Jets left tackle D’Brickashaw Ferguson retiring

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The Jets apparently won’t need D’Brickashaw Ferguson to take a pay cut to clear cap room.

Because he’s not going to be there.

According to Rich Cimini of, the Jets left tackle is retiring at the age of 32.

Ferguson is healthy, which makes the move a surprise on a number of levels. He never missed a snap because of injury over 10 years, and hasn’t fallen off to the degree that another team wouldn’t want him. But he was carrying a $14.1 million cap charge, and the Jets wanted to pay him less than the $10.375 million he was due this year.

The Jets were mentioned in connection to some free agent tackles, and will clearly need to find a replacement. Denver’s Ryan Clady has been made surplus to requirements, but he’s carrying a significant cap charge of his own at the moment.

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  1. These guys make so much money. If they are smart and don’t squander it then they’re set for life at a very young age. This will become a growing trend and it’s not all about concussion concerns. Certainly doesn’t appear to be the case with Ferguson.

  2. My guess is as the money in the NFL continues to rise, more and more players will simply choose to stop playing because they are basically set for life by the time they are 27. Everything else is just icing on the cake.

    Pro players have effectively “won the lottery”, and many of them may be choosing to do what most of us would do if we won the lottery- Quit their jobs.

    As much as we like to think that all these players LOVE the game so much and will have to be dragged off like Manning or Brady, the reality is that it’s just a well paying, very physical job that may not be worth the extra $15 milliom contract extension when they’ve already racked up $60 million in the bank.

    Sadly for the fans, I think this trend will continue as these NFL contracts continue to soar.

  3. I am so ticked off. As a Jets fan, I would love to be able to tell Fitzpatrick where I would like him to go. At the top of my lungs.

  4. Now that it is fairly certain players are risking their health and their futures by playing this game, NFL organizations will be hard-pressed to convince them to take a pay cut for the privilege of taking that risk.

  5. 1 or 2 players – that’s all.

    No trend for players retiring early. Nothing to see here. Nope.

  6. This freed up cap space surely means Mo Wilkerson will be staying in NY, not that this was in doubt, contrary to the absurd Mike Glennon and a pick for Wilkerson trade rumors.

  7. The Jets have sunk to a new low when their fans are upset about the contract status of Ryan Fitzpatrick.

  8. Good on him. The team gave him a contract, then when it became inconvenient – they leaked the notion that his salary is what is keeping the team from getting their QB… BS, and so he quietly beat them at their own game. Now what excuse will they have for not paying Fitzpatrick?

  9. I’m mired in student loan debt and just struggling to make ends meet and its just amazing the gulf between my world and how these guys look at money, they are so blessed to be able to walk away from $10M…that tells you right there that the sport is unbelievably HARD on a body

  10. Can still play at a high level. The team really disrespected him by demanding he take a pay cut, after 10 solid years and a number of pro bowls. Lets see how life is for them without a solid LT, QB will probably be on IR by week 8.

  11. Didn’t miss a snap in 10 years and reportedly has been mulling retirement since the season ended because he felt he couldn’t play up to his previous level. Sounds like a standup guy, wish him well in retirement.

  12. I know he had a huge cap hit, but now I am worried.

    Never missed a snap in 10 years.

    How many offensive lineman can say that?

    He wasn’t elite by LT standards anymore but still solid. Maybe not worth that cap hit, but…who the hell is going to play LT for them now?

    Now Jets have to go find a LT and find a QB. And to be honest, they need to find a RT also. And, Brian Winters still kind of sucks, so they need another guard.

    Offensive line needs a major rebuild. Jets could be 4-12 next year thanks to miserable schedule and loss of depth on the OL. And maybe loss of Fitzpatrick.

  13. mikermiker says:
    Apr 8, 2016 9:16 AM
    Dude is going to end up w Rex in Buffalo, don’t belee me jus watch

    And you typed that without having to suffer concussions on the job…..

    ub noin wha i b sain?

  14. The toll the game takes on their bodies is incredible, yet bozo the clown wants to lengthen the season. Travel the world to play on short weeks.

    Its no wonder we see guys retiring “early”.

    Lets say you make a 53 roster, even with the rookie min, for a few seasons. That is close to a mill before taxes. If you were smart with that money, you could easily have $300k +, at minimum salary and no signing bonus.

    That is a nice place to start the next stage of your business life-

  15. 10 years in the NFL and never missed a game? That’s pretty impressive. If you can walk away from the game healthy and your body fully intact, they why not do it? He’s probably managed his money well and is ready for the next chapter in his life. Good for him. Next man up.

  16. weepingjebus says:
    Apr 8, 2016 9:13 AM

    That’s quite a counteroffer.

    Well played, sir. The leader out of the gate for PFT Post of the Day.

    On the serious side, ya gotta hand it to the Jets AND the player. The team made a great pick up high in the draft, and he never missed a play for 10 seasons…just what everyone wanted at the time. And for ‘Brick, a very respectable career for the decade he spent there. I’m hoping my Lions will talk to him before he hits the buffet table in the Bahamas too hard.

