Chip Kelly: 49ers’ offense has the talent I need

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During his three seasons with the Eagles, Chip Kelly constantly tinkered with the roster, trying to bring in more players who fit his system, and jettison players who didn’t fit. For the most part, that failed, and the Eagles’ offense got worse over the course of his tenure in Philadelphia.

But Kelly says he doesn’t need to tinker with the roster in San Francisco. Kelly says the kind of talent he needs is already in place. Kelly said the running backs, receivers, tight ends and offensive linemen are all the kinds of players he wants as building blocks of his team.

“Obviously, you look at what Carlos Hyde can do,” Kelly said, via “He’s one of the really good young running backs. There’s a bunch of guys at receiver, led by Torrey [Smith], and Torrey really has a skill set because he can run. He’s kind of a matchup problem for people.”

Kelly said the tight ends on the roster, Vance McDonald, Garrett Celek and Blake Bell, are a good collection of talent.

“That will be a fun group to work with, in terms of how you disperse them and try to figure out what’s going on,” Kelly said.

And although the 49ers’ offensive line struggled at times, Kelly thinks it will be in good shape.

“Obviously, the O-line, led by Joe Staley, there’s a lot of talent there, too,” Kelly said. “I think it’s a good group. . . . Joe Staley is one of the most fit, athletic big people you ever want,” Kelly said. “I met Joe about a week ago. He came in. He fits perfect. It fits to his skill set set. I’ve always been a big fan of big people. Somebody once told me, ‘Big people beat up little people.’ I think we fit philosophically.”

So Kelly has the players he wants everywhere — except maybe at quarterback, where it remains unclear whether Colin Kaepernick, Blaine Gabbert or someone else will start Week One.

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  1. But Kelly says he doesn’t need to tinker with the roster in San Francisco.


    Translation: Kelly asked for some control over the roster and Baalke kicked him out of his office.

  2. How can he come to this conclusion with the amount of time he has spent with these guys? It sounds like either bravado or wishful thinking. He really wont know what he has until 4 games into the season.

  3. Douchbaggery masked as a “football guy.”

    He shouldn’t even be selecting Pop Warner rosters.


    Have fun with that SF. This guy is king of semantics.

  4. Talent I need?

    Advice to Chip, it is not about you. It is always about the team.

  5. They are a less talented group than what he had in Philly, and dumped. You have to take what Kelly says with a grain of salt, especially if you have high hopes he something more than a gimmick college coach which he isn’t.

  6. Kelly had all the talent he needed in Philly too and we all saw what happened there. As to Kelly’s comment, “But Kelly says he doesn’t need to tinker with the roster in San Francisco.”…….interpretation, Baalke told Kelly he isn’t going to have personnel control.

  7. Whatever.
    Trade Kaep for a third round pick.
    Draft Goff.
    Rebuild for 4 years.

  8. Never could get over the top in college, never will even see the top in the pros. He will be back at the college level in 2-3 years.

  9. Hopefully (if you are a fan of the 49ers) Chip will bring a little more diversity to the uptempo offense. It all appeared pretty straightforward in the last few years.

  10. Translation: “I’m overhauling the entire offense and using 7 picks on Oregon players.”

  11. Nice positioning of the Chip article next to the Rex article.

    I’m hard-pressed to say whether I would prefer to have “Rex being Rex” or “Chip being who-knows-what” as my head coach.

    A couple of Dan Rather types – he wanted to BE the news instead of just REPORTING the news. These guys want to BE the team instead of COACHING it.

  12. Besides the OL i do think there is talent in this offense. And if they draft a guy like Wentz or Goff.. they’ll be solid.

    People forget that this offense was ran by a bunch of buffons last year… and Roman was a running style offense so it didnt look like a top tier O.

    Lets see what Chip can get out of these guys .. if he fails, then we can make fun of him. But until then.. its just haters hating.

  13. Always better when the Niners are back in the news. Top five franchise of all time……….. and top one in Hall of Fame players. Big bounce back this year. Sorry Seagags! Sorry lame 12th man!

  14. 9ers were the consensus worst team in the league going into last season with all the personnel departures, and Tomsula squeezed out 5 wins despite record injuries on top of that. So, if they thought the coaching was lacking, then you have to give the players another shot with a different staff.

  15. Chip looks like that guy who sits in his parents basement all day drinking soda, eating chips and playing video games.

    …and he’d still be there if Stan Marsh hadn’t killed him with the Sword of 1000 Truths.

  16. Weakest link on the Niners is the offensive line. I cannot for life of me understand by Baalke didn’t just go out and fix it with all that cap space sitting there.

  17. And will Chip actually care about defense? offensively maybe they do have the players in place but you have to stop the other team as well.

    Chip Kelly Super Genius

  18. Kaperdink was never ever in play. The team and the coach have to beleive they can resurect this guys career to greatness so why get rid of him for a mere 12 mil. They have a ton of cap space and nothing to lose.

  19. “There’s a bunch of guys at receiver, led by Torrey [Smith], and Torrey really has a skill set because he can run. He’s kind of a matchup problem for people.””

    Uh.. WUT??! He HAD to be drunk when he made that statement. Torrey Smith has a skill set “because he can run”? What about those hands of stone? Kinda important for a receiver.

    This team may be lucky to get to 2-14. Expect to see a LOT of empty seats in Santa Clara, and many lawsuits from The Faithful, seeking to get their PSLs refunded. Absolute clusterfarkle in Santa Clara, and no end in sight.

