Vegas move could indeed happen for Raiders

The NFL hasn’t slammed the door on a potential Raiders move to Las Vegas, and for good reason. Eventually, at least 24 owners could indeed vote to approve the relocation from Oakland to Nevada.

That’s why the league previously sent out talking points that don’t rule out the Raiders in Vegas, and it’s why the Commissioner didn’t dismiss the possibility during a press conference following the annual meetings.

As one source with knowledge of the situation explained it to PFT during the league meetings last month, several teams definitely would be against the move, with the opposition primarily coming from old-guard teams like the Giants and Steelers. Still, the thinking is that there are enough new-school owners to not be troubled by the fact that gambling is legal in Las Vegas.

Indeed, the NFL already stages multiple games per year in London, where betting is open and accepted and easily accessible.

This attitude contradicts comments recently made by Giants co-owner John Mara, who believes “most owners” view the move as a “non-starter.” If, however, that were the actual state of affairs and not a manifestation of Mara’s own opposition to the move, wouldn’t the Commissioner have said so last week?

On Friday, Raiders owner Mark Davis returned to Las Vegas, and the casino with which he’d be partnering in a new stadium posted a picture of the visit. Davis has now been there multiple times this year.

The timetable for a potential move from Oakland to Las Vegas isn’t known, and the possibility surely will be used at least at first as a way to get Oakland to make a meaningful effort to keep the Raiders in town. At some point, however, the stadium in which the Raiders currently play will need to be replaced. Some would say that point already has arrived.

106 responses to “Vegas move could indeed happen for Raiders

  1. Never happening. I wish it would, but it won’t. Raiders will likely be in LA (because of San Diego’s recent efforts to keep the Chargers), and if not, Oakland.

  2. Betting lines in every major paper, fantasy football no one believe people don’t bet on the NFL. What difference does it make if a team is in Vegas or on the other side of the moon people will be betting for or against that NFL team every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

  3. With Kraft stinging from deflate gate (I am not taking sides on that whole steaming pile of controversy) Mara is holding the strings to the Park Avenue office of the commissioner as tightly as any of the owners right now. Besides as much as the owners and the league hated Big Al there are enough teams that need leverage now to get new stadiums (mostly San Diego and Oakland) that keeping Vegas in play makes sense. Does anyone see the St. Louis Raiders? Houston and Dallas will never let San Antonio host a team.

  4. Could you imagine a Super Bowl being held in Las Vegas? The hotel rooms, shows, casinos, golf, etc. Little possibility of weather fowling the league’s showcase game. This would be a great destination for fans. A brand new, billion dollar plus, state-of-the-art stadium… They should think long and hard about this!

  5. Places the media want to push for an NFL team:
    Las Vegas and London…..gambling is legal
    Las Vegas………….Prostitution is legal
    Mexico City…….illicit drugs are available easily

    Places they will push for a SB….Denver and Seattle…..pot is legal

  6. I don’t see a hard case against it. They need a new stadium and they won’t get it in Oakland and they can’t afford what Kronke wants in LA. This stadium is being built with or without them. NFL is already started into the foray of gambling with daily fantasy sports betting. NFL doesn’t need to shell out money to help them and they get their relocation extortion money. It’s a win/win.

  7. Total home field advantage for the Raiders, if they were based in Vegas. Opposition would struggle not to go all “Michael Irvin” the night before game day.

  8. Oakland is proving itself to be a town where it is only interested in taking the Raiders for all it can before they eventually leave and giving little in return to the team that has long been identified with the city.

    Vegas is a city more interested in taking everybody before they leave but giving them all a good time while they are there and good reasons to return. Vegas will build a world class facility and the NFL will trip all over itself to put a Superbowl there as fast as they can.

  9. The wasteland of Toronto would be better. That way the fanboys could still watch CFL football, might even turn out to be better than that great hockey team they have there.

  10. Thinking that people don’t bet on the NFL is like believing Lance Armstrng didn’t dope to ride.

  11. Once the NHL goes in, and they will, all arguments NFL owners have will be plain BS. The league right now has a large market without a team in St Louis. They would be smart to try to get a team there first.

