Chances growing of Titans being able to make a deal for top pick

The Titans have made it clear since they acquired the top pick in this year’s draft that it was for sale.

It appears the league has heard them, and is perhaps interested this time.

According to Peter King of, the Titans “will have a chance to make a deal,” after what is termed “significant interest in the pick.”

King puts the odds at 50-50 a deal is made.

The Browns are effectively the reason why there would be a market, as they’re so clearly a desperately looking for a quarterback that the No. 2 slot is easy to fill in most mock drafts. But the Titans don’t need a quarterback after taking Marcus Mariota last year, so they’re apparently willing to help you leapfrog the Browns to make sure you get the one you want, either Carson Wentz or Jared Goff or Paxton Lynch.

Much of it could depend on how far the Titans have to drop in the first round. They’ve spent plenty of time looking at Ole Miss tackle Laremy Tunsil and Florida State cornerback Jalen Ramsey (and really, all the guys at the top).

But with a number of teams as desperate and as obvious as the Browns (Eagles owner Jeff Lurie hasn’t just been making trips because he likes Marriott points, and the 49ers and Rams are just a mess), the Titans may actually be able to swing a trade.

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  1. The Browns are effectively the reason why there would be a market, as they’re so clearly a desperately looking for a quarterback that the No. 2 slot is easy to fill in most mock drafts.

    Every year the NFL media makes statements about the Browns disparity for a QB and has them selecting a QB high in the draft even though one of the Browns biggest issues is they haven’t spent a top 10 pick on one since 1999 and tend to fall back on free agents.

    This in a year where their biggest free agent pickup was a QB (again).

    The Browns (you know the ones affectionately known to those who actually pay attention to the draft as the “Trade down Browns”) “Disparity” is nothing more than the Titans trying to flees an RG3 style trade from one of the teams that are actually desperate for QB’s. A rookie QB to Cleveland as usual wouldn’t be expected to start his rookie season so they can go anywhere with the #2 pick.

  2. Who would be dumb enough to trade for the 1st pick in THIS draft? Neither of these QBs are Top 5 picks let alone the 1st overall. Furthermore I’m about 75% convinced the Browns aren’t taking a QB at 2. Analytics tell them to trade back or take best player available. That’d be Ramsey. So there’s the legit possibility that some team is sweatin this for no reason. Gotta love the silly season!

  3. Jets could be a surprise team to trade 1st overall with M0 and swap 1st rounder. It be excellent both side deal; Titans will have proven best defense player can play de/dt/nt…

    Meanwhile Jets will have 1st overall and can choose what they want; It will make Fitz bend over so easy on the contract deal.

  4. And when Connor Cook ends up being a far superior quarterback to all of them they can feel really stupid about whoever they pick


    And on top of all this he won all three bowl games he played in and he was playing against real competition unlike Wentz yet we don’t ever even hear his name mentioned when were talking about quarterbacks in the draft
    I wonder why because it obviously has nothing to do with a lack of talent

  5. While I personally have nothing against the Browns, and sympathize with their fans, it would be so cool (and typical) if they trade up, and draft yet another first round bust at QB, and over pay in the process, crippling the franchise for a couple years.

  6. No worry about the Browns. They’ll trade down to pick up extra picks, only to use them to trade back up to #22 (?).

  7. Connie cook will be a career backup why? Cause when a coach first notices his holier then thou attitude it will take awhile to verify if the doghouse. Then when they let him go after his rookie contract he will be labeled a mal-content. Then it will take longer to prove himself. He may have to play 5-6 years before he gets a shot.

    He is no Carson Wentz and I don’t believe he is close to Goff. He looked awful in the BcS semi game so be real it will take time.

  8. The funny thing is that his “holier than thou attitude” is totally a figment of the “draft experts” and national sports media’s imagination. The one thing that they always point to is their claim that he purposely gave Archie Griffin the cold shoulder after winning the big ten championship. While he has come out and apologized and said he was just caught up in the moment some people just don’t want to let it die. Other than that he’s done just about everything right and never been in any trouble but somehow he’s always being mentioned in the same breath as guys who have gone out and committed crimes and done other horrible things when it comes to the draft.
    To suggest that he’s no Carson Wentz is laughable. Unless of course you mean that Carson Wentz couldn’t even carry his jock strap. While Cook was out beating the Ohio States and Oregons and Baylors and Iowas and Michigans of the college football world ND State was playing Weber State and South Dakota State and Indiana State (to name a few teams from their joke of a schedule) so please get real.

