Ryan Clady has two-year deal deal with Jets

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The Broncos have indeed traded tackle Ryan Clady to the Jets. And Clady has traded in his Denver contract for a new deal in New York.

Per a source with knowledge of the contract, Clady will make $6 million in 2016. Of that amount, $3 million is guaranteed. Another $1.5 million is available in incentives based on playing time and postseason honors.

The Jets hold an option for 2017 at $10 million. The amount of the 2017 salary can increase to $13 million based on 2016 playing time. There’s also a bonus of $2.5 million due in February 2017, forcing the Jets to make a quick decision on whether they’ll keep Clady for the second year.

Clady was due to make $19.5 million over the next two years in Denver, with no guaranteed money. He now has a maximum value of $20.5 million, $3 million of which is guaranteed.

In contrast, new Broncos left tackle Russell Okung, who was viewed as the top left tackle in free agency this year, has no guarantees on a deal that pays out at most $5 million for one year with a team-held option for the next four.

43 responses to “Ryan Clady has two-year deal deal with Jets

  1. Not bad deal, but I wonder, on 2nd year 10 million;
    I bet the Jets wanted lower that but couldn’t do it, otherwise the trade deal will fall apart?

    Well, hopefully he do great this year and beyond.

  2. The Jets aren’t going to be paying him $10 million next season. They’re going to want renegotiate, ask him to take a pay cut, or release him.

  3. Jets passed on Clady to draft Gholston because they had DB but still needed a RT. Always thought that was a mistake. Bu that BPA is and always be a lie.

    If I was Ferguson, I would unretire just for shtts and giggles…

  4. Team friendly contract for a guy who’s one of the best in the NFL when healthy. If he plays well this year and stays healthy, he’s worth the 10 million next year.

  5. Well if he unretires they could cut him just like they would of done if they drafted OT in 1st round.. They were never gonna pay him what he was due in 2016.

  6. Well now they’ve got cap room for Fitz, which should put them squarely in 2nd place with an 8-8 record and continued irrelevancy as the Patriots continue to decimate the AFC East.

  7. So he goes from a team where he doesn’t know whom he’s blocking for, to a team where he doesn’t know whom he’s blocking for.

  8. If he’s healthy, this is a good deal for the Jets. But, considering his health record is only slightly better than that of Percy Harvin, the odds of him staying healthy at this point are not great. Which means that the Jets probably lost Ferguson and a 5th round pick for 3 games of Ryan Clady and a small amount of cap space.

  9. Nice work by the Jets…..The GM is doing a great job….lost his starting LT and replaced him with a guy who is 4 yrs younger, been to twice as many pro bowls and at the price they had slotted for the position….this reminds me of last yr when they got Marshall and a 7th for a 5th round pick….before the last two yrs, Clady played 5 straight yrs without missing a game, hopefully he reverts backs to that level of play this yr for the Jets….

  10. Jets upgraded for a cheaper price at LT. Smart move.

    If he stays healthy and they resign Fitz watch out this Jets offense has some solid pieces to put up numbers. Were #1 NFL offense in redone last year.

  11. Clady is not an upgrade to Ferguson. Not in anyone’s wildest dreams. Wish the player well but in 3 years he has missed 30 games ? That averages out to being in the field 6 games per season.

  12. So, if I’m Ferguson, I’m announcing I am not retiring after all, thus forcing the Jets to cut me and I become a free agent, or they can pay me 11 million

  13. Here’s a breakdown of the Jets’ selections:

    First round: 20th overall selection

    Second round: 51st overall selection

    Third round: 83rd overall selection

    Fourth round: 118th overall selection

    The Jets don’t have any compensatory picks because they signed more players than they lost in 2015.

    The Jets are not a young team and they keep giving up draft choices for older players. That makes sense if you win but not if you don’t make the playoffs.

  14. Broncos fans talking about Ryan Clady’s durability guys..Okung hasn’t been the healthiest player in the league, either. You essentially swapped one injury prone player for another.

  15. Cant help the club in the tub. Clady has been cashing checks while coming up lame for years. Denver is on to his game,
    Jet Fans will be too soon.