  12. Raiders won’t move. City built stadium or not, there isn’t a fan base in vegas, and a new stadium is useless if people won’t buy season tickets

  13. I could care less where the Raiders end up, but what amazes me is how the Raiders get any fan following at all.

    “We’re in Oakland. No we’re in LA. No wait, we’re moving back to Oakland. Oh, I have an idea. Let’s move to Las Vegas.”

  14. Afternoon September games in Vegas (95 degree ave. temp) with a transient population with no allegiance……..EPIC FAIL.
    But Roger will jump at extorting $100’s of million from the Raiders in relocation fees divied by the other 31 greedy billionaires so intent on squeezing more and more into their fat pockets.
    NFL = FIFA North America

  15. Another reason in my mind that hints of an NFL, Las Vegas connection. ‘That’ and how many close games seem to miraculously change direction at the end of games due to the “Penalties From Heaven”!

    The NFL ‘can’t live with them, can’t trust them’. ‘Los Vegas sure…. perfect city for a fall sport and as honest as the sun from above that bakes you until your well done. What could go wrong?

  16. The days of an heir inheriting a NFL team and running it like a mom and pop shop needs to end. Davis should sell the team to a real billionaire or group of billionaires like the Warriors.

  17. ipdaily69 says:
    Apr 2, 2016 10:54 AM
    Afternoon September games in Vegas (95 degree ave. temp) with a transient population with no allegiance……..EPIC FAIL.

    The average high temperature during the football season in Las Vegas is actually about the same as Miami. You can look it up if you actually care about getting your facts straight.

  18. “Some would say that point already has arrived.”

    Yeah, that arrival took place in the 20th century.

  19. Everytime I see a photo of Mark Davis I feel like he snuck out of the home and really should have a chaperone with him at all times. That hair cut and clothes are just not right smh.

  20. Well LA has a team so that leverage is diminished. So of course the NFL wants to have another relocation-threat city to fill the void.

    Personally I’d like to see the Raiders go to Portland. Put a bird on it.

  21. The Steelers worried about gambling? Didn’t Art Rooney say that when he first bought the steelers that he’d pay the players pay role by betting on horses?

  22. jag1959 says:
    Apr 2, 2016 10:59 AM
    Vegas is a great place for a team, there will never be an unsold ticket. It specializes in excess and knows how to throw a party so it’s definitely a good destination for a SB. Think about it for a moment, would anyone rather go to AZ, Indy or Houston over Vegas?

  23. This has nothing to do with Vegas and the Raiders, but John Mara is one of several NFL owners who were born on third base and woke up thinking they hit a triple.

  24. Ipdaily- the stadium proposed in Vegas will be indoors. Vegas would be awesome for the Raiders. There are Raider fans everywhere, and we will support them wherever they are. I will make 8 trips a year! Vegas Baby!!!

  25. The issues at hand are climate, gambling and attendance.

    The climate can be controlled via a domed air conditioned stadium.
    Phoenix has set the blueprint on how to run a successful franchise in the desert.

    Attendance will be a problem, as there are only a few football games with attendance over 40,000 in the history of Nevada. Those were specialty games, specifically the Las Vegas Bowl games. Even UNLV struggles with attendance, reaching only the the mid 20k mark at the height of recent popularity when Kaepernick & Rishard Matthews played there.

    The last is not just gambling, it’s specifically sports betting.
    Florino didn’t mention that there is gambling AND casinos in New Orleans and there is no issue regarding the Saints playing on Sundays.
    London also has gambling

    The difference is there is no sorts betting in New Orleans.
    There is in London, but ALL sports betting windows are shut down at Wembley Stadium and surrounding areas on game day and usually the day before.
    How can that be enforced in Vegas?
    Just near the stadium, up and down The Strip, or surrounding The Strip? City Wide? County wide?
    I can’t see casinos like The Wynn, Hard Rock or MGM shutting down sports betting to persons in Las Vegas on Sundays, while The Palms can continue. If you close it at The Palms, then a casino that’s not “in” the city, like Green Valley Resort will win.
    Whatever perimeter that gets established will certainly see satellite casinos built, and that would affect the city of Las Vegas itself.

