Michelle Beadle questions ESPN giving Greg Hardy a platform

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On Monday, ESPN sent NFL insider Adam Schefter to Mississippi for an “exclusive” interview of free-agent Greg Hardy that a grand total of zero other media outlets were angling to get. It didn’t go well for Hardy. At least one other ESPN personality believes it didn’t go well for ESPN.

“I feel dirty in that this guy has no job right now, and for some reason we’ve decided as a network that we’re going to give him the stage for his redemption tour as he basically goes out and tries to find some employment,” Michelle Beadle said on Tuesday’s SportsNation. “I don’t understand why we’re doing that. If he wants to figure out a way to get his message out there — which by the way, he hasn’t said he did anything wrong, so how a man is supposed to convince anybody he’s changed and yet not admit to actually doing anything? I have no idea. But why we’re giving him the forum to go out there and tell anybody that is where I’m a little bit confused.”

It’s a valid point. ESPN knew what it was getting itself into, and the fact that Hardy came off as poorly as he did makes ESPN look bad for the attempt to prop him up. Surely, Schefter wasn’t sent to Mississippi to expose Hardy as a guy who hasn’t changed. Indeed, Schefter vouched for Hardy during a Tuesday appearance with Dan Patrick, saying that Hardy seemed to be a “changed kind of guy” during the sit-down.

“For the love of f&$@,” Beadle separately said on Twitter. “Dude doesn’t admit to wrongdoing. Dude has changed? I give the hell up.”

The only question moving forward is whether ESPN will “give the hell up” the next time a figure in the sports world is trying to leverage the four-letter platform into improving a horrendous set of self-created personal circumstances. If the person through the ensuing “exclusive” makes things worse, it’s a very bad look for ESPN.

Even if the person makes things better, it’s still a bad look for any media outlet to trade access for a clumsy attempt at manufactured redemption.

64 responses to “Michelle Beadle questions ESPN giving Greg Hardy a platform

  1. bspn just vile Goodell’s puppets.

    Goodell has zero objection to domestic violence as long as there is no graphic video for the fans to get upset over.

    He helped cover up the Ray Rice incident, lied about it in court, reinstated Hardy, he’s a domestic violence enabler, that’s your commissioner folks.

  2. Seeing a photo of Hardy in a Panthers uniform hurts me more than seeing the Panthers lose a Super Bowl. How about a Dallas uniform, since he’s not wearing the prison orange yet?

  3. The public disdain against Hardy is a form of bias since his case was technically dropped so in that respect he didn’t do anything wrong. Although a justified form of bias because obviously Hardy did some heinous stuff and is not a good person in general. But it isn’t wrong to give someone an unbiased platform to speak. Of course that level of neutral discourse can lead to embarrassing moments like this.

  4. She may be co-hosting with Bill Simmons soon if she keeps this up (good for her!!!).

  5. Don’t listen to the critics, ESPN; you’re doing the right thing. People can’t turn away from car wrecks.

    Respectfully yours,

  6. Michelle is on point with this one. Greg Hardy is a knuckle dragger that did a poor job of mimicking a man who is contrite and misunderstood.

    Greg needs to get it…not that he will anytime soon and if he is keeping mum about details due to his settlement with the victim, he could at least acknowledge that only thing he is innocent of is being a real man.

  7. ESPN is detestable but that said, Hardy not being able to get a job is news. Every dirtbag like Hardy should be given an opportunity to prove he is a fool. His ex boss (not convinced not going to be his future boss) Jerrah gets an opportunity to show what a buffoon he is everytime someone sticks a mic in his face so why not Hardy?

  8. ESPN airs stories that ESPN thinks will get viewers to watch ESPN. Seeing as we have all been talking about ESPN now for two days, I would say that ESPN has been successful in drawing attention to ESPN.

  9. I’m a Cowboys fan and this guy is a turd… Say what you will about Romo, but the bottom line is the guy is a good player and a great guy same thing goes for Witten and lot of other guys in that locker room. Hardy needs to stay gone!

  10. Michelle makes some valid points but she also was with Matthew Barnaby who had his own demons it’s nice she’s calling out ESPN but she needs not exactly perfect herself

  11. Beadle does make a great point but the reality is he was going to put his narrative out one way or the other. The “other” being twitter or some other social media channel and the media would have talked about it.

    I think he’s lying thru his teeth but had he admitted it would Beadle feel the same? Don’t know.

  12. Lovin me some Michelle Beadle right now.

    The voices at ESPN are starting to realize the world is watching and their personal opinion does in fact carry weight in how people perceive them. (Well maybe not the world anymore).

    Anyway, good for her.

    Go Pats!!

