Odell’s cousin Terron Beckham has an impressive pro day workout

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He may still be a long shot to make the NFL, but Terron Beckham will absolutely have the NFL’s attention after an impressive pro day workout.

Of course, it wasn’t the usual pro day, since he didn’t play college football and isn’t eligible for the draft, but the display he put on at a New Jersey testing facility caught plenty of eyes and could lead to some free agent interest.

According to Ebenezer Samuel of the New York Daily News, the 223-pound Beckham showed an impressive blend of strength and speed and explosiveness.

He ran a 4.47-second 40, which is merely very fast. But his 44.5-inch vertical leap would have been the highest at this year’s Scouting Combine at any position, as would have been his 36 reps of the 225-pound bench press. Yes, he can jump higher than all the small people, and lift more weight than all the big people.

“Things are kind of just moving and moving, and I like it,” Beckham said. “It’s good. It’s keeping me motivated.”

He also did running back drills with a Colts scout, and spent time talking to a Giants scout after the workout. He’s allegedly a running back, and has a name that guarantees attention. Any team can sign him, and after a workout that showed unquestionable athleticism, they might.

18 responses to “Odell’s cousin Terron Beckham has an impressive pro day workout

  1. Something’s not right. Why didn’t he play football in college? You don’t develop that blend of ability/athleticism overnight. He should have garnered interest from at least one school and probably many more. There’s more to this young man’s story than we know.

  2. He’d have to be tested for HGH, first. I’m sure everyone remembers Shawne Merriman. Before, aaanndd…. after, the roids were taken out of the equation.

  3. Terron?? Note to parents: rigorously check odd names you invent or adopt before naming your kids: “Terron” is the Spanish word for clod!

  4. I’m NJ born and raised, so the phrase ‘New Jersey testing facility’ makes me leery! What is this guy’s athletic background, or did he suddenly appear out of nowhere? Does he keep on top shape for Festivus, or did he develop these freakish abilities in something obscure, like rock climbing or training for American Ninja Warrior? Just think- he could be the ultimate field goal/extra point blocker some teams are saving a roster spot for!

  5. spartyistheclassofthenationinfootballandbasketball says:
    Apr 8, 2016 10:15 AM
    Just to help you out a little bit the phrase “merely very fast” is nonsensical
    Wrong. It’s called CONTEXT – Usain Bolt is insanely fast, but has no football skills, thus he is indeed, in the context of evaluating potential football skills, “merely” very fast.

  6. This rare combo of strength and speed are conducive to being a hell of a player in this league, as I have proven through the years on Madden.
    He’ll likely get a camp invite somewhere and it will be interesting to see if he can stick around.

  7. I’m sure there are a lot of workout warriors in the world who’d make great football players…in theory. As others have said why didn’t he play college football? College teams can carry upwards of a hundred guys so it’s not like there’s a shortage of roster spots.

  8. This dude’s full of more juice than an orange grove. Luckily, for him, the league’s testing policy still can’t catch PED users effectively.

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