Report: Broncos have asked about Tyrod Taylor

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The Bills have been doing their research on the quarterbacks available in this year’s draft, which makes sense since they don’t have a quarterback signed beyond this season.

That could change if they reached agreement on a contract extension with Taylor, something both sides have said they are open to but there hasn’t been much momentum toward a deal at this point. There could be a third option to the extension and letting Taylor play out the season.

Benjamin Allbright of 1340 AM in Denver reported that the Broncos have inquired with the Bills about Taylor, something that the Bills website discussed on Thursday without confirming or denying any conversations have taken place. Taylor played for Broncos coach Gary Kubiak when Kubiak was the offensive coordinator on the Ravens, and Vic Lombardi of Altitude Sports Network said on PFT Live last season that the Broncos were interested in him as a free agent in 2015 before he signed with the Bills.

Taylor’s agent, Adisa Bakari, didn’t comment on the Broncos report on Sirius XM NFL Radio Thursday, but did suggest other teams would be interested in his services. He also told the Bills that defense and discipline were bigger factors in missing the playoffs than Taylor, who he called “exceptional,” and said he hopes that Buffalo realizes that 2015 was a “small sample” of what Taylor can do.

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  1. That is probably more about leverage with the Niners. If they do happen to get another QB then the Niners are stuck with Kaep. I doubt that’s what they want.

  2. I wonder why the broncos dont ask the Raiders about Matt McGloin. I would hate to lose him, but he would come cheap for the broncos and add a draft pick to the Raiders.

  3. Fine that they asked. I would be both incensed and unsurprised if Whaley was to do a deal.

    Unless of course it paved the way for Fitz’s return, which would make me differently happy.

  4. This is laughable…Bills are doing the right thing by staying the course until they can validate that 2015 Tyrod wasn’t just a fluke.

    Now if the Broncos had inquired about EJ…

  5. No, absolutely not! If Doug Whaley wants a job in Buffalo beyond this season he’ll get Taylor signed with a long-term contract. Taylor has been a breathe of fresh air compared to the last decade of quarterbacks that have taken snaps for the Buffalo Bills… He is the best QB they have had since Doug Flutie. Letting him go would be a big mistake.

  6. Doug Whaley — make the trade!!! Get as much as you can and make the deal

    Taylor is a nice QB but will not take the Bills to the play offs.

  7. I bet Matt Hasselbeck would come back for the $7M they wanted to pay Kaep.


  8. Lol the bills would fleece them. Tyrod can’t stay healthy.

    They could make a trade for Kaep and reunite him with Roman who knows how to use him.

    Really the Broncos need to just offer a 1 for AJ McCarron and enjoy Paying him practically nothing for two years as they figure out if they want him long term. He has proven he can win and play on the big stage for a contender. Much more than any of the rookies they can get.

  9. Ok, then it’s a 1st/2nd rd pick for him. The Broncos can’t have their cake and eat it too. The only reason this comes up is because Tyrod is inexpensive at the moment and they don’t have any cap space. Buffalo would have all of the leverage in a deal like this, even if Tyrod holds out, which would blow my freaking mind if he did. Denver did the wrong thing by saying what they want to pay Kap. Now any QB they show interest in will be looking for that figure, and nobody is currently worth $7mil that’s either available in FA or by trade. (Except in New Jersey, where people think Ryan Fitzpatrick is a starter, learn from the actual NY teams…)

  10. Apparently Elway finally sobered up from a week-long bender, looked at his QB list and screamed “I SIGNED WHO??”

  11. Four names that could come up: Glennon, Garoppolo, Aaron Murray and AJ McCarron. Any of the four would be better than Sanchez or Kaepernick. Tampa has said Glennon is staying put, but he is a 2013 third round pick so he is gone after this next year; Brady signed an extension so Garoppolo would normally be vulnerable but for the idiotic Deflategate Wells Report (his skill set would be ideal for the Broncos); Murray is heir apparent in KC so it might be hard to get him while McCarron’s stock has never been higher – the question is if the Bengals want to go all in on the Red Rifle.

    By the way – NFL defensive coordinators will have a year to prepare a defense to Taylor. That didn’t end well for a number of NFL quarterbacks – like Freeman, Vick, RG III, Kaepernick …. Rex should be having nightmares.

  12. Phantom info .. I am sure Denver could say this about any quarterback and it would be somewhat accurate.


  13. The Lions might have a QB with starting experience available. As a Lions fan I would hate to see him go, but draft pics are draft pics. Shall we say a fourth rounder for Dan Orlovsky?