    It’s not gambling, it’s sports betting and how it needs to regulated, not only in Vegas, but Other cities with franchises, or potential franchises like London.

  26. while I suport the right for mark Davis to move his team any where he wants as long as local tax payers pay for the stadium, I think this is a horrible idea. if u move a team to vegas, before u know it people will start betting on football. It’s a slippery slope folks and the sheild cant have that.

  27. Raiders, IF they are going to move would be a natural for Vegas. One of the cities that doesn’t need a fan base. There are enough visitors in Vegas to fill the stadium every week. Hotels would buy up season tickets ,comp tickets to High Rollers and sell them in stay/play, go to the game packages for fans of the visiting teams. As a fan of a team in the Northeast , an away game in Vegas seems like a great way to spend a long weekend. Go to a December game against a Northeast team in Tampa or Miami and look at all of the fans who come down for golf and the game. Half the stadium is visitors.

  28. I suspect the real reason why they are hesitant about Vegas is the other owners are wary of Sheldon Adelson. This is a hyperpolitical billionaire who gave almost a billion dollars to try and make Newt Gingrich president.

    Sure, other owners like Woody Johnson are political, but Woody isn’t trying to create campaigns, he works in more of a background role. I could easily see Sheldon ignoring NFL policies to do whatever the hell he wants, and steamrolling everyone from Mark Davis (his presumed business partner) to Roger Goodell.

  29. It definitely should happen. Very forward thinking and it will be extremely profitable. Las Vegas home town fans and vacationers as well interested in their own teams playing there. The circumstances are too good to ignore.

  30. Vegas Dome: Only 10 football dates a year (including exhibitions), the rest of the time a state-of-the-art convention center. Maybe basketball some day starting with Final Four and NBA All-star Game. Raider fans fly/drive over. Makes financial sense.

  31. @djscottyb:

    Good post, except Kaepernick and Matthews played at Nevada, in Reno, not UNLV in Vegas.

  32. Only reason they wouldn’t allow a team in Vegas is to maintain the illusion of Integrity that they aren’t even aware no longer exists

  33. It’s absolutely ridiculous that the NFL would stop any team from moving to Vegas. We all know the NFL makes millions — maybe billions — from gambling. So what is the point of all the hypocrisy?
    Same thing with sex. The NFL allows teams to put cheerleaders on the field so scantily dressed, they might as well have no clothes on at all. And check out the strategic angles the sideline cameramen often get when they go to a commercial. Great shots of cleavage or butt cheeks from low angles. I know, because I make no apology from watching them when they do it. If those girls want to show it, I’m watching.
    Let’s stop all the pretending the NFL does that they are this wholesome, family oriented business. They make their money from the violence in the game, alcohol, sex, and gambling. Anyone who doesn’t realize that is kidding themselves.
    I check out the female hosts on the NFL Network and ESPN in their tight, short skirts and their tight blouses all the time. There is really no other reason to watch it a lot of the times. Because some of the former players they have on there couldn’t put a coherent sentence together if their lives depended upon it. If you don’t think those women are hired because of their dynamite bodies, how come you never see a 250 lb woman hosting a show? You mean there are no 250 lb women who know football?
    So — if the Raiders or any other team wants to put a team in Vegas, do it. It’ll make it easier for the players to hook up with women, too, since prostitution is legal.

  34. Back in the early 60s they used to say you could never have pro sports in Miami….too hot, and it’s full of retired people from Jersey who are still gonna be fans of the Giants, Yankees, etc. It’ll never work.

    The Dolphins, the Marlins and the Heat say hello. Where there is an underserved market, there is potential….doesn’t matter what industry you’re talking about.

