Reggie Nelson gets $4 million guaranteed from Raiders


The details are in on the deal signed by new Raiders safety Reggie Nelson. And while the contract technically is, as initially reported elsewhere, worth “up to” $12 million over two years, only one third of the amount is guaranteed.

Per a source with knowledge of the terms of the deal, Nelson receives a $2 million roster bonus on April 15 and a fully-guaranteed $2 million base salary in 2016.

Another $4 million is available in 2017, in the form of a $2.75 million non-guaranteed salary and a $1.25 million roster bonus due in March of next year. The roster bonus becomes fully guaranteed if Nelson participates in 65 percent of the team’s defensive plays in 2016.

The remaining $4 million in potential earnings comes from a $250,000 workout bonus each year and $1.75 million per season in incentives tied to playing time, interceptions, and Pro Bowl appearances.

One of the reasons Nelson didn’t sign sooner is that he was looking for a much better deal. It’s possible that a better deal than the one he signed with the Raiders was available in early March from the Bengals, but that he gave up the bird in the hand for, ultimately, a smaller bird in the bush.

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  1. It’s not the size of the bird that matters. It’s whether or not he gave Cincy the bird on the way out.

  2. Or maybe the Bengals tried to low ball him after he tied for the league lead in Ints and played excellent for them for 6 straight years. Something like that.

  3. Last guy to the pile and you have to draw the plays in the dirt for him.
    I like his hair, though.

  4. Reggie Mckenzie is fully in the zone. Excellent additions at prime positions throughout free agency. He’s helping build a long term winner. Raiders are back… and that’s a great thing for the league.

  5. I wish Charles Woodson played just one more year! The RAIDER D looks like it’s going to be AWESOME this year! Reggie signing Reggie will be a great addition to what’s being built in Oakland!

  6. What happened to the days when the Raiders used to have to grossly overpay players to come there? Signings like this are a sure sign that the players in the league see some big potential there

  7. The Bengals revived his career and he played incredibly well for them for 5 seasons. They have two young safeties that need playing time – they offered Reggie a solid deal – he went elsewhere. People still calling the Bengals cheap have their heads in the sand. Burfict and Pacman already got ‘big’ extensions – and they were more than well deserved. No one wanted to lose Reggie but only so many plates at the table.

  8. Nelson 8 million 2 yr deal is > than Weddle 23 million 4 yr deal.

    Go Raiders , Go Reggie….nothing against Ragland , but I have a bitter taste about first rd MLB picks from Alabama.
    More than likely players on the board at pick 14 I would go with would be Elliott, Conklin, Lee, or DT (Rankins, Reed, Nkemdiche) or maybe even Floyd. In that order.

  9. I live in the South & watch a lot of SEC ball. Ragland is like a lot of Saban’s LBs: big, superior strength & NCAA fast but NFL slow. No way can he cover NFL backs & TEs.

  10. Raiders should select:

    1. Sheldon Rankins – DT
    2. Karl Joseph – SS
    3. Pharoh Cooper – WR

  11. I can appreciate the excitement the Raiders Fans are feeling and can say the same to the Jets, Jags and Giants fans too. No team every does well when you build in Free Agency. Trust me, it doesn’t end well.


    Miami and Philadelphia Fans

  12. ncphinsfan
    Apr 9, 2016, 6:41 PM AKDT
    I can appreciate the excitement the Raiders Fans are feeling and can say the same to the Jets, Jags and Giants fans too. No team every does well when you build in Free Agency. Trust me, it doesn’t end well.


    Miami and Philadelphia Fans
    Difference is… the Raiders are building through the draft. Look at their roster and the young foundation of their team… all from the draft.

    Mckenzie is using FA to simply enhance the roster. And he’s doing it with wise contracts. His biggest signings aren’t the Suh’s and Jackson… nor has he went the Giants break the bank path. He’s signing younger dominant players in their prime who are filling great positions of need.

    Mckenzie is blending what he learned of Al Davis and Ted Thompson. And it looks to be a great path.

  13. Reg has built us a BEAST. Look at the Aldon signing. Hit and run, leaving the scene, DUI…………….this is perfect Raider character!! We are back to the old ways! Who cares if Smith can’t play? He will be a locker room leader. Good job Reg! I hope we can get Hardy. They are both Raider type leaders! Yep, we are back baby.

  14. Raiders have made a few nice moves this offseason. With the changes going on in Denver, if the Raiders can’t reach .500 this year, heads really need to roll.

  15. I guess the Bengals are getting rid of any player who simply works hard and plays well, but doesn’t cost them playoff games? “If you want to stay here, we expect you to be good for at least one boneheaded personal foul per game – and don’t even think about advancing in the playoffs!”

  16. Way to go Reg. You overpaid for a guy not drawing much interest.
    “Reggie Nelson ‘Shocked’ at Lack of Free Agent Interest, ‘Excited’ for Jack Del Rio Reunion in Oakland!”
    by: Levi Damien

    It’s been a long free agency for Reggie Nelson. Much longer than anyone would expect for a player who tied for the league lead with 8 interceptions last season. In terms of production, it was Nelson’s best NFL season at the age of 32.

    Despite that fact, the Bengals weren’t pushing hard to bring him back.

    “I was shocked,” said Nelson of the lack of interest in his services. “I expected to be signed, but patience is a virtue. …………..

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