Report: Greg Hardy upset Aldon Smith signed before him


Greg Hardy may know he’s viewed as an off-field problem in NFL circles, but he doesn’t think he’s as big a problem as Aldon Smith.

That’s the word from Jason Cole of Bleacher Report, who says that Hardy got upset when Smith — who is currently suspended and has a long history of off-field problems — signed with the Raiders while Hardy is still looking for work.

Who’s worse, Hardy or Smith? That’s a hard question to answer. But Smith got no signing bonus and nothing guaranteed from the Raiders, and Smith remains suspended by the NFL and won’t even be eligible for reinstatement until November. So the Raiders weren’t taking much of a risk when they signed him.

NFL teams do think, however, that signing Hardy is a risk. He was suspended after an ugly domestic violence accusation in 2014 with the Panthers, he clashed with teammates and coaches in 2015 with the Cowboys, and he showed no remorse for his actions in an interview that aired this week on ESPN.

Eventually some team may decide that Hardy is worth the risk. But it shouldn’t be a surprise, to Hardy or anyone else, that no team has reached that point yet.

75 responses to “Report: Greg Hardy upset Aldon Smith signed before him

  1. Reality is that Hardy did not have much of an impact last year…he really is not that good.

    NFL will put up with a ton of crap if you are making plays…but once you become “just a guy”…why should they put up with your crap when there are a ton of other players out there who are NOT idiots?

    Enjoy your unemployment – you did it to yourself.

  2. Smith signed an absolutely no-risk deal for the Raiders and seems to be sincere to fix his ways. He also seemed to be a model teammate in his time in Oakland.

    Hardy’s reputation meanwhile…

  3. NFL teams do think, however, that signing Hardy is a risk. He was suspended after an ugly domestic violence accusation in 2014 with the Panthers, he clashed with teammates and coaches in 2015 with the Cowboys, and he showed no remorse for his actions in an interview that aired this week on ESPN.

    This paragraph should actually read as

    NFL teams do think, however, that signing Hardy is a risk. He was suspended after an ugly domestic violence conviction in 2014 with the Panthers, which was later won on appeal after paying off the victim to disappear and be non-cooperative, he clashed with teammates and coaches in 2015 with the Cowboys, and he showed no remorse for his actions in an interview that aired this week on ESPN.

  4. That’s exactly why no one will touch you Greg. You refuse to take ownership of your off the field transgressions. How about you just fade away buddy, nobody cares.

  5. Probably close to broke. Won’t be long, “you want fries with that?”

  6. Aldon Smith’s problems all revolve around his alcoholism. This is a problem suffered by millions of Americans and by all accounts Smith is taking the right steps to deal with it. Smith’s biggest transgression was the ill-advised party he through at his home which lead to his injury and arrest. Hardy on the other hand beat and threatened to kill his girl friend. Bith were given a second chance last year by teams willing to let them be part of a team and support them. one became a great teammate and the other became a menace to fellow players and coaches. Is there really a question why Smith is being given a chance to continua his career with the Raiders and Hardy is trying to find a team desperate enough to sign him?

  7. I’m sure Cowboy fans know his true production, meaning I know when a player from my team ALMOST had a sack or was damn near close. Things like that mean something, it does not show up statwise, but at least I know said player plays with his all, and from what fans and analysts analyzing things say, is that he checked out when the going got tough. That’s why he can’t find NFL work.

    On a personal note I just wanted to share to you all that Taco Bell is way too fancy for a Wednesday.

  8. I gotta agree here.. with hardy he has the right to be upset.. but he also needs to do a personal inventory of his self and say ok .. my problems off the field must be a problem because I’m not getting no interest from any teams.. no one willing to take a chance with me what am I doing wrong? And it’s time to grow up and be responsible and stay out of trouble…

  9. It’s bad enough when u have off-field problems but what this idiot fails to understand is that when you are a bad teammate & clash with coaches NOBODY wants to deal with THAT!!! So thats why ASmith got signed b4 him

  10. Smith is a guy with substance abuse issues who is attempting through treatment to get well. Hardy is a mean spirited person who gets angry about everything. Hardy is also a violent psychopath who beats and terrorizes women.

