Lack of significant offers may have driven D’Brickashaw Ferguson to retire


There was no talk of Jets left tackle D’Brickashaw Ferguson retiring until the Jets tried to get him to take less money. And it’s quite possible that the decision crystallized after Ferguson realized that no one was willing to give him enough money to justify the continuation of his career.

Given the sequence of events, it’s reasonable to assume that Ferguson’s agent gauged the market and identified Ferguson’s alternatives elsewhere in light of whatever the Jets were offering on a reduced deal. It’s also reasonable to assume that Ferguson specifically opted not to take whatever the best offer was with the Jets or any other team, deciding instead to walk away.

The move likely comes with an agreement that the Jets won’t pursue any lingering signing bonus amounts that had not yet been fully earned (if there even are any); otherwise, Ferguson could have simply stood his ground and forced his release. By retiring, Ferguson also makes it harder to return and play for the team of his choice later, since the Jets would still hold his rights.

Although the timing of the retirement points to financial concerns, it’s entirely possible that Ferguson was motivated at least in part by health concerns. Ferguson reacted strongly after seeing Concussion, writing in an item for that “I feel a bit betrayed by the people or committees put in place by the league who did not have my best interests at heart.”

“Dr. Elliot Pellman was one of the Jets’ team doctors when I was a rookie in 2006, and to learn that he was a part of the group that tried to discredit the scope and impact of brain injuries among players within the league is disheartening,” Ferguson explained in his December 29 essay.

“When I initially heard about 49ers linebacker Chris Borland, who decided to retire after one professional season for the risk of brain injury, I thought perhaps he was acting very abruptly, but now I cannot fault him,” Ferguson wrote. “If we know the risks, then why do we still play? . . . Since seeing Concussion, I can’t avoid wondering if I am in danger of experiencing some degree of brain injury when I am done playing.”

Regardless, Ferguson made it clear in December that he has no regrets.

“[W]ould I do it all again?” Ferguson wrote. “I would, considering what I have accomplished on and off the field because of my relationship with football.”

That relationship, after nearly two full decades, is over. Whether it’s because of the financial offers or health concerns or a combination of the two, he had a very good career, one that included Ferguson taking every single snap in every single game for 10 seasons.

20 responses to “Lack of significant offers may have driven D’Brickashaw Ferguson to retire

  1. Every snap in every game for 10 years as an offensive lineman is an insane feat. Congrats from a Bills fan on a great career.

  2. Concussions and CTE are clearly a problem, but I sincerely hope this doesn’t lead to a rash of young players only playing long enough to make a pile of money and then retiring. (Not that that’s what D’Brick is doing, of course…)

  3. Lack of significant offers? Get real. The dude played every snap for 10 years. He was going to get paid. He was a freelancer for someone in the offseason, and watched the movie “Concussion” and was contemplating retiring this offseason because of CTE. It had nothing to do with money. Plus he’s made like 67 million since coming into the league. Money had nothing to do with this, it came down to health. Good for him.

  4. Watched that movie Concussion last night. The story of Mike Webster is just haunting, more players will leave sooner then later…….bank on it.

  5. “By retiring, Ferguson also makes it harder to return and play for the team of his choice later, since the Jets would still hold his rights.”

    Thank you for including that so we won’t have to hear fools claiming he just wants to force his way to Buffalo to play for Rex.

  6. Smart young man, he made his money and he’s not willing to continue to jeopardize his health for the money teams are now willing to pay him……enjoy the rest of your life son with no regrets…

  7. Ahh DUH!
    His agent gets paid to do a job also and luckily he’s smarter than all the trolls who commented on this story.
    No one is gonna pay a guy who got cut more than his last team was willing to….especially when his play has declined and he’s on the wrong side of 30

  8. Is there a more thoughtful, respectful or articulate and genuinely nice cat in the NFL than Brick? Proud he was on my team and wish him well…

    Now, how exactly do we replace this guy? lol

    Clady? Draft? Both?

    How much longer til Fitzy is back?

  9. Brick! You made a ton of $$$$$!!!!
    You are a human cow owned by your master billionaire owner. You made the dough cause they made more dough. Do not act like you are a victim. Send me your $$$$$$$ then u can act like a victim.
    Go Hawks!

  10. When it comes to retirement from teams like the Lions (Megatron) and now the Jets, I can’t help but wonder if the crappy teams they play on don’t represent the final nail in the coffin on their decision to walk away.

  11. I knew Webster from a distance, growing up in the same area – he’d come to youth basketball games, always happy to sign autographs…totally different from what was in concussion.

    However, these NFL players shouldn’t need a movie to understand what multiple concussions can do – it’s common sense.

  12. He thought about the pay cut and said,” I am worth “a,” and they want me to be paid, “b.” All because they don’t have enough to pay another player. I wouldn’t do it either. Why don’t they tell Revis to take a pay cut. Or his boy Marxhall. D never missed a snap and was probably the last person to ask. You all set up his salary and knew it would be this high in 2016. They could have met him half way and said we give you more guaranteed money and extend him out for 2-3 years now they need a blindside tackle and a QB. Only the J-E-T-S.

    Then he retired with 50+ million from doing a hall of fame job one day.

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