NFLPA still waiting for a proposal on playoff expansion

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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell recently dusted off a proposal that not long ago seemed to be inevitable: Expansion of the postseason.

“Could you do it? Yes, you could do it,” Goodell said. “From a competitive standpoint, our Competition Committee said, ‘We think we can do it properly.’ We’re still looking at the broadcasting side of it and then there’s a labor relations side of it, too, which you have to deal with with the union.”

The NFL has to deal with the union, but the NFL still hasn’t commenced that part of the process.

“It’s hard to comment on something that we haven’t gotten a real proposal about,” NFLPA president Eric Winston told PFT Live on Tuesday on the issue of playoff expansion. “So I’m not sure exactly what they’re referring to when they say, ‘We want to expand the postseason.’ I mean, what exactly are we talking about? Obviously there’s a lot of reports in the media and there’s a lot of people in the media talking about, ‘That means this or this means that,’ but I think as long as I’ve been doing this a lot of those tend to be wrong or the fine print isn’t exactly what it says it is.

“So like I said until there’s a written proposal from the league that’s when we know they’re at least serious about it and then we can start bargaining over that working-condition change. And I think that’s something that’s important, you know? That’s a working-condition change that has to be bargained. It’s not something that the owners can unilaterally implement.”

This means that, for the NFL to get something it wants (expanded playoffs), the NFL has to give the NFL Players Association something it wants. And the NFL surely wants to give the NFLPA only a cut of the extra revenue that comes from staging a pair of extra playoff games in the wild-card round, and nothing more than that.

40 responses to “NFLPA still waiting for a proposal on playoff expansion

  1. In 5 years or so, there will be an 18 game schedule and expanded playoffs.

    The NFL will own the one sports month in the year that is, essentially, dead.

    The players will say “no” but they will take the money because there is so much of it (and who can blame them).

    People with complain but will eventually come around – and the owners know it.

  2. One of the things that make the NFL regular season compelling, is that nearly every game is critical if you are going to make the playoffs. If more teams get in, regular season games become less important. I visit stadiums in different areas when traveling and attendance in some cities is down.
    Diluting the value of the regular seasonl will only keep this trend going. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

  3. Go for it Goodell, expand the playoffs. Add a team in
    London and go to an 18 game schedule while your at it. Let your greed kill the golden goose.

    Make Mark Cuban a prophet. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving schmuck. Destroy your product and, hopefully something better will rise from the ashes.

  4. Why would the NFL have to give up something?

    Another team makes the playoffs. Another game worth of ad revenue gets put in the cap.

    An 18 game season, I get. But this is something pretty much everyone should want except a perennial #2 seed.

    I think they should give the wild card teams the option to pass on the playoffs, just like the pro-bowl. See how the “player safety” argument works when they actually get to choose.

  5. I hope they don’t allow more teams into the playoffs. There’s already 12 out of 32 (over a third!). Any more would make the regular season meaningless. If they want more games, I’d rather they added an extra interconference match-up to each team’s schedule to extend their regular season by a game.

  6. As soon as the new TV deals are read to expire, they’ll expand the amount of playoff team, not a moment before.

  7. More more more. Can’t wait to see playoff games with backup qb’s ,rb’s oh wait we already have that.

  8. selldannysell says:
    Apr 7, 2016 8:20 AM

    Get ready for the day a 6-10 team wins the Super Bowl.

    If a 12-13 win #2 team can’t beat a 6-10 team, they don’t really deserve to be in the Super Bowl either.

  9. No. We already have 8-8 teams, and even teams with losing records, getting into the playoffs. Don’t make it worse.

  10. Unless you are on a pro-union crusade why would the NFL have to give up something? More playoff games generate more revenue which then benefits both the NFL and the players and is split just like all the other playoff games. Seems rather simple.

  11. The number of teams in the league has increased from 28 to 32 since the last increase in playoff teams.

    2 more teams in each conference yet the same number of playoff spots.

    Was the regular season really boring in the 90s? Did the games mean less than they do now?

    I think playoff expansion should have happened yesterday.

  12. I dont need anymore playoff games. I like the playoff system the way it is. I would like to see an 18 game season with a second bye week for each team. Not that it matters, as the NFL is eventually going to do it anyway, even if most people say they dont want more playoff games. We will ALL watch. Sigh.

  13. I don’t know about the Superbowl but we for sure will see 6-10 teams in the playoffs become commonplace. I feel that has a negative impact on the “integrity” of the game.