  11. Personally, I hope Greg Hardy has played his last down in the NFL.

    He was given another chance in Dallas and, by all appearances and accounts, he acted very badly (his poor on-field performance aside).

    It’s totally not scientific, but for some reason, I really despise Greg Hardy and I don’t feel that way about Aldon Smith.

    It’s possible enough other people feel that way too.

  12. Smith has a problem with drinking, but is non violent and to date his troubles only involve him. He’s sorry for the dumb stuff he does, just makes the dumbest decisions when he’s drunk. Smith is also Goodells poster boy for punishment and doesn’t really deserve the length of suspensions he’s received.

    Hardy beat the hell out of a woman and proclaims himself an innocent man because the case was thrown out after he paid the victim to not show up. He shows zero remorse and acts like he’s the victim and is actually smug and braggadocios about having done so.

    If Hardy can’t see the differences in the two players and their infractions then he’s as delusional as he appears.

  13. I’d feel the same way if I was Hardy. Yes, I don’t like the man either but I really don’t know exactly what he did to his girlfriend if she wanted the money that bad, she couldn’t have been that traumatized but I don’t know what happened do any of you? The Cowboys signed him last year and if he had 12 or more sacks they would have signed him again. Lots of NFL players enter the league very immature and from very tough early lives. Hardy is a knucklehead but some knuckleheads learn to change. Too many posters what to judge a guy and set sentence for life. How is the fair to even guys like Hardy. He didn’t act so bad last year in Dallas. The only reason he’s has not been signed is he didn’t give the Cowboys what they wanted and they low balled him last year anyway. I think he should get another chance like so many other players ‘some who posters think murdered people, but still got to play and have long careers. Some from teams you cheer for. He’s not that old, he deserves a chance to make a living in the only think he knows how to do. It’s just a chance, he at least deserves that much?

  14. The biggest reason Aldon Smith has signed before Greg Hardy even though he is currently on suspension is because his teammates and coaches generally like him. Hardy is a locker room cancer and to this day cannot admit that any of his actions were wrong and are the reason he is in this situation. I can’t believe Jerry Jones gave this guy a 2nd chance. He makes Ray Rice look like the Pope. At least Ray Rice was apologetic, reached out for help and is now counseling others about the problem of domestic violence.

  15. I think the difference is Aldon Smith likely can still ball. Hardy was a bum last season.

    Doesn’t make it right but teams will handle headaches for performance. Play better.

  16. That’s because Aldon looks sincere and apologetic and is owning up to what he did and taking his punishment like a man.

    Greg Hardy is just a walking denial machine that thinks because he laid her off that he can say he is innocent. Which, news flash hardy, you were NEVER found innocent.

  17. No sympathy at all, whatsoever for this guy. I have a daughter and I’d be in jail today if she were to have an experience like Hardy ‘ s (friend) had. Hardy needs counseling…..from Jesus! Maybe even a good MMA ass whipping! Dummy!

  18. Hardy is a complete head case. If you are considering signing him, wouldn’t you wait as long as you could before bringing him in. Someone that toxic does not need to be around all of ota’s.

  19. Smith has serious mental issues that cause him to keep hurting himself. It’s bad for his team while he sits out serving suspensions, but humans usually have a certain degree of sympathy for people like this.
    Hardy has serious mental issues that cause him to hurt other people, including women. Most humans don’t have much sympathy for that. It’s also a PR disaster for a team to sign a woman abuser.
    Fans shake their heads when you sign a guy like Smith, but they throw up when you sign a guy like Hardy. Owners don’t think it’s good for business when you make your fans throw up.

  20. Who’s worse, Hardy or Smith? That’s a hard question to answer.

    This is laughable. While both have past stupidity, Smith played last year, bought in and caused 0 problems.

    Hardy played last year, frequently embarrassed the team with his idiocy and was a cancer in the locker room.

    Good luck out there, Tiger…

  21. The difference is that Smith had some addiction problems that he seems to be sincerely trying to work through. He also does not seem to have been a bad teammate. Greg Hardy on the other hand is a complete sociopath who has not an ounce of remorse for what he’s done, doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong, and on top of that is an awful teammate. Smith has made a lot of poor decisions, but Hardy is an evil person who has done what he’s done willingly and will never change.