  20. I feel sorry for Chip; he doesn’t get it. His personality is not conducive to lead, he’ll be out in less than 3.

  21. No more NFC East for Chip with two games each against Dallas, NY and DC. Now he’s gotta go head to head twice with Seattle, Zona and LA. Lotsa luck with that.

  22. Wow, this guy is a moron. He is so out of touch with reality it’s just sad at this point.

    Hyde is a quality back. Don’t know if he’s a long term workhorse given his injuries, but when healthy he’s good. By far the best offensive player on the 49ers.

    Torrey Smith is a quality speed burning #2 WR. But #2 speed receivers need QB’s throwing them the ball, or they end up as effective as a #4 or #5 receiver in terms of production.

    The best WR they got, who doesn’t have speed, isn’t signed, Anquan Boldin.

    Gabbert is a retread, but he’s better then Kaepernick. Still, the 49ers should take a QB if one of the top two fall to them, or if Lynch falls to them in the 2nd round.

    The 49ers offensive line sucks, and has only gotten worse this year. Joe Staley is but one man. Everyone else sucks.

    Chip just said (and meant it) a team whose offensive talent is near the bottom of the league, and has only gotten worse, has the talent he needs.

    Wow. The offensive talent in SF pales in comparison to what he had in Philly. It’s like comparing that half eaten hot dog that you found on the ground that had been sitting around for a couple days is equal to a nice juicy sirloin steak.

    I sure hope he makes Kaepernick the starter and has him try to run his offense in the NFL. NFC West and NFL teams in general will have a riot. Kaepernick is too slow mentally to run his offense, and his three surgeries in the offseason means any pounding he takes will start to get to him.

    You know what the difference between Tomsula and Kelly is?

    Kelly has an ego and thinks he is top notch, whereas Tomsula could be humbled. But basically both are morons.

    This and that player are good because they are big or fast. He’s always been a fan of big people. Wow. This guy has to be joking.

    Even after trading away all those players, the Eagles still had more talent then the 49ers. Plus Chip isn’t going to be playing in a division where 6-10 is still a legitimate shot to win the division.

    I still think Browns are leaders for the #1 overall 2017 pick, but the 49ers might compete with them for it.

    Chip Kelly seems to be setting himself up for quite a crash. Just remember, when the York’s do a year end review, they have Kelly on tape saying he has the talent he needs (at least on offense).

    Baalke needs to watch out for himself, it sounds like he isn’t going to get any help whatsoever from Chip in finding or analyzing talent, and Baalke is going to have to ‘use the force’ to figure out what Chip needs, since Chip is clueless about what he needs. As evidenced by this and all the poor fits he picked in Philly.

    Well at least they got their RT back. But loosing Boone makes that a wash. (and who knows if he’ll want to retire again after this year or next year). His rightful choice, but a problem for everyone else.

  23. All he’s saying is typical coach media speak so nothing to see here.

    He’s not going say “Oh man these guys are terrible and I threw up in my mouth a bit when watching film.”

    He’s going to be ultra positive about everyone when talking to the media but in Baalke’s office begging him to draft offense and a lot of it.

  24. If this guy made Nick Foles the head of the league’s highest scoring offense, imagine what he can do with a real talent: Blaine Gabbert.

  25. “Chip Kelly: 49ers’ offense has the talent I need”

    Then he said, “And I’ll dismantle it and replace it with overpriced free agents next year.”

  26. He should try to tinker with opponent’s defenses, so they are slower and less adaptable to offensive gimmicks. Sort of like Pac-10 defenses.

  27. Too bad that POS GM in Philly couldn’t make a bunch of ill-advised moves to get you some talent.
    Wait… I’m sorry. You did that.
    My bad

  28. Chip Kelly, winning record in 3 years as a head football coach in the NFL. but he sucks …. If not for the geeky little backstabber here in Philly where its slowly coming a lot of the stuff in the media the last 3 years wasn’t true about kelly and probably planted by Roseman. Kelly is a good coach who will probably if he is lucky enough to get the right guy at QB (like any other coach in the NFL) will probably have the 49ers back on the right track. MEanwhile the genius that is Howie Rosemen will probably trade half our draft to move up for Wentz because paying 3 average qb’s over 30 mil is a good idea…. yeah, This Eagles fan doesn’t by the media BS. I’ll take Kelly over Howie all day.

  29. Bet he wins more games than Howie Roseman. Howie does coach the Eagles or is that Jeff’s job?

  30. Just shut up and win some games. You said that last year before the season started after you paid DM. I think it was,” now I have my rbs and the odd catchers and a QB that I was recruiting in college who can win in my offense and what happened? You have 2 years and I will bet my house you will be in college again-FACT!!!

  31. “So Kelly has the players he wants everywhere — except maybe at quarterback, where it remains unclear whether Colin Kaepernick, Blaine Gabbert or someone else will start Week One.”

    That’s a bit of a cheap shot. Kelly has made it very clear that Colin Kaepernick fits exactly what he wants at QB. He and Mariotta have very similar styles. Blaine Gabbert is his fall back, stop gap option. If the Kaep situation can’t be resolved. The Problem is Kaep wants out of SF. And it has nothing to do with Chip Kelly or his offense. It’s about Balke and York! Kaep already knows he is a proven Super Bowl, Playoff caliber QB if he is playing around and for people he can trust and go to battle with (that are on the same page). Why do you all think ELway passed on Osweiler? His target was Kaepernick from day one. What Kelly needs to do is something I’m not sure he can do. And that is get Kaep alone somewhere for 2-3 days. And do the selling job of his life on him. He has to convince Kaep that the two of them need each other to find the very success that they both want.

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