  14. Are we trying to make it so the Cowboys and Raiders can finally make the postseason again?

  15. An easy win-win for the league and players would simply be an extra bye-week (i.e., 16 games in 18 weeks), effectively giving the league an extra week of tv revenues whilst pretending to care about concussive and accumulated sub-concussive hits – and the players don’t play any extra games.

  16. So 40% of the teams making the playoffs isn’t enough? The best thing about the NFL is every game matters, there are already sub .500 teams making the playoffs. Get rid of the divisions, play a balanced schedule and let the best teams in. No one wants to see 8-8 or 7-9 teams in the playoffs.

  17. NFL will not admit this is a bad idea, because they would be admitting that they were wrong about NFL safety. So they will continue to say they are looking into the possibility. More so about the 18 game schedule.

    If they put the kibosh on more games due to safety concerns, they open themselves up to more lawsuits.

  18. NO NO NO!
    Every year its a struggle especially in the AFC to find a 6th seeded team with a winning record, stop diluting the playoffs already with bad teams, do not make the NFL the NHL.
    Stop the insanity already!

  19. I wouldnt hate seeing the 2 seed lose the bye and one more wildcard team make the playoffs.

    Especially if it means Goodell loses discipline powers

  20. Goodell also recently said:

    “Only having 12 teams qualify, which is the smallest of any of the professional leagues by far, that’s a good thing for us.”

    I guess he doesn’t consider the MLB a pro sport.

  21. Forget playoff expansion. Expand the number of teams to 36. US population is projected to grow between 20-30 million each decade. At some point you need more teams to match that growth.

  22. Solution: Wild Card play-in games.

    Four Division winners are in. Top 4 non-division winner records in each conference play each other for the two wild card spots.

    This would eliminate the arguments about which wild card teams deserved to get in. The nfl gets an extra week of games that matter. Only 12.5% of the players would end up playing an extra game and can pay them playoff compensation bonuses to incentivize nflpa. Adds extra importance to winning the division and beating division opponents (rivals) since you’d have one fewer game to reach the SB. Adds extra importance to getting a 1st round bye.

  23. The only change that has to be done to the playoffs structure, and this shouldn’t be understated, is moving the dam Superbowl to Saturday night.

  24. It’s funny how the NFL announces another stupid Goodell idea months ahead of implementation. It’s plenty of time for sane minds to take over or for 90% of the millions of fans to point out how idiotic it is, but the league always goes ahead with it as if the idea was supported ny someone.

  25. NFL is changing fast. Just look at all the rule tinkering. It won’t be long before it will cost a pretty penny just to view games from our living room. Will it hold up to fan backlash…..probably

  26. Standoff 2021- it might be the worst one yet if Roger is still the commish. Something tells me this next negotiation m could make the short layoff of 2011 seem like a weekend pass.

    The money the NFL makes every year and the recent information on former players pensions and coupled with the concussions and CTE I believe players should hold out until it is beyond fair for their future, medically and retirement as well as those players who set the table for where the NFL is now who are damaged that deserve more the. What the league recently settled on that was easily rejected.

    You have to give to get. The league should know that the NFL is player driven and that last negotiations were won more for the owners, save your money now players and do the right thing to help the NFLPA for the future and the past and stand your ground for the right principals.

  27. Expanded playoffs is a terrible idea. Right now only 12 of 32 teams make the playoffs. Which is the PERFECT amount. You have the magic formula, don’t tinker with it for a few more short term dollars.

    Take a look at the NHL and NBA which both allow more than half of the teams that exist into the playoffs (16 of 30).

    The result is a diminished importance of regular season games and even crappier team’s wasting everyone’s time in the playoffs.

    Leave the playoffs alone so only the best team’s in the NFL make it or you risk seeing multiple sub .500 teams ruining the playoffs every year.

  28. @ boltergeist19

    I agree. I’m a HUGE NFL fan and fully support the players holding their ground during the next CBA negotiations even if it means as fans we lose an entire season of NFL football.

  29. NFL is rapidly becoming the NHL & NBA.

    Mediocrity gets you into the playoffs now.

    Just another way to make money.

  30. If the playoffs had been expanded this year the Jets, Colts , Falcons and Lions would have been the teams to qualify.

    That would be three teams in the playoffs that don’t have winning records.

    But from a business and viewer standpoint, that means more relivent games later in the season.

  31. Just leave it alone. We don’t need more mediocrity. And I’m not such a big fan of parity by injury. Both will result from more games.

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