Browns letting six scouts go less than three weeks before the draft


The Browns have made a commitment to doing business differently, which apparently extends to firing scouts before the draft.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Browns are “streamlining” their personnel department by letting go of six scouts whose contracts were expiring.

With most teams, all the reports have already been filed, and the executives are stacking their draft boards. So in a sense, the hay is in the barn, or at least close to the barn. And if you want to look at things in a glass-half-full way, it allows those scouts in question a bit of a head start on the job market.

But until the Browns backfill the positions or turn their unorthodox methods into results on the field, they invite skepticism when they make such moves at times when other teams do not.

56 responses to “Browns letting six scouts go less than three weeks before the draft

  1. Browns be Brownin. That move makes no sense on so many levels. Carson Wentz, my deepest apologies.

  2. Doing things the normal way hasn’t produced anything positive of note, so they might as well go the unorthodox route. Fire scouts, cut players late, bring in a front office with no football experience and hope for the best.

  3. As a long-suffering Browns fan, I’m ready to try anything at this point. Go the analytics route, get rid of scouts who aren’t finding us much, get rid of veterans who are on the down side of their careers. I’ve seen what Hue Jackson can do and I’m pretty excited. Actually, I’m very excited compared to the last several head coaches we’ve hired…

  4. They are playing Madden. They just decided to start a new Connected Franchise Mode. No worries, I just hope the commish lets them know when he advances the week.

    They are on auto-pilot.

  5. I understand Haslam wants to be more involved in the process. So he let the scouts go and had a dart board installed in his office.

  6. I’m sure this is the path to greatness.

    It is fantastic that the article before this is about Belichick saying you need great players to win games. He’s done it for twenty years… great.

    We did it in the 50s and 60s (and briefly in the 80s)… why oh why do I keep rooting for them.

  7. Were any of these scouts responsible for Erving, Manziel, Mango, Shelton, or that #9 overall CB whose name I don’t even know?

    Good riddance if so.

  8. This isn’t all that surprising. When Paul DePodesta was helping rebuild the Oakland A’s, Billy Bean wanted to get rid of the entire scouting department and rely solely on analytics; however, the A’s owner wasn’t willing to go that far.

  9. yeah time to cut bait those same guys said Justin Gilbert was the next dion sanders LOL. get rid of any bum that said draft johnny Manziel as well.

  10. It was not stated in this article exactly which scouts are being let go. What we do know is in the last several years the scouts have led to the creation of a team roster that did not work. These scouts that were let go have already done their leg work, their contracts are up, so it makes sense to let them go and analyze the data they have in front of them to make their decisions as to who they want to sign in trade and draft. When you are doing a true restructuring, you need to clean the slate as much as possible. The Browns in the past have always done very selective removal. So I commend them for really making the effort to start as fresh as possible. Again, the real test will be when all the players have been signed, the team roster is created, and the first games are played. I do believe they are in the right direction and I hope for a very positive year for this team.

  11. This move along with cutting talented players to save money plus going cheap in FA all wreaks of an owner that can’t afford to play in the big boys league. I wish he would just sell the team, the last thing Cleveland needs us another cheap owner holding over of our sports teams hostage.

  12. Wouldn’t it be wise for any team drafting after the Browns to “interview” these scouts, even on a 1 year deal?

    It’s genius, I tell ya, it’s shear genius!

  13. This was a smart move. Go read some Browns forums prior to this news. Rumor has it that some scouts loyal to former executives were leaking Browns draft board stuff (etc) to other teams they have connections with.

    it sounds like Sashi was aware and actually let it play out for awhile so they could spread misinformation. Pretty shrewd. But now that was discovered they had to show the spies the door. Crazy stuff but smart Browns were able to play them.

  14. I disagree with the blame on the scouts for some of what is being said here.
    I imagine one reason they are being let go is that Hue Jackson comes from the Bengals who have no area scouts. They have a scouting staff of about 6 and have been effective so he doesn’t see the need.
    They are also going to a more analytic based system which requires less human opinion.

