would have made the play.

  40. Anyone with even a minimal knowledge of the NFL would know that Matthews is a much more athletic, faster player than Greenway. Greenway wouldn’t even have the speed to get back downfield and get a hand on Fitzgerald in his prime, let alone last year.

    However, if you’re not much of a football fan, and football is just something you have in the background on Sunday while you eat snacks,you wouldn’t know that Matthews is faster than Greenway, in the same way that Vikings fans think that Matthews was in coverage against Fitzgerald.

    Hop on the bandwagon, Minnesota fans.

  41. frank b
    Matthews didn’t tackled Fitzgerald either so what point are you trying to make here, he tapped his leg he never tackled him. As for bandwagon fans, there will always be those fans why even say it? Fans like certain players from college so they follow them in the NFL. Or they like the team that was put together. I can appreciate why people got on the Broncos bandwagon look at the defense. Or Seattle’s defense, people enjoy watching excellence.

  42. “lnfinite says:

    Glad he will be signed. Greenway is a class act despite stupid comments by packer fans trolling here.”

    Agreed – Greenway IS a class act despite equally stupid responses by those trolls claiming to be Viking fans.

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