  13. I could not agree more!
    Fast forwarding through both segments I admit that I didn’t hear a word of it…I didn’t wish too either.
    But I had my finger on the FF button for too long.
    Two lenghthly segments they gave this guy.
    Was it that slow of a news (NFL news) day?
    I suspect not.
    What is ESPN’s agenda here??
    This guy needs to be hung out to dry and maybe then, though likely not, he might learn some accountability.

  14. What does her being with Barnaby have to do with a goddamn thing? Well you make a good point but that one time you got a speeding ticket. Logic fail.

  15. I may have missed it as I don’t watch the network after 2am when they usually issue apologies, but did she ever call out Mort for his erroneous report of 11 of 12?

    How about the cowardly way he ducked out of the radio station interview to discuss it?

  16. They also gave Bob Knight an interview many years back and that was a total farce. They let him approve the questions and answers and even choose who would be asking those questions. They will do anything if they think it will get people to watch.

  17. ESPN did it for the ratings; nothing more, nothing less. While I don’t fault them doing the interview, they should have insisted up front that he answer the basic questions on what happened during the incident, or the interview is a non starter or it doesn’t get air time. For them to soft ball him is the real problem. Go ahead and give the platform, but do some real investigative journalism and try to get something on the record. With that on the table, he never would have agreed to meet, most likely.

  18. Greg Hardys Case Was Not Dropped. He Was Convicted And Upon Appeal The Victim Did Not Cooperate With Prosecutors So The Case Was Then Dropped. Well Done Michelle 🎯

  19. whiteybulgersson says:
    Apr 5, 2016 5:09 PM
    I question ESPN giving Beadle and Skip Baseless a platform.


    What in the world would make you put Beadle and Bayless in the same category? That’s like oil and well, anything else. Beadle has class, taste, intelligence and any other good quality. Bayless is a joke and always has been.

  20. Beadle is 100% correct, and kudos to her for having the what ever it is women have to say it.

    ESPN long ago lost its objectivity about anything. It’s why their hosts are all cookie cutter wise guys and wise gals who look more like rejected models from a Sears catalog than sports hosts.

  21. bebopa says:

    i agree with Beadle , Hardy should be banned from the NFL for life.

    But then everyone would cry about Goodell making up rules.

  22. steelerben says:
    Apr 5, 2016 5:10 PM

    ESPN airs stories that ESPN thinks will get viewers to watch ESPN. Seeing as we have all been talking about ESPN now for two days, I would say that ESPN has been successful in drawing attention to ESPN.

    People can talk about ESPN all they want, but that doesn’t equate to higher viewership.

  23. daysend564 says:
    Apr 5, 2016 4:56 PM


    with purchase of equal or lesser Hardy

    I ain’t buying it.

  24. darrelb says:
    Apr 5, 2016 5:47 PM

    So Michelle Beadle determines what we or do not see on television?

    Nope. She’s just wondering why ESPN gave airtime to a reject like Greg Hardy.

  25. Here’s the thing though:

    How many extra views did ESPN get for airing this?

    How many views will they lose for airing this?

    I guarantee they gained more views by airing the interview than lost by airing it. That is why they did it. Until we as a society actually specifically stop watching interviews like this in protest of supporting people like Hardy, ESPN will continue to air them. Just like whether the networks share Donald Trump’s values or not, they love him from the business aspect and will continue to give him free publicity because in the end, it’s a win for them to do so.

    If you really hate what Greg Hardy stands for, stop reading articles about him, stop watching ESPN when he’s talked about. Until then you’re only encouraging ESPN to talk about him.

  26. cburmester85 says:
    Apr 5, 2016 5:11 PM
    I’m a Cowboys fan and this guy is a turd… Say what you will about Romo, but the bottom line is the guy is a good player and a great guy same thing goes for Witten and lot of other guys in that locker room. Hardy needs to stay gone!

    Witten was a great guy until he proved that he is an all talk hypocrite who will only say or do the right thing when it’s easy and will sell out his principles for money. He was the nfl’s poster boy for athletes against domestic violence who had said all these things about those who commit domestic violence, what he would do about it, and how he would basically never allow someone who did that to be around him, but then the Cowboys sign hardy and all that goes out the window. Not only did he not live up to his tough talk but he actually helped prop up Hardy and the Cowboys decision to bring him in by saying “I’m against domestic violence but Greg hardy is a teammate of mine.” Like being a teammate is the most important thing. As if it cancels out everything a person has ever done.

    Jason Witten is a disgusting human being. He used childhood tragedy and the victims of domestic violence to pump up his brand and image. To cast himself as a great guy, a defender of the weak, and it worked to. People called him all those thing, but as soon it got a little uncomfortable for him personally he sold those supporters out.

    When it was actually time to stand up for victims of domestic violence by publicly coming out against Jerry Jones, the Cowboys, Jason Garrett and their decision to sign Greg Hardy he kept quiet. He couldnt let things become strained or awkward at work. That could actually effect him.