  14. This I believe. He has value, as opposed to CK7 and the rumor he is being traded.


  15. “Defence and discipline” How can that be? Buffalo had the number 4 defence in the league in 2014 and then they got a coach that’s a defensive genius so it couldn’t possibly have been the defence in 2015. As far as discipline is concerned I thought the players did a terrific job of keeping the coaching staff doing what they (the players) wanted them to do. So where’s the problem.

  16. If Doug Whaley were to actually trade Tyrod Taylor, nothign short of 3 first round picks in return would make him the dumbest GM in the NFL of the past 30 years.

    Im not saying TT is great. But for the first time in over a decade his team has a QB that made the pro bowl and excited the fan base. The Bills playing wait and see before extending him is perfectly fine, theyve been burned on contracts like that before (see fitzpatrick) but trading away the first hope at a franchise QB this team has seen in nearly 20 years for anything less than the entire future of the Denver Broncos is lunacy

  17. McCarron the qb they should be going after. Better than Kaep (better qb not athlete) and Taylor.

  18. “Defence and discipline” How can this possibly be? Buffalo had the number 4 defence in the league in 2014 and they hired a head coach that’s reputed to be a defensive genius so surely the defence couldn’t have been the problem. We also know that Ryan is a real disciplinarian except maybe where his players are concerned. So the Bills not going to the playoffs in 2015 must have been Taylors fault.

  19. I love the discipline the Broncos and Elway have shown during this QB search. The Broncos just won a SB with some of the worst QB in the league last year. Statistically, among the bottom 5 in every major category. As much as people bag on Sanchez or the Broncos situation as a whole, they’ll be back in the playoffs next year, even if Sanchez is the starter.

  20. Tyrod is not getting paid until he has a broader body of work. Don’t blame Buffal for not opening the vault door to pay him Houston was insane for paying what they did for Osweiller.

  21. Calling Taylor a Pro Bowler is hilarious these days. Wasn’t he like the 6th alternate?

  22. I keep hearing all this crap about how a Rookie QB cant start. Well I can tell you about one rookie QB who not only started his first NFL game but who has amassed very respectable statistics since he was drafted in the first round. He was from a small school and was not scouted by very many teams. He has been looked down upon by many other teams and NFL fans during his career due to the FACT that he does not drive up many stats for the Pretend football fanatics (Fantasy FB) even though he wins and wins in the playoffs. He was from a small school and there was another QB taken his draft year before him who has run up great stats except for the one about Play off wins and was considered to be a better QB for several years but has recently taken a nosedive in those beliefs. His name comes up often in talks about elite QB’s where he has been ridiculed by those same pretend football fans. His Name is FLACCO.

  23. Last year the Bronco’s won it all with a QB who should not have been playing the last couple of years. The one thing Their QB did have was the knowledge to read and manipulate the defenses he was up against. The last time we saw a QB who was this bad win the Superbowl was Trent Dilfer who was not able to read defenses even half as well as Payton manning and who’s arm was only a little bit better. Tough defenses and ball protecting offenses with good running games win championships. Nothing else can compare.

  24. Calling Taylor a Pro Bowler is hilarious these days. Wasn’t he like the 6th alternate?

    true but if you look at his over all ranking, the point of his comment is not lost. he played very well and was ranked very well in many categories.

  25. Obvious problem is that Buffalo doesn’t have another QB.

    The only way this would work is for the Bills to have a deal arranged prior to the trade to package whatever they get from Denver with their own 1st, to move into a position to get Wentz or Goff. Hard to see that working out.

    And no…no…we don’t want Sanchez.

  26. Taylor finished 7th in the NFL last year in QB rating, which doesn’t even take into account his 568 rushing yards. The Bills have him signed up one more year for a below-market salary. No doubt the Broncos would like to have him, but what can they realistically offer in return?

  27. As a KC Chiefs fan this is priceless. Watching horse face pulling his hair out trying to find anyone to take snaps behind center with virtually no money left in the piggy bank to pay anything. Yes they won another Super Bowl but at what price? The Broncos are going to suck now for the next 5 years trying to hold together anything that resembles a competitive team. I predict they will unload Von Miller in the 2 years when they realize his salary will be killing them and they have to make sacrifices to put a decent team on the field. Of course something like the salary cap has never stood in the way of the Donks before, they will probably just offer a % of team ownership to the next big signing to skirt the rules.

  28. effreyshulenburg says:
    Apr 7, 2016 4:09 PM
    If Doug Whaley were to actually trade Tyrod Taylor, nothign short of 3 first round picks in return would make him the dumbest GM in the NFL of the past 30 years.


    Three 1st round picks for Tyrod Taylor? LOL!!!!! Thanks, I have not laughed so hard in weeks!

  29. I bet Elway isn’t getting great sleep at night. This was a huge oversight on his part, no plan for a starting qb, now that is gutsy!!!

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