  17. Disclaimer – I’m a Jets fan.

    Dbrik is a good guy, but his performance has declined. Many (most) teams would ask to renegotiate with a player after their guaranteed money is paid, if their performance has declined. The Patriots do this all the time, and it works.

    The Jets don’t have a viable alternative, but they aren’t making the playoffs this year. They have a much harder schedule and will be hard pressed to exceed 8 wins.

    Thus it’s not worth spending scarce cap money on a 1 year band aid.

    Fitzpatrick isn’t all that good, but I’d pay him 7MM.
    If he doesn’t take it, then go with Geno Smith (who will probably suck). This way we find out if Geno has improved (probably not), and a newly drafted QB (if the Jets draft one) or a developmental QB (Bryce petty) wont get hurt behind the terrible Jets OLine.

    It’s going to be a sad season with ??? at left tackle
    Carpenter at Left Guard (he’s ok)
    Mangold at Center (hes still good, but not great)
    Brain Winters at right guard (he’s terrible)
    Giacomini at right tackle (terrible)

    Who ever is the QB better have a fast release, else they will be sacked > 50 times. If it’s Geno, then thats ok, he’s not going to amount to anything. And if he shows improvement, well, we shall see.

  18. I don’t blame him for retiring. Why stay on a team, giving your all and all and you still won’t get a ring? He’s got enough in the bank. Good for him.

  19. It was a bush league move by the Jets to pin their failure to deal with Fitzpatrick on him in hopes he would take a cut. As far as I’m concerned he did the best move he had available.

  20. Wow, 10 years in the league and never missed a snap all while playing on the OL. Even as a hater of the Jets, I have to admit that that’s impressive.

  21. I’m not sure how many of you have actually watched Brick play lately. Good yes, but not close to worth 14 million, and i think his agent knows that too

  22. Ha! I love it! I know it’s only been a handful of players that have walked away, but the NFL has to begin wondering how much longer they are going to stay “king of the hill”.

  23. Maybe he’s retiring to force the lions hand so he can be released and can unite with Tom Brady to chase a ring, oh wait……that’s Megatron, because there’s no way these millionaires are retiring for health purposes and want to be able to play with their children and walk around.

  24. .
    Not to worry….. The Jets division rivals, the Patriots, have lost some players in the offseason too. The only difference is that they’ve replaced them with better players.

  25. If it goes to 18 games. And if they start traveling more to foreign countries. Then retiring in the late 20s will be more and more common. The NFL thinks they are invincible but they are not. The league is heading in the wrong direction quickly. Good job you idiot Goodell

  26. It’s ironic that people complain about ‘greedy’ players when they hold out for a better contract, but nobody complains when owners want to change a contract to cut a players pay.

  27. Dude went to UVA so you know he’s a smart guy…..what an amazing run on some atrocious Jets teams. All the best to him in his future endeavors.

  28. So much for drafting that franchise QB this year. If Ronnie Stanley or Jack Conklin are on the board, they’re pretty much forced to go that direction now.

  29. After 10 years of taking a beating on the offensive line and never missing a game it was a bit disrespectful the team demanded a paycut and even worse leaked that they needed to do so to sign Kirkpatrick.

    Clearly Ferguson didn’t need the money if he’said retiring and walking away from it but I can see how if he was on the fence about retiring this “renegotiate or get cut” demand from the team would push him over the edge.

  30. “Sounds like Jets gave him $10 million under the table to go away.”

    That’s quite an accusation. Do you have anything whatsoever with which to back that up?

  31. “Good on him. The team gave him a contract, then when it became inconvenient – they leaked the notion that his salary is what is keeping the team from getting their QB… BS, and he quietly beat them at their own game.”

    By turning down millions and millions of dollars?

    Wow. You’d make a hell of an accountant.

  32. well let me leave my 2 cents
    if im the jets “im a browns fan”
    im calling up cleveland for Joe Thomas 1-2 years younger HOF LT “they dont grow on trees and he wants too win right?”
    if i’m the Jets and know Joe’s Value and it at his highest it can be
    i trade your 1st this year 2016 and 1st & 2nd 2017 for Joe or if u don’t wanna part with 1st or 2nd in 207 i trade some players too even it out
    that way cleveland has 3 1st round picks 1 u can flip for more pics this years or next or use all 3 and get you QB,LT and WR all in 1 round
    just my opinion
    also if i’m cleveland and the eagles wanna get WENTZ so badly get them too sell the farm but thats another story lol

  33. As a Bills fan, yes, please don’t sign Fitz and let Geno Smith start in 2016. Please??? We beat the Jets both times last year with Fitz starting, but it would be nice to hold them to even LESS points per-game than ’15.

  34. Retiring early is becoming a trend in the NFL. Can anyone blame these guys? They make millions of dollars and are apparently smart enough to manage it (some blow it all because they are stupid). They should be able to retire after raking in 70 million over a decade. Why risk a crippling injury? Enjoy the retirement.