  9. doubt that any team over pays to get Wentz… I think could be a huge smoke screen from the browns anyways. Goff is just as likely to be a franchise qb. and no garuntee browns take a QB.

  10. Connie Cook has 2 year project written all over him. He has the tangibles, but needs to work on his accuracy, his on field presence, his ability to read the blitz, his ability to sell the play fake (which is more important than at the college level), locking into his #1 target and not taking risks down field (which should come more easily given the talent level in the pros).

    On the plus he is big, reminds me a little of Big Ben, has a strong arm, can work to extend a play and make throws on the run and is good at reading the presnap defense, and has proven he can play in a pro-style set (which I think is really important as this transition can be a really big hurdle). I would love to see the Eagles go with an Offensive Tackle, let the other teams fight over this class of QBs which is way weaker than is being projected and take Cook in the 3rd round.

  11. I find it very hard to believe the Titans want to fall to #8 meaning it would take a haul for the Eagles to make that kind of deal. An RG3 type deal. Rest assure there’s no player in this draft worth that kind of payment.

    What’s happening is the Titan’s are trying to scare teams between 2-7 into making a deal, and more specifically 2-3, because that would still allow them to get Tunsil.

    This type of talk happens every year and very rarely ever comes to fruition. I’d guess it’s a less than 25% chance the Titans trade down from 1.

  12. If you were the Browns, what would you give up to move up one position in the draft?

    What about for the Titans to drop a spot?

  13. If you were the Browns, what would you give up to move up one position in the draft?

    The Browns have to many holes. If anything they’d likely trade down and continue to accumulate assets and (chances to hit on players).

    Everyone knows the Titans want, and more importantly need, Tunsil for the health and development of Mariota.

  14. PFT’s Most Censored says:
    Apr 4, 2016 7:41 AM

    Chip is going to offer 1 first round for the next 3 years for the #1 pick. Oh wait! He’s not in Philly anymore.


    chip hasn’t given up hope on trading for last year’s #1

    he has no interest in this year’s #1

  15. And with the first pick of the draft the 49ers select Carson Wentz. Ramsey will be second. Browns will take a QB with their second round pick. Chargers take Tunsil or Myles Jack. Cowboys will take Goff. They’re not taking Elliott with the fourth pick. Unless another team moves up to the Chargers spot. Jags take Tunsil or Jack. Ravens take Buckner. Titans draft an OL here.

  16. it still amazes me that Peter King gets paid to write and speak about the NFL…

  17. Regardless of what people think of the top QB’s in this draft, desperate teams will always reach for QB. It’s the most important position on the team. With that being said, I don’t think Cleveland’s new “moneyball” approach would equate to picking a QB at #2 overall, value-wise. If anything, the trade would be facilitated through Cleveland at #2, rather than Tennessee at #1. But if the consensus is that Cleveland isn’t picking a QB, I don’t know that teams would need to jump ahead, since the QB’s will fall to them, with one wildcard scenario: St Louis jumps up to grab one of the top 2 guys.

    If Cleveland does consider QB, and give other teams that impression, then it’s possible a trade happens…but I doubt it. It’ll be Tunsil or Ramsey, and I really hope it’s Ramsey. Both players should be great, I just think Ramsey offers more value. If he can shut down half the field, that dramatically upgrades their defense. I think they can get another lineman or two in the rest of the draft and hopefully Grimm can work some magic getting this line to play at the level it should be playing at considering it boasts 2 high first rounders.

  18. I think Wentz has the potential to be better than Mariotta. Chip Kelly wants him. Kaep might be out the door. I wonder who the McCarron will be this year. I can’t believe he fell out of the third round. Bengals will have a decision to make next year when his rookie contract will be up. Someone is going to make him an offer and maybe even a trade for him. Possibly even Hue Jackson.

  19. So, they will either trade it or not. There will likely be offers on the table, as with every draft, I presume. Since we don’t know if what teams offer will be what they’re looking for, it’s still just as murky as ever.

  20. You mean to tell me that on Denver’s 53 man roster they cannot find $4.9 million to restructure and free the money up? Jesus Christ…

  21. Finally the Redskins got rid of RGIII and the timing is ripe again! Skins should give this years first, along with the following 3 years first round picks, as well as 5 years of second round picks.

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