What’s next for 49ers and Kaepernick?


As expected, the 49ers didn’t dump quarterback Colin Kaepernick before 4:00 p.m. ET on Thursday, guaranteeing his $11.9 million base salary for 2016.

Unless Kaepernick would have been able to pass a physical, the 49ers likely couldn’t have dumped him before the moment at which the salary became fully guaranteed. So whether they want him or not, they apparently had no choice, given that he apparently hasn’t recovered from his cocktail of surgeries (shoulder, knee, thumb).

So where does it go from here? If Kaepernick still wants out, his next move could be to make it clear that he doesn’t “buy in” to new coach Chip Kelly’s ways. The easiest way to do that would be to not show up for the start of the offseason training program on Monday. Sure, Kaepernick would eventually forfeit a $400,000 workout bonus. But Kaepernick could ultimately get what he wanted more than a month ago, a trade.

Now that Kaepernick’s salary is officially guaranteed (regardless of whether, as a practical matter, it already was), there’s still a way for the 49ers to move him, even if he refuses to take less money. The 49ers could agree to pay part of his salary to facilitate a deal, with the new team picking up the rest and the 49ers getting a draft pick or other consideration in exchange.

The question comes down to whether the 49ers truly want him, and whether their desire to keep him is in any way undermined by his desire to leave. During Kelly’s time in Philadelphia, he developed a reputation for getting rid of players who didn’t embrace the program completely. Even if Kelly has learned that he should resist the temptation to let players talk their way out of town, all it takes is one momentary lapse for Kelly to say to G.M. Trent Baalke “get him out of here” and Kaepernick could quickly become the property of a new team — with the new team paying a chunk of the $11.9 million salary, the 49ers paying the rest, and San Francisco getting something in return.

Given that the alternative would be cutting Kaepernick and owing him the balance between whatever he gets elsewhere and $11.9 million, getting anything in return for Kaepernick could be the best possible outcome, if he wants out and if Kelly isn’t inclined to do whatever he has to do to change Kaepernick’s mind.

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  1. What’s next is the Niners better draft a QB in the first round. Preferably Goff.
    Then ship kaepernick somewhere else.

  2. With Kaepernick, Gabbert, and Thad Lewis all on the roster, the 49ers still have less than $15 million combined salary this season at the quarterback position. That would rank in the bottom third of the league. Even rookie QBs drafted in the top 5 next month would take home over $15 million for the 2016 season. So there isn’t any real pressure on the team to accede to Kaepernick’s request without getting decent compensation in return.

  3. Kap with his freshly minted 12 mil, is busy preparing us for six. He is not concerned with all the haters that will be on this story amongst the others. He will start he will lead us. #GoNiners #NobodycanhaveitbetterthanUS

  4. This situation will change in the next CBA. He’s damaged goods and didn’t play well at all when he wasn’t hurt. This has to change. He’s dead money right now for San Fran.

  5. Maybe he just stays on the Niners? I know that would be a shocker after 500 different unnamed sources pulled the Broncos trading for him rumor out of their rear.

  6. If Kaepernick still wants out, his next move could be to make it clear that he doesn’t “buy in” to new coach Chip Kelly’s ways. The easiest way to do that would be to not show up for the start of the offseason training program

    You’re assuming Chipster has control over the roster like he did in Philly and cut anyone he doesn’t like.

  7. If Kap stays with the Niners he will try hard for the team (well mostly for himself, but the team will benefit). He is not going to sit out or cause off-season issues. He has confirmed that he is worth more to the Niners than anyone else, and in the end that matters the most.If he tries hard and fails, some other team will pick him up next year to try and reboot him. If he succeeds he can try to demand a trade again with more value or just continue playing under the Niners contract as their starter. If he gets injured…. his contract is guaranteed. He has little to loose by trying to be the best he can be in 2016.

  8. Colin will be traded just prior or during the draft. Santa Clara will pick up some of the “Team Friendly” contract Money (Baalke and York BS line) to help move him and help a team absorb some of the $12 Million. There has been too much damage done to keep him. It will divide the locker room if he stays. He was benched for Blaine, said he wanted out, Santa Clara tried unsuccessfully to trade him for a 2nd rd pick, some of his teammates hate him, he broke the bro code and took teammate Aldon Smiths girlfriend.

  9. once again, the media making much ado about nothing. There’s never been a sense of urgency to part with Kap, and why would there be? He’s a relative steal for what some of these other turds are making. Besides that, there’s actually a chance he could flourish in chip’s system. Kap/Hyde is arguably a better combo than anything Kelly had in Philly. And if it doesn’t pan out, the Niners can just as easily dump him or trade him next year with no real hit either.

  10. for the record we are THE San Francisco 49ers. If you are going to keep saying that at least be consistent…… Irving Cowboys, Foxboro Patriots, Carson Rams, New Jersey Jets and Giants, Landover Redskins……

  11. Kaepernick was eager and raring to go last season after his benching until he realized he wasn’t going to get his job back from Gabbert. Then he developed all sorts of injuries that required surgery to make sure he could collect his next contract. Instead of staying around to help the team he went off to lick his wounds and sulk.

    No one in the FO wants much to do with him anymore, and I don’t think any of his teammates do either. Same for Anthony Davis. Those two may have talent, but they crossed a line in terms of selfishness that they can’t erase. So what will happen is that they will take whatever they can get for Kaepernick at some point so they don’t have to see his face again, and eat part of his salary. The team will probably end up paying more for Kaepernick NOT to play for them than they pay Gabbert to start ($2mil). It’s the NFL.

  12. Very few readers hereof will own up to it, but I told you Colin was not going anywhere 2 – 3 weeks ago.

    I could give you a broad view of where it very well might go from here – but lets all watch that together.

  13. Quit giving us side shots of Kaep. I cant help but think Pinocchio’s been lying his whole life. Maybe he’s just a swimmer.

  14. Note to self Jeb don’t take coaching for granted like you and your daddy. Harbaugh took the team from last to first without a big change in the team and it happened immediately. You won’t see that again soon. Kap can function and succeed with the proper system or die with league rejects like last year. York’s are a magnet for reject coaching as they know it’s only a one year gig…

  15. What’s next for Kap and the Niners? Just write a narrative as to what’s next and then another one after that to explain what actually happened. Come on guys, more real football nuggets less making crap up.

  16. The San Francisco Forty-Niners need to change their racist name that commemorates the slaughter of tens of thousands of Native Americans during the gold rush. Just google their mascots over the years.

  17. Patrick Willis walked out. Justin Smith walked out. Chris Borland walked out. Anthony Davis walked out. Colin Kaepernick wants out. Why does everyone want to get away from San Francisco? None of this has anything to do with Chip Kelly.

  18. I’d say it’s rather apparent that Kansas City managed to capture the better of the two 49er quarterbacks.

    Looking more and more like a steal, too.

    Thanks Hairball!

  19. I don’t think Kelly carries much weight in the decision making for players. It doesn’t matter that he might not like Kaepernick and Kaepernick doesn’t want to play with the 49ers. Kap is a perfect fit for Kelly’s offense and they need to make it work.

  20. Kaep fits Kelly’s system. He runs the Wildcat and has great speed and can’t find an open receiver 10 feet away, what more do you want?

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