No signing bonus, no guarantees (no surprise) for Aldon Smith


It was a bit of a surprise that the Raiders signed linebacker Aldon Smith to a two-year deal when he’s suspended until the middle of November at the earliest. It’s no surprise to see the full terms of the deal.

According to a source with knowledge of the contract, Smith received no signing bonus and no guaranteed money as part of the two-year deal with base salaries of only $1.25 million each year.

The contract, as previously reported, pays $250,000 for each game that Smith is on the regular-season 53-man roster. There’s also a $500,000 workout bonus each year; given his suspension, he has no way to earn the workout bonus in 2016.

The contract also contains up to $3.5 million in incentives each year, and an escalator for 2017 of $1.5 million based on total sacks in 2016.

To have any sacks in 2016, Smith needs to be reinstated. The sooner he’s reinstated, the sooner he’ll have a chance to earn per-game roster bonuses and potential incentives.

The contract itself becomes a significant incentive for Smith as he tries to get back into the NFL after his latest suspension. The Raiders could have waited; by doing the deal, they have given him real reason to do whatever he has to do to return.

14 responses to “No signing bonus, no guarantees (no surprise) for Aldon Smith

  1. The Raiders have done right by Smith. He never caused a problem last year. This is how all players should get back in the league. Earn it. I give Smith credit, he isn’t doing this goofy Greg Hardy crap.

  2. Here is a thought for dealing with these kinds of high-risk players: a large roster bonus if they remain on the roster after the trade deadline. That way, if the team has to cut the player because of problems, they can save a lot of money right at the moment they may need it to bring on a talented (and pricey) player by trade.

  3. I wonder if Smith gets it yet. He is costing himself a truckload of money. This is probably going to be standard fare for any contract with him from now on. It should probably be the same for every other player in the NFL. Then fewer of them would get into trouble. Like they say…money talks.

  4. Waiting for the hater trolls to chime in with their banal, ignorant, diatribe any moment.

    Good work Reggie. Its obvious what he did for the Packers all those years as he is doing it for the Raiders now.

    Glad to have him back in the Silver and Black.

    If Smith does the right thing, the Raiders will have a dominant defense and combined with a dominant offense, be well on their way back to the big dance.

  5. Actually the Raiders will have a dominant defense any way but with Smith in top form, be a QB worst nightmare on every passing play.

  6. Brilliant move Reggie M!

    With the criticism this brotha has taken, he’s showing his mettle. Fortunately he has an owner who know’s nothing about the operation of a football team. Owner is out the way and he’s moving the team forward at a rapid pace.

    Folks thought this was a quick fix and looking back in retrospect, Reggie’s done this about as fast as you could while giving the franchise a “future”.

    Now Raider Nation you got a young team at all the right positions and that doesn’t even include the upcoming draft. Your young skill positions look very promising with a nice mixture of veterans. If Reggie goes defense in the first few rounds, the mission becomes clear.

    This whole deal is on the coaches and players now!

    Del Rio & Co… You’re on deck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Maybe I’m too much an optimist, but I’d like to think that the veteran leadership last year from Tuck, CWood, Penn & a veteran coaching staff of ex-players might have helped Smith grow up a little. By all accounts, he put in the work w/ no locker-room issues & has been described as a good teammate; doubtful if McKenzie & Del Rio would have welcomed him back otherwise. It’s not only for the Raiders’ sake that I hope he’s turned a corner & is prepared to make the most of his remaining opportunities.

  8. RM may have came from Green bays front office but he is in no way doing things Green Bays way.

    He’s not building a team to reach the playoffs, he’s building a team that will dominate the NFL.

  9. While I don’t wish the Raider’s any ill will, don’t get to used to having him on the field. Hopefully he has grown up finally, but when in SF every time fans and the team were excited he had turned it around, he flopped again. He is outstanding when he isn’t in trouble.

  10. Well here we are now in April. He is suspended because of the over zealous Santa Clara DA arresting him way back in September for opening his car door, and accidentlly hitting the car next to him with his door. He gets a DUI after he walked back to the scene of the incident over an hour later, and gets a DUI, hit and run, and vandalism charge. You know what I say , bring it to court. You arrested him, you charged him, and now let it go to trial. I would love to see you win this in court. Good use of the public tax dollars.

    Go Raiders!

  11. Wow, the Reggie love just won’t stop? WHY?

    Reggie hasn’t done crap for the Raiders, not even a little. Players have ABSOLUTELY fallen in his lap and let’s not forget his first 2 drafts – garbage! Then he started listening to Kiper and McShay instead of trying to make his own decisions and voila!! How hard is it to draft talent when you are always picking in the top five?? A blind monkey could do it!

    Now that Del Rio is telling him what to do and they are slowly getting some quality guys it’s still not enough because Reggie’s been mishandling this team for way too long. Case in point: Raiders have 3 solid-to-great WRs, but that’s all! They need to find THREE more WRs somewhere! Also, Reggie bungled the Hayden pick your d-backfield is in a shambles! And your depth at almost every position is just plain bad or nonexistent. The defense still doesn’t have an identity because it doesn’t have personnel good enough at their positions to run either the 3-4 or the 4-3. Oh yeah, Flynn and Schaub were a total embarrassment and A. Smith???? Terrible character issues and he isn’t eligible to play. Nice job.

    Reggie inherited an organization in cap hell (thanks to I AM GOD AL DAVIS), but he had at three years with more cap space than anyone in the league and did nothing.

    Reggie has done nothing for the Raiders except navigate them to an 18-46 record. No other team in the League would employ him as a GM with his track record (John Fox went 46-18 in Denver, 4 straight AFC West Crowns, and they canned him) but the Raiders think Reggie walks on water. ARE YOU SERIOUS?? Fortunately, Del Rio is on board now but it is going to take Jack at least another season or two to straighten it out. Raiders may go 7-9, possibly 8-8 this season but one or two injuries in the wrong place and it’s ovah!

    As for last year, the Raiders limped home winning 3 of their last nine with Carr and Cooper pulling a total disappearing act. Wow, impressive.

    Maybe Raiders fans should stop beating their chests about imminent greatness until your team does something like maybe go 8-8???? The Raiders, their ownership, their management, and their fans are still a huge NFL laughing stock and the team has not been relevant in well over a decade. Reggie has done a hell of a job. How cool, winning isnt expected and losing is accepted. Only in Oakland.

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