  35. djscottyb:

    – Colin Kaepernick did not play at UNLV

    – Crowds in the mid-20 thousands is not unusual at UNLV’s level of competition

    – Climate control not an issue. The average high temperature in Las Vegas in September is in the 80’s. Just like Miami. And they would probably build a dome or retractable roof anyway, because that allows the stadium to be used far more in the offseason.

    – Revenue from attendance will not be an issue. For one, the casinos would buy up all of the luxury boxes (where the real money is anyway), and Las Vegas is larger than several current NFL cities.

    I won’t even deal with the gambling issue but it’s stupid. Anyone who wants to gamble can gamble anytime they want to. Having a team in Las Vegas will have a zero net effect on gambling.

  36. Still hoping Oakland gets it together but I think I prefer Vegas to the idea of being Kroenke’s second class tenant in LA.

  37. Why would the other owners vote down to make more money.
    Seriously the NFL would make a lot more ca$$$$$$h with the Raiders in Vegas than Oakland.

  38. You currently can bet the college games that get played in Las Vegas. Recently, I attended the WAAC tourney held at the Orleans Hotel and Casino and made sure I had a bet on EVERY game. Good thing, otherwise I might of fallen asleep…:) Biggest issue with moving the Raiders to Las Vegas will be town support. Can they fill a 50,000 seat stadium?

  39. dejadoh says:
    Apr 2, 2016 11:33 AM
    Aren’t the Giants and Jets New Jersey teams? Ever hear of Atlantic City?

    I agree with you that it’s hypocritical, but for the record sports betting is not legal in AC casinos.

  40. It should be noted that while it certainly isn’t difficult in Las Vegas to find a female willing to provide some “companionship” in exchange for money, prostitution is NOT legal in Las Vegas/Clark County.

  41. Its funny, I look at my checking account from my phone and I see a deduction from the Oakland Raiders for my season tickets. Then a few moments later I check Twitter and see Mark Davis in a picture with some Las Vegas officials.

    But on the real, has anyone ever asked when the Raiders (not any other team they latch on to or public body) will ever provide a plan for a Raider stadium. Oakland has asked and has cleared up all the red tape for them to do so. Maybe the Raiders, under previous and current ownership, are not able to create, sell and successfully guide a stadium plan like so many other teams have done.

  42. It amazes me some of the preconceived notions people have about Vegas as though the mafia still runs the town. I’m from NY and live in Vegas. Here’s the deal…
    -prostitution is not legal in Clark County, the bunny ranch is in nye County about 1 hour north. Yes you can get escort a but go on your local Craigslist casual encounter section and even Wyoming has it
    -this isn’t the movie casino. Most hotels are owned my Asian corporations now
    -unlv isn’t that big of a draw because they are bad and the Turnover is high but when Tarkenton ran the town it was the biggest around
    -the reason why most will watch a Browns titans game in mid December is due to gambling
    -the stadium will literally be on the strip which makes it highly accessible to even the most casual of fan. People come to Vegas for entertainment and any vacation deal could include the football team is Vegas embassadors.
    -Vegas is in the top 40 for market size and has a big influx of foreign tourism. If you want to appeal to the overseas market what better way to do so

  43. With the Rams back in Los Angeles (where they belong and should have never left) Vegas is filling their boogeyman role. And it’s a shame. Having a Super Bowl in Vegas would blow everyplace else away.

  44. Davis doesn’t need their permission to move the team and they damn well know it.

    What all this silly posturing is about is beyond me, the Giants owner is hypocrites and the biggest hypocrite of them all Roger Goodell is too. New Orleans has casinos..half the teams in the NFL have casinos, they are building a huge one in Massachusetts right now…what a bunch of bllsht.

  45. If i were Mark Davis, i would get out of the feces-floating Oakland Mausoleum in 3 years if not ASAP to a year-to-year lease in Kroenke’s new park until and if Vegas builds their football stadium, at which point i would move my football team there and become the king of that hill and have it all to myself. There could be no more perfect site for the bad boy Raiders to play. They would become America’s New Team.