    So no Jason Witten isnt a good guy. Jason Witten is a selfish coward. A user of the defenseless.

  27. The thought of Adam Shefter and Dan Patrick together conjures up images of oil, grease, and slime oozing down an alley into a gutter.

  28. Michelle’s Beadle and Tafoya are two great female sports reporters. They know their sports vs. someone like Erin Andrews who’s just another pretty face. Beadle and Tafoya know more about sports than half the male sports reporters and twice as much as Shefter. Beadle’s only flaw is that she works for BSPN.

  29. getting sick of all the comments claiming Goodell is responsible for everything, imagined or not, that goes wrong with any Player, Team, Division, Game, Ref, or the NFL itself.

    the NFL is all it’s forms is responsible for constantly allowing felons to game the system, it’s not a one person thing, it’s the entire organization trying to game us fans into spending as much money as possible while avoiding as much responsibility as possible as they try to hold themselves up as role models for our kids


  30. ESPN did this because you never let a story go to waste. They thought it would be a good story. To their point, a lot of people are talking about it.

    And while it is obvious some of y’all don’t like Beadle, I’m a fan. She is standing up for women everywhere when she calls her bosses out and says giving this guy a platform wasn’t the right thing to do.

  31. This is OUR game. I’d prefer a 4.7 guy over a 4.5 guy, personally, if the game was played the way it should be played. Those 4.5 guys couldn’t tackle a one legged chicken from what I have seen for the most part. We are all individuals and I don’t stereotype. A football player is a football player. NFL should be the cream of the crop but it doesn’t appear to be that way in today’s game. I love hockey!!!

  32. So the question I have to “America ” is… Do we/you all have a problem with Domestic Violence in America? Or, Is it more so, who it is and Domestic Violence? I.e.. Greg Hardy, Ray Rice. Because I didn’t hear the same venomous tone towards Bobby Cox(Atlanta Braves), Christian Slater, Nicholas Cage, Emma Roberts, Steven Segal and the list continues. Yet Greg and Ray shouldn’t work again in the NFL. However there Hollywood counterparts live life as usual. Just something to think about for all the ” New Pro Non Domestic Violence People “! I had been a problem. People just choose to turn the other cheek when they can identify with the suspects and victim. You people are sad!

  33. Question why ESPN provides a platform for Stephen A. Smith and his ceaseless destruction of the English language.

  34. Che brava, Michelle. I look forward to the Beadle Generation’s replacing once and for all the tiresome old gasbags and the tedious young boychicks who are driving viewers to other networks for more mature, more humane coverage and commentary.

  35. Did Schefter look at his fake Blackberry 200 times during the interview like he had bunch of fake tips coming in from his fake sources?

  36. He’s got a great agent. Regardless what you think of ESPN, agent did a helluva job scoring him that interview.

  37. I doubt that Hardy, could get a job, outside the sidelines, if interviews with various levels of Management was required. I do not think that he is too bright. Maybe, stocking shelves at Walmart ?

  38. While I respect Beadle and she is a good sportscaster, why does it always seem that she has to interject herself into any and everything involving domestic violence! I mean it’s not like she is the anointed spokesperson for domestic violence! I don’t condone what Hardy is alleged to have done, but I also don’t won’t to set myself up to be judge and jury for any and everything involving domestic violence. Some people jump on the bandwagon and when they speak, they are mostly trying to be PC! Hardy is not the first and he most certainly will not be the last to be hit with a domestic violence incident. I don’t like the idea that he being set up as the “whipping boy” for domestic violence, as there are some out there who have committed worse acts of DV than others and maybe even Hardy! perception is what most of the DV pundits jump on, when in fact, there may be more to the story than is being told. Beadle needs to just handle her own business and not use here platform to try and be a spokesperson for DV above anyone else, when the others don’t have her platform. Hardy will get what he so justly deserve when that time comes, but for now, a picture may say a thousand words, but that in and of itself is not the linchpin for stamping guilt! Hardy made his bed, let him lie in it and take his medicine when the time comes. If he truly believes in his heart that he didn’t do all that is alleged, then I can’t blame him for not throwing himself on bending knees and hands asking for forgiveness. He is not going to wallow in self pity like the general public wants him to!

  39. How much do I love me some Michelle Beadle.. A WHOLE LOT. She’s the only one I heard put the blame on Swaggy P for cheating instead of the kid Russell for snitching. You don’t the crime then there’s no video of it.. keep doing the right thing Michelle and I always got your back..

  40. Maybe ESPiN would be willing to have Scheftie interview ISIS to give them a forum to plead their innocence as well.
    ESPiN and The Schefter could both win Emmys!

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