A desperation play was D’Brickashaw Ferguson’s only missed snap


Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the career of D’Brickashaw Ferguson, the Jets left tackle who has decided to retire, is this: In 10 seasons, he missed only one offensive play. And that one comes with an asterisk.

That one play was the last play of the Jets’ 2008 season. Down 24-17 with seven seconds left and the ball at their own 7-yard line, the Jets decided to take their offensive line off the field for a desperation, multiple-lateral play. It was Darrelle Revis, of all people, who lined up at left tackle on the play.

The play, which is on YouTube, started with Brad Smith (who replaced Brett Favre on the play) taking the snap at quarterback and throwing to Leon Washington, who threw it across the field to Laveranues Coles, who pitched it back to Smith, who pitched it back to Revis, who pitched it to Hank Poteat, who fumbled while attempting to lateral it to Jerricho Cotchery. The Dolphins recovered the fumble, securing the win and clinching the AFC East in a season when Tom Brady was injured and the division was actually competitive for a change.

Other than that bizarre play, Ferguson never missed a play. He also never missed a practice and never appeared on an injury report. A 2006 first-round pick of the Jets whom many fans wanted the Jets to pass up on and draft Matt Leinart instead, Ferguson may be remembered as the most consistent player of his generation.

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  1. How can one miss a trick play which he isn’t part of?

    Sure, you can say that since it was 2nd and 7 he should have been part of the offense on that play, but let’s be reasonable. He was not on the field not for anything he did. He was not on the field because it was a desperation attempt to score from their own 7 and they needed the “all-hands” kind of guys on the field.

  2. Great player, great career, but even after 10 years it nonetheless remains a mystery as to how or why a mother would name their kid “D’Brickshaw”.

  3. Never missing a practice is equally as impressive as never missing a snap. That means he never held out in a contract dispute. In this day and age, that’s as uncommon as staying healthy. Having talent, strong work ethic, health and character is a rare combination indeed.

  4. Solid player and solid guy. I always thought he was a bit overrated when he was considered a top player at his position, and I won’t get into Sanchez’ last two years, but D’Brick was a great Jet and, even more rare, an excellent Jets first round pick! Always played his best in division games, especially against the Phins. Much respect, love, and thanks!!

  5. The Pennington revenge game. Jets got Favre and dumped Pennington. He went to Miami and won 11 games, eliminated the Jets from the playoffs and clinched the division for the Dolphins on the Jets home field by besting Favre.

  6. @MurdochMysteries

    Usually the only time I hear about offensive linemen being mentioned during a game by the announcers is when they are getting beat. Not hearing of him, in my eyes, is a good thing.

  7. 10yrs and only missed 1 play…. but of course its the jets, higher percentage of 3 and outs. haha

    But really, good luck to him! Just hope leaving $$ on the table doesn’t come back to haunt him later in life. Its not too common for these guys to plan a whole lot for the future

  8. That play was a special teams play not an offensive play so he missed 0 snaps. While he might not have been HOF type of guy this accomplishment at least deserves recognition.

  9. Wow. Ironman Ferguson.
    But come to think of it, that is amazing. One freaking play for how many season? Hotdamn!

  10. In 10 years he never missed a practice, a game a play, never posted a stupid tweeter comment and he was never arrested. That’s pretty much a perfect player.

  11. Not only is that streak amazing but the fact that 10 years have gone by since watching the draft and hearing his name called. Time sure does go by.

  12. purpleguy says:
    Apr 8, 2016 11:15 AM

    Great player, great career, but even after 10 years it nonetheless remains a mystery as to how or why a mother would name their kid “D’Brickshaw”.

    No clue.

    Now, D’Brickashaw, on the other hand, according to Wikipedia:

    “Ferguson’s given name was inspired by Father Ralph de Bricassart, a fictional character in the 1977 novel The Thorn Birds.”

  13. People are down voting the post where I say he didn’t miss any snaps because it was a trick play, but upvoting the one where someone says the same thing because it was a special teams play.

    Only on an article written for Jets fans…..

  14. If only Harbaugh was able to whine his way to the competition committee 8 years earlier than he did, Ferguson never would have missed a snap. The nerve of the Jets replacing him with a corner back… Deception at its finest, so disgusting, right John? Ravens fans? Is it cheating when the Jets did it, or only when the Patriots did?

  15. After seeing everything that these players go through, to see a guy who has literally never missed a real offensive play is absolutely incredible. Just think of the abuse his body has taken over the last 10 years and to not ever be banged up enough to come off the field for even 1 play is almost incomprehensible. Big ups for the Big Man. That’s really impressive.

  16. Unlike Logan Mankins, d’Brick goes out of the nfl with the team that loves him best.

  17. Either way you are both wrong. It is considered an offensive snap and counts.

  18. Thank you for playing Greatness at LT for years to come;

    I always love seeing you play and always proven doubters wrong when you aint got heart which you do.

    I’m sorry to see his retirement went on sour bit; Wish he could win a ring, then retire.

    God Speed in your retirement, and walk healthy while you can!

  19. I remember that game and that play. The Phins won that game, tied the Matt Cassell led Patriots at 11-5 and won the division title on a tie breaker.

  20. “MurdochMysteries says:
    Apr 8, 2016 11:04 AM

    Never heard of this player . . . . . but if everything written about him is true, could NO other team roll out the red carpet for him? Why retire?”

    If you, the casual and stats obsessed fantasy fan, has never heard of a left tackle, then Ferguson has done his job and done if very well. I guarantee you, knowledgeable Jets fans and especially defensive coordinators and opposing defensive ends have know about Ferguson.

  21. Great player and an even better.

    One thing, though. Why are all these AFCE trolls ripping on the Jets about asking him for a paycut? He was a great Jet but he has been in the bottom 10 for LT’s the past 3-4 years he simply wasn’t worth the 10 mil price tag. I especially don’t get the Dolphins and Bills fans talking about our cap space. We never were in cap hell and we aren’t going to be. If you did your research you would know the Jets have over 30 million in cap space for 2017 even with Revis, Marshall, Gilchrist, Skrine, Mangold, Carpenter, Richardson, and Leo on the books. That’s a lot better than having our cap space being tied into two overrated defensive lineman in Dareus and Suh.

  22. bubbybrister/shovelpass says:
    Apr 8, 2016 12:49 PM
    Unlike Logan Mankins, d’Brick goes out of the nfl with the team that loves him best.

    He is retiring because the Jets, or as you call them “The team that loves him best”, wouldn’t pay is full salary.
    Would they trade him? Nope.
    Would they cut him so he can sign with another team? Doesn’t look like it.

    Some kinds of love are not good love.

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