    Just as with the dismissal of Dean Spanos in losing to Stan Kroenke’s vision of the football future, the dumb old guard of the NFL need to have it explained to them that the NFL is already in bed with online football gambling DraftKings and placing a team in a casino town is no different than anywhere in cyberspace. Somebody wake the old codgers up and show them the ratings of blowout games in the NFL, where millions of viewers keep watching even if the score is not close to see if they win their bets. KA-CHING, old farts, KA-CHING.

  46. Right. The Giants and Steelers ownership would be against moving the Raiders to Vegas because of gambling…when both the Steelers and Giants were founded by owners who were involved with…gambling!

  47. Transient Fans or not, they will sell out. Raiders/opposing team fans will fly in and make a weekend out of it. Beats the hell out of going to see your team play in Cleveland. Flights are relatively cheap to/from Vegas from anywhere on the planet.

    The Moe Green Field in Danny Gans Memorial Stadium at Steve Wynn Park will be the first Stadium in the league to have a $30 AYCE Buffet during games. Plus endless Yard Glasses full of Beer with membership in the Players Club?!?

  48. A Raider-Vegas partnership would be one of the biggest and best moves the NFL has made in decades.

    Raider fans from all over would flock to Vegas all season and every opposing team’s fanbase would do a huge trip to see their team play in Vegas.

    Every game would easily be sold out and would be on national tv every week.

    And surprise— The wildest part would be seeing the Raiders gradually evolve from their dirtbag-fan reputation.

  49. Somewhere on Park Ave, The Goodell is being wire tapped by the FBI, Blago Style, talking about the prospects of a team in Vegas.

    “I got dis ting, is a valuable effing ting. You know? I need to know what I can get for dis effing valuable ting”

  50. There is lots of disposable income in nearby Henderson, which is becoming one of the fastest growing communities in the country. I bet a lot of them wouldn’t mind spending their Sundays and their money at an NFL game. I don’t think attendance and a fan base is any kind of problem.
    Especially when a lot of the transplants are former Californians anyway.

  51. Sure wish I hadn’t renewed my season tickets. Moe is burning bridges with Loyal Raider Fans. I’ve been a fan for 40 years and I’ve had enough. Just listed my season tickets for sale. I’m done with the NFL. We are all pawns in their never ending money grab.

  52. While it’s true that Mark Davis may do ‘whatever he wants’ and the NFL may not be able to stop his move, what the NFL can do is hold all the TV revenue and never give him the opportunity to hold any special events, like the Super Bowl, Pro Bow, NFL Draft and Awards shows, all of which LV could support, with the support of the NFL and the teams and a proper move.

    This is exactly why The Rams did it the ‘legal’ way. Kronke could of moved any time he wanted, but he wants the full monte and will now get it.

    As for someone who claimed Vegas is owned by foreigners. No, it’s the other way around except for one unbuilt Casino. All American — Alderson, Wynn, MGM… all Americans. The American’s own Macau, too.

  53. Mark Davis has to move the team. Oakland has nothing to offer and the A’s won’t budge. It is time to get out of the dark ages and accept Las Vegas as an NFL market. It would be better to be a big fish in a small pond. Las Vegas would be the perfect fit. They would just need to be careful of the heat index, since it is in a desert. Playing and practicing indoors would be wise. The owners made Davis lose out on L.A. It would be unfair to deny him a second time.

  54. +++++++++++
    “if u move a team to vegas, before u know it people will start betting on football. It’s a slippery slope folks and the sheild cant have that.”

    People “started betting on football” about 100 years ago, and the NFL front office floors are designed on a slope, with the slimy people inhabiting them making them slippery. The laughable concept of the NFL pretending they’re as wholesome as apple pie…there are probably 3 or 4 naive people who still believe that propaganda…

  55. Why would the Raiders want to move to Vegas?
    Isn’t Toronto supposed to be the amazing NFL city, big population, world class city blah, blah, blah?
    If Toronto was a “sure thing”, why wouldn’t the team move north. Perhaps they realize what a non football city Toronto really is.

