Cowboys have a total of six quarterbacks set for pre-draft visits


Even though everyone realizes they need a better backup quarterback, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has done everything he can to quell the notion that he’s taking one with the fourth overall pick.

But his list of pre-draft visits won’t do anything to stop the speculation.

According to Todd Archer of, the Cowboys have scheduled pre-draft visits to their Valley Ranch facility with six quarterbacks.

Three of them (Carson Wentz, Jared Goff, Paxton Lynch) are expected to be first-rounders, guys they’d have to take fourth if they wanted them at all. The other three (Christian Hackenberg, Connor Cook and Jacoby Brissett) could be had later in the process.

Jones has made it clear that every decision they make will be based on the idea that Tony Romo will be their starter for the next four or five years. But Romo, frankly, gets hurt too often to not have something better than Kellen Moore in reserve.

They’ve yet to sign another quarterback in free agency, though they did bring Dolphins backup Matt Moore in for a visit before he re-signed.

The visits might not mean anything, but they are devoting 20 percent of their allowed visits on the position, so it’s worth filing away.

18 responses to “Cowboys have a total of six quarterbacks set for pre-draft visits

  1. Pretty sure they are going to take a QB somewhere in this draft, so they should do their homework.

  2. This doesn’t indicate for a moment that a QB at #4 to Dallas is a possibility. Darin Gantt has never heard of a trade-down, apparently. Shocker.

  3. If Kaepernick to the Broncos happens, then they won’t use a 1st rounder on a QB. Which means Paxton Lynch would probably be available or the Cowboys in the 2nd

  4. I feel like with Romo being at the point in his career that he is, along with the Cowboys having a much higher draft position than their normal middle of the pack, as well as how terrible the team looked last season when Romo went down and all they had behind him was a sack full of jabrones, you kind of have to go for the homerun in the first round. Letting him sit on the bench and develop for a year or two before coming in to take over the reigns ensures that you at least have continuity when Romo finally hangs them up.

  5. What difference does it make if the Cowboys insist on going forward without a real GM? Jerry Jones is like any other NFL football fan when it comes time to making draft picks. He, along with the rest of us, can read the pre draft press on most of the draftees and like the rest of us, can hit on a few, miss on more than the other GM’s and the Cowboys are in salary cap hell.

    Until the old fool stops playing around pretending he is a real GM, the Cowboys are going nowhere, kinda the period since Jimmy Johnson left.

  6. If you squint really hard, you can almost imagine the future in which a guy named Paxton Lynch rides the Dallas bench for 3 seasons, bombs a handful of starts, and spends the rest of his working life selling advocare.

  7. I think 4 or 5 games might be closer than 4 of 5 years for Romo. That collarbone is about done. One more solid hit (or a Siragusa move by a division rival), and it’s game over for Tony.

    My opinion is the best option for them is Hackenberg. He has the best arm, has played in a pro-style offense under O’Brien, and is the fastest through his reads on film. That OL is perfect for him, so he can start to get comfortable behind a GREAT OL to start his career. Wentz and Goff have the potential to be good, but Hackenberg is the quintessential Jerry Jones pick. Tremendous potential if he booms, exciting media circus if he busts…

  8. Doesn’t matter when they draft a QB they don’t have a coaching staff to develop him. When you have all those back up QB and none can get the job done you need to look at the staff.

  9. Did he say Romo for 4 or 5 more years with a straight face? I gotta know.

    There is no way you shop this hard for QBs and think you have 5 years left in Romo. There is no way the rest of the league with any sense doesn’t already know Romo is well past his expiration date.

  10. IF Jones thought that a Charlie Sheen QB wannabee was worth a 1st round pick, then he must think Goff is really worth one.

  11. Which one of those poor QB’s is stuck with the most controlling owner since Al Davis has passed.

    Jones needs to stay out of the operations,but we all know that crazy coot can’t do that

  12. Carson Wentz to Dallas…they loved him at the Senior Bowl and they’re gonna snag him in the first round.

  13. Weirdly Dak Prescott isn`t one of them. Considering how thoroughly Wade Wilson went through the play-book with him at his Pro Day? Seems a little fishy to me.

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