  35. Big Ant TV: what are you smoking? A 1 and 2. Your out of your mind. I’ll take my chances with the draft or I’ll trade for clady or joekell and it would cost much less. I’d probably offer Mo and a 4 for Thomas and a 3rd. Other than that go kick rocks with that trade

  36. Jets fans kept bumping their chops about asking him to take a pay cut. Good for him, now you’re begging him to stay.

    Like I said before, its down to the Pats and Steelers for the AFC. The Raiders are primed to smoke Denver to oblivion. And the Bungles, well theyre still the Bungles

  37. “It’s ironic that people complain about ‘greedy’ players when they hold out for a better contract, but nobody complains when owners want to change a contract to cut a players pay.”

    It isn’t ironic at all. That’s how the contracts are structured. The players know that going in. The owners have options to cut at any time. The players have guaranteed money, signing bonus money, etc on their side to counteract that.

    If the contracts were guaranteed, then you would never see 3-4 year contracts at all unless it was for low money. There’d be less money for current players as injured and cut players would still be making their guaranteed pay.

  38. “Sounds like Jets gave him $10 million under the table to go away.”

    How does it sound like that? How does that make any sense?

    So you’re saying the Jets will simply pay him the $10M they owe him even though he’s not playing? Why would they do that?

  39. Send Mo Wilk and the 20th over all pick to the Niners for their 7th over all and a 4th. Draft Stanley from ND and solidify your LT spot for another 10 years.

  40. Everyone who thinks he did this out of spite because the Jets asked him for a pay cut is ridiculous, he was considering retirement after the season because of the physical effects of football. Why would he take less money and damage his body even more?

    Great player for the Jets, a true grinder but, has been in decline and in the bottom half of LT’s the past three years and made things harder for the other guys on the offensive line. And Jets fans who think this is bad timing need to realize that Maccagnan has scouted and brung in LT’s since free agency, he has done his due diligence and had a replacement plan in place since the start, they probably knew about this. This draft is loaded with OT’s and they will probably monitor the Clady situation as well.

    Ps: Some of you guys aren’t giving Brian Winters any credit he showed improvement this season without having Geno stand in the pocket for a century and taking sacks. He also hit on all of his incentives this season.

  41. For everyone saying Rex is going to pick him up for the Bills, I find that extremely unlikely. The Bills have no cap space this season so they are only signing cheap depth players. Even if he felt “insulted” by what the Jets offered him, I’m positive it’s several times more than the Bills could pay. The Bills also just tagged Glenn, a solid LT of their own. He’s not going to the Bills.

    The guy had a solid 10 year career and presumably has a 7 or 8 figure bank account to enjoy for the rest of his life. He’s not going to play back-up LT on the Bills for the veteran’s minimum.

  42. Brick saw the “Concussion” movie and read the book – and it had a big impact on him. This is not a surprise for those who remember his comments toward the league.

    Google/Bing the phrase “jets ferguson concussion betrayed” and you’ll get a bunch of hits about what he said.

  43. Great maybe the best name for an offensive lineman ever. 10 years is a great a career and without a serious injury. Smart move. Best wishes..

  44. “mikermiker says:
    Apr 8, 2016 9:16 AM

    Dude is going to end up w Rex in Buffalo, don’t belee me jus watch”

    This post exemplifies everything that is wrong with the education system in this country.

  45. It’s too bad to see Ferguson retire . If I were the Eagles and Howie Roseman I’d be on the phone trying to trade Jason Peters to the Jets for a draft pick and then draft an offensive tackle in the first round of the draft.

  46. As a Pats fan, I hate Brick. But I respect him. A lot. He was really good. It’s a shame to see money be the reason he retires, but it’s fairly certain that it was money.

    Hope he enjoys his new life. Nothing but respect for him here, even if I hate the Jets.

  47. The brick knows he has lost a step or two, knows he just doesn’t have what he used to have and now retires. Some peeps might think it was contract hassles and it wasn’t. The same with that guy with white sox that didn’t have it anymore but chose to use the excuse of his son in lockerroom as an out.

  48. Surprised he didn’t wait around to get cut from the roster and see what free agency can do

  49. No matter what, he’s played more seasons than Matt Leinart, Vince Young and Jamarcus Russell combined… And at least unlike Mario Williams or Reggie Bush he got to stay with one team for a decade which is hard for any NFL player at any position to do…

  50. The Jets have known for months he was thinking retirement, so its really no surprise. They addressed his contract so he would make the decision sooner than later. He’s not mad at the team, just ready to move on.
    Its funny how we Pats fans say we don’t worry about the Jets, but this coach and GM know what they’re doing. 12-4/10-6/1-1 shows they’re right behind us. That’s why their are more Pats fans then ever trolling NY.
    We all know we were lucky to beat them once last year. I’m more worried about out I line than theirs!

  51. Had nothing to do with money. He’d been telling the Jets for months that he was considering it. This way they can free up some $ and address the OL in the draft. Had a very good career, just getting out with all his marbles.

  52. At 32 most LTs can’t make a roster, so they don’t have to announce retirement.

    This isn’t early, seems right about on time for a solid player. The Jets weren’t going to pay him and he wouldn’t sniff close to that money elsewhere. He was paid a kings ransom already so unless he wanted to go ring chasing seems like a good time to hang it up.

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