  56. I’d love to see The Raiders move to Vegas. I’m not a gambler, but I know that gambling is huge for pro sports. Having an NFL team would be good for the city of Las Vegas too. Oakland just can’t support the Raiders. They have to move, and Vegas is the perfect destination. The Las Vegas Raiders. How do you like that Al?

  57. Why not San Antonio? Beautiful city, nice weather, and a larger population base than Vegas. Oh, and if you haven’t heard, Texans kind of like football.

  58. Raiders home games would be 60% Raider fans and 40% other team. Best home field advantage is in Oakland but they need a new stadium. Even the new Mile High is not as intimidating as it use to be as the fans are farther away.

  59. billswillnevermove says:
    Apr 2, 2016 10:36 AM

    The wasteland of Toronto would be better. That way the fanboys could still watch CFL football, might even turn out to be better than that great hockey team they have there.
    The Bills are a beaver pelt throw from Toronto, and an irrelevant franchise to boot. You should stick the team in your giant pie hole and carry them up there, clown.

  60. If the Raiders want a new stadium, they should build one. But instead, they will go through all this political posturing, threatening to move, etc, etc. Until the crybabies get their way and the taxpayers are on the hook, yet again.

  61. Another good thing about a move to Las Vegas is it keeps the divisions in tact. They could stay in the AFC West. No realignment needed. The other AFC West teams would have no issue with traveling to Las Vegas.

    Las Vegas and southern Nevada is an area experiencing high growth. The NHL is coming to Vegas. The situation is Oakland is a lost cause. It is a shame Davis signed that one year lease. He could have moved already. It doubt many Oakland fans will show up this year. The hand writing is on the wall that they will be packing the moving trucks.

  62. Another poster just gave me a great idea. Scorpions would be a great name for the new Las Vegas football team. Hope Davis has the dignity to leave the Raider name, logo, and history at the door.

  63. I already see it. You know how when you watch a game that’s being played in Phoenix, the pullaway camera footage is Cacti and Mountains. Chicago: The Lakefront. NYC: Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty……Vegas: The Strip, slot machines, etc.

  64. There is actually a glimmer of hope for the Raiders to stay in Oakland. There is an article saying that Libhy Schaaf is making a major statement regarding the stadium situation next week. The A’s are supposedly going to build a stadium at the Howard Terminal location. If this happens, the Raiders would have the current site for themselves. Like I said, it is just a glimmmer of hope. Oakland is unwilling to use any public money for the stadium.

  65. @general7694: thank you and damn, I should’ve double checked that fact instead of assumed, my bad and thanks for the heads up.

  66. The NHL is looking to expand to Las Vegas, Nascar races there every year and Formula 1 is looking to return. This just proves that Mara and his pals are way behind the times. If the NFL was smart they’d get on board with this but well, you know, integrity or something

  67. It’d be better if Vegas fized the games. It’s too obvious when the league office does it.

  68. The Mara family actually made their money as bookmakers in NY in the early 1900’s.

    And now John turns his back on the industry that made him and his family very wealthy people.

    How ironic.

  69. I think it would be a huge hit. Not a great homefield advantage but games would sellout from neutral and road fans every week. But, this needs to be built in a location that is a reasonable distance from the Strip.

  70. To the person who said prostitution is legal in Las Vegas: it isn’t. It isn’t in most cities, but google “escorts [name of your city]” and see how hard it is to find. However gambling is legal in Las Vegas and it is impossible to bet on football games if you live in Oakland so we’d better keep the innocents in silver and black away from the evil gambling men. Roger Goodell would be as shocked to hear of Americans gambling on football as he would be to learn of Americans smoking marijuana.

  71. I doubt the team would be the Las Vegas (anything)s, “Vegas” is much more of a brand than the name of the town. NFL would want a cut of that if they were going to promote incidentally every day of the year, they wouldn’t get it, and you would have the Nevada Somethings.

  72. I could see the Raiders in Vegas. Away from the glitziness of the strip Vegas is a pretty rough blue collar town. I could definitely see them rooting for the silver and black. And their Socal fanbase is not far away.

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