Jameis Winston claims he’d take a pay cut to play with Jalen Ramsey

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Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston says he’d love playing with his Florida State teammate, Jalen Ramsey, so much that he’d give up money to do it.

Winston told Buccaneers suite holders that Ramsey is an incredible player who would make a major impact in the NFL.

“We [Florida State] definitely have the best player in the world in Jalen Ramsey,” Winston said, via PewterReport.com. “People talk about his position. But Jalen is the best cornerback, safety . . . I will take a pay cut to play with him again.”

That’s not going to happen; Winston’s rookie contract is locked in and can’t be renegotiated for the first three seasons. (Theoretically, Winston could pay Ramsey directly if they’re teammates, but it’s safe to say that’s not going to happen, either.) But Winston wants to make clear that Ramsey is that special a player.

“He has a fierce mentality,” Winston said. “And the best thing about him is he is a Seminole. I have already shot [Bucs G.M. Jason Licht] some texts.”

Unfortunately for Winston and the Bucs, Ramsey is almost certainly going to be off the board by the time the Bucs’ pick, No. 9 overall, comes up. Ramsey will likely be playing elsewhere.

32 responses to “Jameis Winston claims he’d take a pay cut to play with Jalen Ramsey

  1. Easy to say when you are on your rookie contract. Let’s see if you are still willing to do it after your 100 million dollar deal.

  2. In the ultimate irony, Tampa Bay trades Winston to the Browns in exchange for the #2 pick, selects Ramsey…

  3. Every year there’s always one player who claims to be the best in the draft….and every year that player is proven to be a liar.

    Every year there’s always one player who doesn’t get drafted as early as Mel Kiper said he should and that player always promises to make every team that passed on him pay….and every year that player is proven to be delusional.

    Using these facts, I know Jalen Ramsey is not the best player in the draft.

    Who will be the other guy?

  4. It will cost too much to go get him…(though it would be nice, but too much).

    IMHO I believe the need is DE/CB with the #9 and Safety in the later rounds.

    I love Jameis passion for football. Very happy to have you on the Buccaneers Jameis.

    Go Bucs!

  5. “I’d take a pay cut to _____” – means pro athletes are making way too much money.
    Who would offer to take a pay cut at a “job” in the real world just to work with someone else?

  6. Love to see the enthusiasm fromJameis! He had a remarkable rookie season, and he’s only going to get better. As for Ramsey, he is an amazing player, but I just don’t think he will be there at 9 when the Bucs pick! Besides, Tampa Bay really needs an edge rusher…Bosa, Buckner, Floyd, Spence…will probably be one of those guys.

  7. thetooloftools says:
    Apr 4, 2016 9:09 AM
    “I’d take a pay cut to _____” – means pro athletes are making way too much money.
    Who would offer to take a pay cut at a “job” in the real world just to work with someone else?

    Who would get all the money if players didnt? Owners get to keep 100%? 90%? Players “only” get 50ish% of the total money that the public willingly spends to support the league. (tickets, merchandise, etc.)

    If someone was willing to spend $100+ per seat to sit and watch you work, I doubt you’d mind and would gladly take the money…

  8. I think Winston has done a tremendous job leaving that college kid behavior behind. I am not a Bucs fan but he sure does seem to be a leader. I hope it continues.

  9. Say what you will about Jameis, but as a Bronco fan I’d give anything to have him on my team. Seems to be super enthusiastic, loves the game and works hard. Guys like him. Seems to me Tampa has a good future

  10. Any Jameis Winston story is bound to come with a bunch of crab legs and rape jokes. Classy and original.

    The kicker is that most comments on here are pathetically unfunny. Meanwhile, Winston is counting his money and laughing at your feeble attempts to bring him down

  11. @onermedboxer …. you also forgot shooting out dorm windows with a pellet gun – if he didn’t give people so much stuff to zing him with, guess he should’ve been ALOT more careful -Huh?

  12. can they trade up somehow? Vjax plus their pick, and a 6th rounder. Jalen = once in a generation.; myles jack too. good draft this year. Go Bears!

  13. I wish I had $10 for all the players I have heard say things like ‘I love this game so much I’d play for nothing’ – and a year later we hear them go on strike or hold out for a bigger contract.

  14. Pretty mediocre rookie season. 4K yards was nice, but 15 int to 22 total TD (5 in one game) isn’t so great. 58% completion puts him near the bottom. More importantly, how is his character? I don’t remember any incidents last year.

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