  15. I’d be more skeptical if they didn’t put a Moneyball guy in charge. Not that those guys aren’t wrong just that those guys definitely do things differently than the old school GMs that did things based on “gut”.

  16. Yet more examples of the Browns releasing people to late to hook on with other teams…

  17. If I had one of the first 6 or so picks after the Browns or were either the Raven, Steelers, or Bengals I would hire one of their ex-scouts and get info on what their plans are.

  18. This is SOP when a new regime comes in. When you hire new coaches and/or front office(or baseball stat guys) around the SBowl, you don’t immmediately blow out the scouting staff that’s been working on this draft for 10 months. You go with their stuff, tempered by your own evaluations. With contracts expiring and new HC and front office, these guys knew they were gone anyway. There are plenty of legit reasons to pick on the Browns, why use something like this?

  19. Moneyball in action! Hey, an analytics-based approach did wonders for the Philadelphia 76ers in the NBA– seems like a good way to go. Enjoy your five-year plans, Cleveland fans. Remember to trust the process!

  20. how many scouts are left is the question ?

    no harm in releasing scouts once they have submitted reports and no more input henceforth since analytics is taking over …

  21. Not a Browns fan, but when Hue Jackson was hired, I Really thought that was a step in the right direction. They continue to be the buffoons of the nfl, with or without Hue on board.

  22. I’m a believer that they’re doing the right things. The presumption is these scouts are the ones with high grades on all the busts.

    My belief could take a severe hit 30 minutes into the draft however.

  23. Prob just preferred scouts that embraced the same form of player evaluation as the new analytics GM dude, although they could have waited 6 weeks after the draft to squeeze what they could out of those perceived relics.

  24. It’s not like they had a stellar draft record the last 15 years.

    Insanity – doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results.

  25. patsfan says:
    Apr 8, 2016 12:57 PM

    Yet more examples of the Browns releasing people to late to hook on with other teams…


    I’m all for piling on the factory of sadness, but doesn’t this article make plain that they did it BEFORE most teams do (aka after the draft is completed)?

  26. Big deal. At least the didn’t do before the coach was hired months ago like they’ve done in the past. This is “thank you for the data, we have it from here”. It’s the perfect time to get rid of scouts. They have no say in the draft anyway. It’s only because it’s my Browns it’s a bad move. I understand that..

  27. Surprise Surprise Surprise. Off the Johnny M draft alone didn’t realize the Browns had anyone working for them with that title.

  28. Hallam is the kind of boss or guy I would love to work for.

    Just ask his Pilot J Flying employees where he pinned the blame on. How did this guy get approved to buy a team.

    The league should step in and strip him of what he is doing to the fans. I would never buy season or game tickets to a Browns game knowing my owner does not believe in doing it providing a winner on the field. He just wants to be part of the best sports fraternity. I don’t think he will ever win as an owner regardless of who or how much he pays the next schlep that is hired in two years. Maybe one year.

  29. Why do you even bring this up? They did exactly the same thing when Pettine and company were hired. They want their own people in there and these scouts aren’t “their” people. Simple.

  30. If the Browns win one game this year I will be shocked. They let the little bit of quality they had walk out the door. They have a ton of cap space and sign no one. They hire a GM that knows nothing about football. Then they fit half the scouts right before the draft. Next they will trade their first round pick to the Patriots for a fourth rounder in 2017. I bet a months wages that Hugh Jackson didn’t plan on an offseason like this when he signed on. When are Broens fans going to catch a break?

  31. RG3 is all they need. He’ll unveil his new logo on draft day, and then select the draft picks.

  32. Standard operating procedure for a new regime; Let’s be honest, their notes and grades have been fed forward at this point. Feel free to troll on….

  33. Now watch the rest of the AFC-North teams quickly hire them on as ‘consultants’ to pick their brains about the Browns’ draft plans. Not that that information would be of any value anyways! 😀

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