Hue Jackson: “A little early” to say where Terrelle Pryor will play

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Terrelle Pryor made the move from quarterback to wide receiver with the Browns last season and the team tendered him as a restricted free agent this offseason, although coach Hue Jackson isn’t ready to say that Pryor will be remaining at wideout in 2016.

Jackson was the Raiders head coach when Oakland drafted Pryor as a quarterback in 2011 and Pryor was also a quarterback during a brief stint with the Bengals while Jackson was the offensive coordinator. During a Wednesday press conference, Jackson said he wasn’t yet sure about where Pryor will line up this season.

“Until we can get on the grass, it’s still a little early,” Jackson said. “I think he’s a talented individual, he can do a lot of different things and we’ll find a way to showcase his talent and ability. We all know he’s gifted in a lot of different areas so we’ll see what we can put together to give him a chance to have success.”

Given the creative ways the Bengals used Mohamed Sanu when he and Jackson were in Cincinnati, it’s not hard to envision Pryor getting the ball in a variety of ways next season. With the Browns thin at wideout and looking for a long-term answer at quarterback, a permanent move back to the position for Pryor seems less likely.

10 responses to “Hue Jackson: “A little early” to say where Terrelle Pryor will play

  1. I’d like to see Pryor make the team. He’s a great athlete, and he would be a wonderful all-purpose player. It’s not as though the Browns are going to contend for the Super Bowl or anything, so why not give him a shot?

  2. He is a great athlete. The problem is he is not very good at catching the ball nor throwing the ball.

  3. He is a Buckeye that killed my Wolverines in recruiting and on the field, and was involved in the tattoo scandal. He ended up going back on a promise to return to school if not suspended for the bowl game, so he basically got off completely, other than having use the supplemental draft.

    Because of all that, I have enjoyed watching him get cut repeatedly early in his career. But he is also a very talented athlete, so I am officially giving up my vendetta against him and hoping to see what he can really do in the NFL. He’s back in Ohio with a creative coach, so it would be a great story if it works with the Browns.

  4. Why waste time on thus when hue should be in haslams ear about Gordon. Gordon’s reinstatement should be the top priority. Oh I forget this is the Browns.

  5. putthatkoolaiddown says:
    Apr 6, 2016 6:41 PM
    ” so he basically got off completely, other than having use the supplemental draft.”


    Well, there was that whole thing where he got suspended in the NFL and lost 5 paychecks for no reason all. Not exactly getting off.

  6. If our starting QB’s consist of RGme and McCown, and they draft a “project” QB, we’d better have a few spare arms to throw out there………especially with this O-line!

  7. The “Project QB for the Browns is not likely to come until the 3rd or 4th round. And it will most likely be someone like Cardelle Jones or Braxton Miller from Ohio State. Who could be a great development project behind RG3 and McCown. IMO the analysts and pundits who are predicting the Browns will waste the 2nd pick on projects who can’t contribute Bupkis in 2016-2017 are smoking strange vapors. They have set themselves up to be flabbergasted on draft night! The Browns need to transl;ate that pick into multiple picks by trading down. Or picking a RB like Ezekiel Elliot or an impact Offense or defense lineman, Linebacker or DB who can play. This draft is loaded with receivers. So they can be patient there. Heck even some potential great ones may even be available after the draft from the smaller conferences & schools.

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