Broncos sign Jared Crick to two-year deal

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The Broncos saw defensive end Malik Jackson sign with the Jaguars as free agency opened, leaving them without a key starter from last year’s defense and with a hole to fill up front heading into 2016.

They’ve added a player who can help them fill that void on Wednesday. The Broncos announced that they have signed former Texans defensive end Jared Crick to a two-year deal.

Crick was a fourth-round pick by the Texans in 2012, which means he joined the team while current Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak, defensive coordinator Wade Phillips and defensive line coach Bill Kollar were filling the same roles in Houston. Crick made just one start in his 31 appearances in his two seasons, but moved into a bigger role in the last two seasons.

Crick started every game in 2015 and 15-of-16 games during the 2014 season, making 104 tackles and 5.5 sacks while also forcing a fumble. With Jackson gone, he could remain a starter in Denver next season.

19 responses to “Broncos sign Jared Crick to two-year deal

  1. Pretty obvious to me that the Kaepernick deal is dead with this signing.

    This was the last of Denver’s available cap space. With Clady either restructuring or being traded, the Broncos will have just enough to sign their draft class. Certainly not enough to raise their offer to San Francisco and Kaep nor really shop for any other QB’s either.

    Looks like they will draft their competition for Sanchez and Siemian…

  2. Keep building on defense that’s what won it for us; I’m content with Sanchez being the starter instead of kaep bc other than running mark is the better qb #GoBroncos

  3. Good! Anything to kill the Kaep deal. It’s going to be a battle between Sanchez and Siemian, and my $$ are on Trevor!

  4. keep feeding the beast that got you the ‘Chip; Depth on Defense. Denver will need an improved o-line and a more consistent run game to win the division again. Oakland and KC look hungry and dangerous. The AFC West could be the toughest division in football in 2016. Denver needs to keep making the right moves to stay lead dog.
    Go Broncos.

  5. I’m also ok with putting some hopes on Sanchez and investing in other positions. I wont be really surprised if he doesnt do well, but I also do think he could be surprisingly good. He actually did really well with the Eagles when he had to start a few just eroded a bit over time. But so did Chip Kelly

  6. So for the second time this off season Denver got better and Houston got worse?

    Somebody needs to break up that Broncos front office before somebody gets an eye poked out.

  7. Not well known, but he was a solid player for the Texans. It will be interesting to see how much money this deal is worth.

  8. Solid player in HOU, but he could become a beast with the talent that is now around him in DEN. Maybe, maybe not. But regardless this is a good signing. My bet is this signing is incentive-laden.

    Re the QB situation, like others have mentioned . . . all is cool with the Sanchize and Seimian and a drafted QB. Everyone noticed how the Broncos won SB50 and the majority of the season with garbage QB play. Sanchez has a huge opportunity in front of him.

  9. Good player in Houston. Sorry to see him go.

    Once Denver trades for Hoyer, Houston 2.0 in Denver will be complete.

  10. 4thquartermagic says:
    Apr 6, 2016 1:59 PM
    Also- a slew of veterans can restructure their contracts at any time to make room for more cap space.

    More like a few than a slew.

  11. Serviceable dude. Will get you a sack or tfl every once in a while. I was hoping the Texans wouldn’t bring him back so we can get a fresh DE in the draft

  12. Good player in Houston. Sorry to see him go.

    Once Denver trades for Hoyer, Houston 2.0 in Denver will be complete.
    Denver wins Super Bowls. Houston? Not so much.

  13. Solid player, doesn’t make mistakes! However, with Watt double and triple teamed I always wondered why Crick didn’t get more pressure on the QB.

  14. Bronco fans should be happy with the Crick signing , he is not a flashy player but does his job and is durable, plays the run well , not a sack monster , very underated he will be fine in the phillips D with the great OLB’s denver has,

    Pissed H-town didnt resign him

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