Titans G.M. says interest in No. 1 pick is increasing


The Titans hold the No. 1 overall pick in the draft. And, if you hadn’t heard, they’d potentially be interested in trading the pick.

In the event you hadn’t heard, their G.M. is willing to issue a periodic reminder.

“I would say that with each day we inch closer to the draft, the discussions probably become a little bit more serious, if you will,” Jon Robinson said Wednesday, via John Glennon of the Tennessean. “That’s something we’re going back and forth with. Do we stay put with where we’re at, or do we really entertain the thought of moving? . . . I would say the interest has increased some. I wouldn’t say there are 31 teams calling, but there are certainly teams that have interest in moving up.”

Ultimately, someone will move up only if: (1) that team has identified a player that it must have; and (2) that team is willing to sacrifice what it would take to get there. At this point, as teams continue to work toward finalizing their feelings regarding the available players, teams within striking distance of No. 1 need to know what it would take to get there, if the team decides to try to make the move.

What it would take to make the trade becomes a factor in the broader question as to whether the move makes sense. So teams need to know generally what it would take — and specifically to have the line of communication in place with the Titans — in the event that, ultimately, the coach, the G.M., the owner, or some combination of the three decide to pull the trigger.

At this point, it’s not about pulling the trigger. It’s about figuring out where the trigger is, in the event a decision is made to reach for it and draw at some point in the next three weeks.

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  1. “At this point, it’s not about pulling the trigger. It’s about figuring out where the trigger is, in the event a decision is made to reach for it and draw at some point in the next three weeks.”

    No, at this point it’s about determining the cost of the bullet and whether the target is worth the price

  2. Smoke n mirrors… blah…blah…blah

    Tunsil’s going to TN and everybody knows it

  3. Translation: nobody is interested in what it will take to get the no.1 pick.

    Teams may call as a matter of course, doing due diligence and just seeing what it would take. But that’s no different than any year, as is the “these deals wont last” hype/misinfo released by the team holding said pick.

  4. Yeah, Belichick will cobbling together several of the extra mid-level picks he’s cobbled together from his trades last month and throw in a veteran whose performance is great now but will decline 50% in two years and Goodell will throw up on stage putting a Patriots jersey on the first pick in the draft.

  5. In other words, interest is waning and the Titans are desperate to unload the pick because they don’t want to pay a #1 draft pick salary.

    Got it.

  6. Part of the problem is that teams have placed an inordinate amount of value on the top pick, which has been reinforced by Eli Manning and RG3 trades over the past few years. In reality, often there are a number of guys worthy of the top overall pick, and teams shouldn’t hold out for a glut of draft picks if they are actually comfortable with guys in the 5-8 range of the draft. I was a proponent of the Texans trading out of the top spot when we drafted Clowney and taking what we could get. There were a number of guys in the top-10 that I thought would be good fits, including Khalil Mack and Jake Matthews. I thought moving back for the Raiders 5th pick and 2nd rounder would have been fine. We would have ended up with either Mack or Matthews, and then maybe take Derek Carr in the 2nd (probably not but maybe).

    I don’t see anyone in this draft that is worth selling the farm for, so i doubt the Titans get what they’re hoping for. The question is whether they settle for what they can get.

  7. Stories and rumors are only going to be more frequent from here until draft day. Let the BS sessions begin!!!!

  8. This story would actually be more believable if it was coming from the Browns. The Titans got their QB and no one is trading up to #1 for a tackle or CB. That #2 pick is a different story.

  9. I remember last year when The Rams went to DC to play the skins. During the coin toss, Jeff Fisher, the rams coach sent out as captains, the 4 or 5 players they had gotten for the multitude of draft picks the redskins gave up for RGIII. And remember, that was only the 2nd choice.

  10. The way I see it, Jalen Ramsey is the most exciting player in the draft (with the most upside), but–unfortunately–the Titans’ defense is MUCH better than their offense. They need Laremy Tunsil much more than Ramsey. (Otherwise, Mariota will continue getting killed back there.)

  11. I’m sure interest is increasing. Only because the Titans keep calling teams to see if there’s a deal out there.

    Spoiler Alert: there’s not.

  12. Their is no surefire #1 player in this draft, especially the QB position. After the fiasco of the RG3 trade, every team with the top position believes they can swing the same deal like the St. Louis Rams (I know they are LA, but not when the deal transpired) did but all the other GMs will remember how mush it hurt the Redskins. No player is worth all those picks. It’s better to have a excellent GM who can search through the draft and acquire starters and back-ups through having multiple picks instead of all for one. Remember that only a third of the first round even see a Pro Bowl and only one or two have a HOF career.

  13. You all missed the obvious:

    Everyone knows the Browns want Wentz. He’s trying to get Cleveland to move up one spot. So he looks like a genius getting a 3rd round pick and the same player he was drafting at #1.

    As a huge bonus, if Ramsey is the player he wants, he won’t take any heat for picking him with the 2nd pick as teams don’t draft CB’s first overall. Scrutiny deluxe if he picks Ramsey first overall and he is nothing short of a superstar.

  14. Picks 2-4, 7, 8 & 15 could all use a young QB so why not price the #1 pick so that it IS accessible? When a team needs to give up multiple year #1’s & #2’s it’s just not worth it… but if it was swapping #1’s and 2 year’s worth of #2’s along with a decent young player more teams would have interest.

  15. Never mind getting rid of the pick….he should be trying to trade Mariota to SF for their top pick, pick a real QB #1 and get a weapon for the new QB at 7 or wherever SF pick is.

  16. It makes sense. There’s quite a few teams that need a QB (as always). The early mocks had many pundits having the top 2-3 QB’s lower then traditionally.

    Some even had the 49ers having a pick of whatever QB they wanted.

    That soon passed, and then it was they likely would get one of the two.

    On the back end, Paxton Lynch has seemingly been rocketing up boards too. Once a 2nd rounder, then bottom of the 1st round, now some think early mid first round is a possibility, #10-15.

    There really isn’t a clear cut #1 this year, and it seems to me that many times in such a situation, the top pick is cheaper then when there is one, and teams would rather reach for a QB, then for another position.

    The first pick is available, and teams such as the 49ers who want one of the top 2 QB’s might be pressed to make a trade to get one. If they did they would not only secure one, but the one they want most.

    Additionally if you were one of the teams hoping for one of those top two to fall below the Niners, it now seems improbable. That would be a reason one of them might move up.

    Teams always try to hide interest about their draft picks, but it just seemed like QB wise it was kind of working. But, now interest and need is coming out, pressure it rising, and the scramble for need takes over.

    How much they feel that need versus what the Titans are asking will determine if a trade happens. There’s also always a dark horse of someone who doesn’t want a QB, but usually it’s a QB.

  17. Titans G.M. says interest in No. 1 pick is increasing

    Only if there was a knockout quarterback. Schmuck is trying to create a market for himself.

  18. learysdisciples says:
    Apr 7, 2016 3:51 PM

    And Bishop Sankey is going to rush for 2,000 yards

    When did he get released and sign with the CFL?

  19. I’ve heard some talk about Dallas moving up to get Wentz.
    They compare him to Big Ben.
    If you think he can be a franchise type QB, then you have to trust your scouting and your gut feel.
    It would cost Dallas 2 – 2nd round picks to swap 1st round picks with Tenn.

  20. If the Bengals have any hope of winning a postseason game they should trade up and draft a QB who won’t choke in the playoffs….

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