  16. In contrast to the Jets, here are perennial AFC East Champion Patriots’ updated draft picks:

    Second round, 60th overall
    Third round, 91st overall
    Third round, 96th overall
    Fourth round, 127th overall
    Sixth round, TBA
    Sixth round, 208th overall
    Sixth round, 214th overall
    Sixth round, 221st overall
    Seventh round, TBA
    Seventh round, TBA

    Despite Goodell taking their #1 pick, the younger Patriots, a team that won the super bowl a year ago and lost in the AFCCG by two points this year, have 10 picks to the Jets 4. The Pats have needs but no glowing weaknesses like the Jets.

  17. Rare instance that a Deal worked well for both teams, but no way is Clady better Ferguson, especially when the guy is in the Training Room most of the season. Also, the Jets Offense is very different than what Denver runs. Even the best Tackles take time to adjust to new blocking schemes. I think Jets fans are underestimating what a great player D’Brick was. Happy Retirement to a real Pro.

  18. After ten years of a guy who never got hurt and was insanely consistent, the Jets are going to really get a cold slap when Clady goes down x number of games into the season.

    I thought Rex Ryan left? That was a total Rex Ryan-level move.

  19. Remember folks okung turned down 8 mill a year offer from Seattle. Now he gets nothing guaranteed

  20. Jets have won two division titles since their last SB in 69. Haven’t made the playoffs in five years. The new GM will be out of honeymoon phase soon.

  21. tigerlilac says:
    Apr 9, 2016 10:27 PM
    In contrast to the Jets, here are perennial AFC East Champion Patriots’ updated draft picks:
    Second round, 60th overall
    Second round, 61st overall
    The Pat’s have the 61st pick, too.

  22. Ok. So 2013 he misses 14 games with a listfranc. A freak injury. Then last year ACL in May doing drills. Other than that he started all 16 every season. Brick was a great player for 6-7 years but last year he took 60th in PFF for tackles. In 2010 he was 3rd. It’s a young man’s league unless your a freak. Cladys 2 injuries are more luck issues than say chronic hamstrings or spinal disorders. So Clady and Marshall and 2 7th rounders for 2 5th rounders. That’s a bad move?

  23. Tigerlilac and the other Pats trolls spending allot of time on our site. With Pats at 12-4 and Jets just 2 back at 10-6,thyre feeling the heat 1-1 split and the Jets took that much needed home field playoff advantage away. Pats need to be in Foxboro to win. We know our D line gives Tommy trouble (especially div playoff game in 2011 , more fun to come this year.

  24. “aljack88 says:

    The Pat’s have the 61st pick, too.”

    Thank you. Hard to keep up with trader Bill.

  25. My point to Jets fans is that overpaying aging veterans and trading away draft picks is not a formula to win long-term in the NFL. It is an even worse formula when it is done for short-term success that is not achieved. Alas, at least for Jets fans, that is Woody Johnson’s MO no matter who he hires as GM or head coach.

  26. Tiger lilac- the Jets have the same amount of seventh round picks as the Pats do… AND one more first rounder! /Drops mic/

  27. Once Jets resign Fitz and everyone in the media exhales, this team is stronger than last year, and we still have the draft and more FA’s to sign.

    I’m betting Cro will be back in the fold as well.

    Draft an edge rusher with 1st round pick and instead of splitting with NE they can potentially sweep them in 2016.

  28. I’m Reading a bunch of negative Comments about the trade I’m a lifelong Jets fan and I think it’s a brilliant trade he was the best option out there at LT most 5th Rd picks be on the practice squad you a 4 time pro bowl player for 6m and only 3m guaranteed if he gets hurt he doesn’t get paid the ball in his court

  29. He’s not going near that money next year but for now ok Just waiting for both bill and brady to retire . Wild card forever!

  30. Surprised Clady coughed up as much as he did just to get a chance to showcase himself for what will most likely be FA after he plays the first year. But anytime a player bets on himself by taking what amounts to a prove it deal you have to root for him. Maccagnon plugged a hole and got some cap relief but did it by rolling the dice on damaged goods and essentially kicked the cap can down the road a year. He has done a good job there considering what he walked into. Elway getting something for a player he was most likely going to cut otherwise and freeing some cap space. The apparent loser here is Okung, as an agent he should fire himself

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