Colts add a pair of former Patriots wide receivers


The Colts would like to catch the Patriots in the AFC, so they signed a couple of guys who caught a few passes in New England.

Very few.

The team announced the signings of free agent wideouts Josh Boyce and Brian Tyms, while waiving guard Ben Heenan.

Boyce, a 2013 fourth-rounder, never found much traction in New England, spending last year on injured reserve, and most of 2014 on the practice squad. He has nine career receptions for 121 yards.

Tyms was in New England the last two seasons, and has seven career receptions. He also spent last year on injured reserve, and has spent time with the Browns, Dolphins and 49ers as well.

29 responses to “Colts add a pair of former Patriots wide receivers

  1. Fast WRs are more useful than guards when you need some guys to run a stretcher over to Luck after the OL implodes again.

  2. Signed healthy roster fodder, cut damaged goods. If the WR’s going to Indy weren’t former Patriots this would barely draw notice

  3. Maybe they will learn enough about the Patriots to stop making up fairy tales, like imagining that someone took some air out of a football. Paranoid fools.

  4. vikesr4reel says:
    Apr 7, 2016 7:08 PM
    I don’t want to be the first one to point out that now they have to be trained not to break the rules!


    The only rule they broke is that they weren’t good enough to be on the Patriots. Nothing other than that. They’d be perfect for the Vikings.

  5. The Patriots the most hated team in all of sports .Look at the owner dating a girl young enough to be his granddaughter, head coach who is arrogant with no personalty. And a Qb who has the footballs deflated.

  6. Let’s really look at terri, had a murderer on the team cut him immediately. There are teams like the Ravens that have had guys involved in crimes and kept some of them, well one mainly. The Steelers have a possible rapist, yet never did any of their own investigating or internal punishment..just the NFL punishment. Greg Hardy, do I need to say any more about him? I could go on with guys that have had no team discipline, but you are jealous because a beautiful young girl is dating an older rich man, by the way, there are probably 100,000 cases of that happening right now, but your team has been beat down by the Pats, so you cry. Well go cry somewhere else.

  7. Patriots are renting space on so many people’s heads…. Could it be because they are empty & so EASY to occupy??!!
    Well that’s my guess….

  8. When you want a nice car you go German,When you want
    pasta you go Italian,When you want a decent WR you
    never ever go NE Patriots.

  9. Another team wishing they were the Patriots…. News flash… Your STILL JUST THE LOUSY COLTS with ex Patriots scraps…

  10. Pats fan here. Neither of these guys have football speed. Both are good in shorts and tshirt at the underwear olympics.

    At the rate he is progressing, Aaron Dobson might be joining them soon.

    But it won’t matter because the Colts can’t protect Luck long enough to throw deep.

  11. terripet says:
    Apr 7, 2016 8:13 PM
    The Patriots the most hated team in all of sports .Look at the owner dating a girl young enough to be his granddaughter, head coach who is arrogant with no personalty. And a Qb who has the footballs deflated.


    I’d rather be a fan of a hated team with a basic understanding of science than a fan of a terrible team that believes everything on ESPN and apparently fell asleep in class.

  12. The NFL convincing everyone to deny science so they can justify taking away the Patriots draft picks because they win too much is about the same as not keeping score in youth sports. If the Patriots don’t get their draft picks back then please retire the Lombardi trophy and replace it with a participation trophy. For all you haters, there is no glory in your team winning after the NFL intentionally handicaps the Patriots in the next two drafts in the name of league parity.

  13. With a metro population of over 2 million people, and a nicer stadium than smaller economically depressed cities , such as Pittsburgh , buffalo and New Orleans. The nfl would be better off just putting one of those less lucrative franchises there.

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