Lions hope to improve Internet access at games

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For NFL teams to ensure that fans will continue to attend games in person, NFL teams need to make the experience at least as good as it is at home. And with nearly every home now equipped with wireless Internet access or the ability to get the Internet on a phone (or the ability to “borrow” a neighbor’s hot spot), it’s critical that every NFL stadium have reliable Internet access.

The Lions don’t. But they plan to fix that.

Via Kyle Meinke of, a recent town hall-style meeting with roughly 2,000 season-ticket holders featured loud concerns about the quality of the Internet access.

“It’s not working the way it needs to work, even for the Verizon folks, and anybody on another carrier has extreme difficulty,” team president Rod Wood said. “We’ve tried a number of Band-Aids. They have not worked, and we’re going to get it right.”

To get it right, Wood has gotten with the league office.

“[I went] to the NFL, and the head of IT at the NFL, and enlisted her support to leverage the NFL’s relationship with Verizon to get Verizon to come into our building and invest a lot of money — and we’ll add something to it,” Wood said. “I’m hopeful we’ll have a Wi-Fi that works beautifully this season. I’m going to talk to the NFL and we’ll pressure them.”

If it doesn’t work, the fans will keep pressuring the Lions. Eventually, plenty of them will quit showing up.

22 responses to “Lions hope to improve Internet access at games

  1. I would ask what need a fan would a fan really have for Internet access at an NFL game when the action is on the field rather than your phone but this is the Lions games we’re talking about. I’d rather be playing candy crush or clash of clans too.

  2. This is a move in the right direction. Now people don’t have to use their own data to watch clips of Big John Football.

  3. “Eventually, plenty of them will quit showing up.”

    Eventually? Somehow I think it has more to do with the 2 postseason victories in the last 60 years, but okay.

  4. When asked about the wifi at games, team president Rod Wood stated “we’re going to get it right.”

    When asked about the team, Wood added “now you’re expectations are becoming unreasonable.”

  5. They need to draw people to the games some how, their uncanny track record of one playoff win in over 60 years isn’t a good football team that people want to waste their money on.

    At least Hyzers can keep on eye on his stoner shop cameras from the games, he should be happy about that!


  6. Why would they waste time with Verizon or any carrier who know jack about wifi… If it’s not a Cisco or Aruba(HP) wifi infrastructure good luck.

  7. Nothing beats buying tickets to Lions games in order to watch other football games over your phone. You get the in-stadium experience coupled with exciting football.

  8. I hope they have their Wi-Fi figured out better than Jerry World. Another event drawing people from all over the country, another issue with tickets, which was blamed on scanners not working due to Wi-Fi.

  9. Hey I can’t keep binging on my Netflix with your crappy Wi-Fi at the Stadium when I am in my seat….I mean who really watches the Lions anyway….I just want a warm seat…..

    I am proud to see that they have internet access in Detroit…..

  10. Most fans just want to be able to follow their fantasy teams during the game. Maybe check twitter to see if there’s any additional information on an injured player, or actually receive a text message that isn’t “pending download” the entire game.

    That being said, I pass up $30 tickets to games often because I know that I’ll save $50 in beer and food cost, $20 in parking cost, and enjoy the game from my couch. Also, I can pause the game while I go to the bathroom (where there isn’t a line), I can rewind and watch replays that I want to see, and don’t have to fight the crowds to and from the stadium.

    The NFL’s value proposition of “in game experience” isn’t worth the $100 of cost when weighed against the TV experience. Fans will still go because that’s their chance of getting out of the house (or tradition, the love of day drinking in a freezing cold parking lot, or they just like to be able to yell as loud as they can without looking like a lunatic alone at their house), so the NFL will still fill stadiums. However, I’ve heard more and more people feel the same way I do each and every year.

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