  22. He clashed with teammates and coaches in 2015 with the Cowboys…..

    People, this is why Hardy is not signed, got nothing to do with his DV issues!!!!!

  23. Reality check for Mr. Hardy, Aldon Smith is MUCH better than you! And he hit a parked car, not his supposed girlfriend! Besides, Aldon is liked by his teammates as well! No surprise Hardy isn’t signed and wouldn’t be surprised if he’s never signed again

  24. Hopefully Hardy will not be signed up after D’Brickashaw Ferguson signs. 🙂

  25. As a Cowboys fan I wasn’t happy with them signing him last year. When Romo and Dez got hurt and the season spun out of control he didn’t help step in and be productive with his childish comments about Tom Brady’s wife. For the first 1/2 of that game, he played like the player he was supposed to be. For the rest of the season he was average.

    The rumors of disruption and discord in the locker room we unsettling. I wish they’d have cut him during the season (again, I wasn’t in favor of the signing in the first place) to at least acknowledge they made a mistake and he was a piece of garbage. Shaking my head and thanking the Lord he no longer has a star on his helmet (or a helmet for that matter).

  26. I wish we could fast forward 5 years to when this guy is broke working at McDonald’s.

  27. It has nothing to do with risk, and everything to do with America burning any witch perceived to be responsible for domestic violence. Doesn`t matter if the case was thrown out, or that the alleged victim was both untrustworthy and / or provoked a reaction. I`m a Dallas fan, and I`m okay with us not re-signing him. But that`s because he didn`t work his ass off last year, not because of this media campaign against him.

  28. If that got him upset…..wait until I get signed before he does!
    Hardy is done!
    It takes a real low life to make yourself so undesirable that no team will take another chance on you.

  29. The nail in the coffin for Hardy was when he showed such a lack of self control he shoved a coach on a nationally broadcast game. No matter what he says from that point, everyone know he is not capable of keeping his hands to himself. This guy need therapy and should not be allowed to play until he can display some control. None of us would be employed if we struck our boss, just holding him to the SAME standard as everyone else capable of living in a civilized society.

  30. Neither Hardy nor Smith should even be in the NFL any longer. I cannot believe the NFL hasn’t made a rule for lifetime bans of players. Then again, I see some fans claim the NFL comes down to hard on players who violently attack women, so I guess there is enough people who don’t care.

  31. Hardy and Smith should be banned for life.

    The NFL has to end this view that playing in the NFL is an entitlement to worthless athletes who are even worse as men.

    It is time to stamp out the ghetto and to push the ghetto back to the ghetto.

  32. Smith is an idiot… but has admitted he needs help.

    Hardy continues to lie…. he’ll likely be unemployed forever.

  33. gints1017 says:
    Apr 9, 2016 11:50 AM
    I wish we could fast forward 5 years to when this guy is broke working at McDonald’s.

    17 1
    creamingsheep69 says:
    Apr 9, 2016 7:02 AM
    Probably close to broke. Won’t be long, “you want fries with that?”

    120 6
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    Why do so many people like to bust on those of us that work in the fast food industry? we have got a job and are working?

  34. At least he has a future with the product storming the country: Greg Hardy’s Bed Full of Guns™: for when you want to sleep but not too well.

    RJVP come back, please.

  35. A lot of people are hitting at the difference here. Aldon Smith is young and dumb – even more so when he’s drunk. But he is not violent and he’s not a me-first sociopath. Plenty of NFL players have grown out of the types of problems Smith has had to become role models and even hall of famers (and I’m thinking of Chris Carter)

    If it wasn’t for football, Hardy would be in jail by now and (probably several) innocent people would be hurt or worse. I pray that something will happen to change Hardy inside – not because I care if he ever plays football again but because he’s a menace to society now.

  36. Hardy is not as big a problem as Aldon Smith – he’s much, much WORSE! Hardy has an altered sense of reality. No wonder no teams are coming after him. I don’t think even the Arena Football League would bother with him.

  37. Smith or Hardy. Both are despicable, yet the Raiders celebrate the incredible signing of Smith, a guy who hit and ran, left the scene of an accident, and was DUI. Wow, just wow. Oh, Smith isn’t eligible to play??

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