Eagles adding veteran center Stefen Wisniewski

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The Eagles are going to have more than a new coach when they open their offseason program today.

They’re going to have yet another new player.

According to Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports, the Eagles are signing veteran offensive lineman Stefen Wisniewski today.

Wisniewski is expected to fit in at guard, since the Eagles have a reliable center in Jason Kelce on hand. They also spent part of their big early money on Texans free agent guard Brandon Brooks.

Wisniewski spent last year with the Jaguars, starting at center there, and he’s primarily been in the middle during his five years in the league. He’s only missed three starts in his career, and gives the Eagles another qualified body up front.

24 responses to “Eagles adding veteran center Stefen Wisniewski

  1. This might be the piece we needed. Drafting either zee or qb In first round for sure.

  2. Good move to guard. He sailed no less than three snaps over Bortles’s head this year. Two of them were in crunch time of very close games. Not complaining about his assistance in securing a top 5 pick, though…

  3. Going Wiz Wit in Philly! Good low cost signing. Fill a short term hole in FA. Address the long term need in draft.

    Clear from these kind of signings that they believe they are a potential playoff team…we will see what really happens in September.

  4. This would appear to make it likely the Eagles aren’t going with a Offensive Tackle with the 8th pick, which I was hoping they would. You don’t draft a lineman in the top 10 and not start them, and this signing fills all 5 lineman positions. Disappointing if they go QB with a weak class and RB which can be filled in rounds 3, 4 & 5. Maybe CB will fill a big need for the Eagles.

  5. brazy44 says:
    Apr 4, 2016 9:41 AM
    If Baby Wiz is willing to play guard, he should have just stayed with two years Raiders.
    Exactly, this was my hope two yes ago that he would just slide over to guard where he fits better

  6. If the Eagles are smart and if Stanley the offensive tackle from Notre Dame is at number they’ll take him. Peters is old and wore out.

  7. Red flag that the Jaguars didn’t want to re-sign him given the enormous cap space they still have. He didn’t play that badly here with the exception of the three botched snaps. I smell smoke and where there’s…

  8. kfoyo808 says:
    Apr 4, 2016 9:38 AM
    Going Wiz Wit in Philly! Good low cost signing. Fill a short term hole in FA. Address the long term need in draft.

    Clear from these kind of signings that they believe they are a potential playoff team…we will see what really happens in September.


    When you fill short term holes in FA and address the long term need in the draft, you don’t see yourself as a potential playoff team. You see yourself as a team that can’t afford to throw the rookies to the wolves because you know you don’t have enough talent around them.

    They may not say it, but they’re smarter than to think of themselves as a playoff team right now. Have you looked at the teams they play next year? The only gimmes in the whole schedule are the Browns and the Bears, and even that Bears game is on the road. They know they’re not a playoff team right now.

    They’re shoring things up.

  9. This is a great signing for the Eagles. I’m sure he can play Guard and be a decent backup Center. As a Dolphins fan, I was sure the Eagles traded for #8 with someone in mind like OT/G Staley or most likley a CB like Hargreaves or Apple.

  10. Yet another potential weak spot filled with a FA signing. Good moves so far. They are setting themselves up to truly be able to take the best player available, regardless of position, in the draft.

    I still feel like (and don’t like), they will take a QB, but I don’t think they trade up for one. I’m also not sure one of the 2 will be there at 8.

    I disagree this means they wont take a OL, this means they don’t NEED to take an OL. If Stanley is there, great, they can still take him. They signed this guy to a one year deal, it’s not like he’s locked in the position. If he’s not there, they could take a top end corer like Hargreaves. Or Myles Jack (who I don’t expect to be there, but if both OT’s, and QB’s and Ramsey gone, you never know) to upgrade the LB core. Or Elliot since they don’t have a hole in the OL anymore.

    Outside of Brooks and McLeod, none of the guys they brought in seem like long term solutions, but they do fill short term holes. Since they did move up, but still aren’t high enough to really target a specific guy, I really like what they done. They’ve made it that they don’t need any of these guys to step in immediately, and could live with any of about 10 guys.

    Personally, I’d like Mack if he slips, if not Elliot. If both of those guys are gone, I could live with Stanley or Hargreaves (unless something crazy happens and Ramsey/Tunsil/Bosa) are on th board I think both will be elite players for years to come. But I feel like the team is leaning towards one of the QB’s if they are there, or Stanley, with an outside shot at Hargreaves if all those guys are gone

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