Von Miller wants Johnny Manziel on the Broncos

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The Broncos have no plans to sign Johnny Manziel, but their best player wishes they would.

Broncos outside linebacker Von Miller spoke highly of Manziel, his college teammate, at an event at their alma mater of Texas A&M on Friday. Miller said that if it were up to him the Broncos would have signed Manziel as soon as he became available, although Miller realizes it’s not up to him.

“If I had to make my decision on it, he would already be with the Broncos. But we’ve got guys in the front office that make those decisions, and they’ve put us in the championship with those decisions,” Miller said, via Travis Brown of MyAggieNation.com.

The Broncos currently have just two quarterbacks, Mark Sanchez and 2015 seventh-round pick Trevor Siemian, on the roster. So they’re sure to add a quarterback before minicamps open. But Miller doesn’t appear likely to get his wish of a reunion with Manziel.

74 responses to “Von Miller wants Johnny Manziel on the Broncos

  1. If he goes to an organization that actually has a clue, he has a chance. Albeit a small one, he can at least be backup in this league.

    Cleveland was a death sentence for the guy, his head was already screwed up in the first place and then he had to deal with a GM texting plays to the coaches, a coach without a clue and a team of guys who just didn’t care.

  2. all that gas from the farts have caused brain damage. If elway signs manziel then it is time to take that horse to the glue factory. I get sticking up for a friend but putting him on any NFL team right now is absolutely stupid. I’m a bronco fan obviously

  3. We kept D Ware on the team to keep you out of trouble. Now you want to bring in Manziel to get you in some?!

  4. Well, there goes Von’s future as an NFL GM. I mean, I’ve made some bad decisions and all but even I wouldn’t pull the trigger on this one.

    – J. Jones

  5. a great idea coors beer legal pot and johnny party
    what could possibly go wrong with that idea lol

  6. If I had to make my decision on it, whatever that means, I would pay each Seahawk a $10-million dollar annual fan appreciation bonus, but the league officials won’t allow it, which has worked great so far.

    See how easy it is to be the good guy when you know there is zero chance you’ll have to back it up?

  7. No one is going to sign Manziel at this stage given his off-field problems. No one is going to sign Manziel just because Miller has a personal relationship with him or because they went to the same college. No one is going to sign Manziel as a result of Miller trying to use his superstar status to pressure the team to do so.

    Manziel is currently dealing with a case of domestic assault. This is serious! Furthermore, there was another incident before this (although no charges were filed in that one). Not that it should make a difference anyway, but his on-field production has come nowhere near to justifying the headaches that this guy brings off the field.

    Miller has made known his feelings about this a few times now but I really wish he just would shut up!!!

    Don’t these guys realize how tone deaf they seem??

  8. Well if you can help this talented but troubled kid then why not .
    He’ll either succeed or be a good nfl joke for years to come .
    Good luck

  9. Lol! Well, punks like to congregate. But as soon as Manziel gets help buying off his ex to fold the case, the rest of Elway’s back-handed cash could even be enough to beat Jerrah in a race to the basement.

  10. Miller is an Aggie, talking about a fellow Aggie, to an Aggie-centric website….of course he’s gonna say that, it’s what the Aggie homers want to hear. I doubt he really feels that way, but he knows he can say it with impunity because personnel decisions aren’t within his authority. Only with a dose of sodium pentothal would we ever really know….

  11. Former Texas A&M Teammates Miller and Manziel should always look out for each other. That’s a positive thing. I like it. The Broncos already have two QBs on their roster that are more than capable of winning super bowls. I loved watching Manziel at A&M because he was just so darn competitive and I like competitors. He was so exciting. I can’t recall a more elusive runner. He would extend plays, avoid tacklers, and make things happen. Much of what he did was not in the playbook. But also, a lot of what he did well would not work in the NFL. I thought he’d be a decent backup if he worked hard and put his mind to it. I also thought that he might not be satisfied with a backup role, since he was so competitive and he was so used to being the superstar. But a lot has happened since then that could have caused his outlook to change, and now he might be willing to accept a backup role, but only in the right situation. It would have to be on a good team, where being the backup isn’t a negative thing. It would also have to be on a team with a strong and confident GM that is secure in his position with the team. Denver is one of the very few teams that fit that mold. Manziel reminds me so much of Joe Theismann in his younger days. He was a superstar at Notre Dame and a household name. He even changed the pronunciation of his name so that it rhymed with Heisman. He was a talented college QB, but didn’t really have great NFL skills. He played in the CFL for a while and was very successful. He later came back to play for the Redskins under Joe Gibbs, and he was the backup for a while. He even returned punts in those early days. He was similar to Manziel in that he could make plays outside the playbook. He used his legs and improvised a lot. The Redskins were a dynasty under Gibbs, and Theismann was one of three different QBs who won a super bowl for Gibbs’ Redskins. He had to work hard and be patient, but eventually he and the Redskins made that long journey pay off. Theismann was a very outgoing kid and he works in television to this day. I’m not advocating Manziel going to Denver, but if he did, it could work. Maybe not immediately, but it could work.

  12. I hate media driven celebrity sports stars. Manziel is not an NFL QB. Let him start his career in real estate or selling used cars in Aldine, TX

  13. As I said earlier… Not even the rehab clinics are calling this punk…The almighty Elway blew it when he rolled the dice on Brock

  14. I would rather the Broncos brought back Tim Tebow on a short term deal while they figure out the long term solution. You won’t have to worry about him getting drunk, missing practices, or DUI. :/

  15. Give the guy a big check and he thinks he can manage a team! lol. If Denver had given Osweiler any credit for their title run they would not be in this desperate quarterback situation…

  16. I agree. PLEASE SIGN HIM. Nothing would make my day more than having a QB competition in Denver of The Butt Fumbler, the Alcoholic, and “I Have To Play Better”.

  17. Even Johnny Manziel isn’t campaigning for Johnny Manziel. What does that tell you

  18. I didn’t know that Von and Johnny Foosball were teammates at A&M. I can understand Von wanting the QB he remembers from those college days to be a Bronco. What he (Von) doesn’t get is that today’s JF — Mr. Party Guy in college — never transitioned to the real (adult) world. Manziel has proved again and again he never grew up. I think he’s beyond help.

    John Elway would be making a big mistake bringing Manziel on. Bring Tim Tebow back! I’m serious, Timmy would be a much better choice than any Free Agent available now. He (Tebow) showed in his trial with the Eagles he is much improved and can play.

  19. I guess Von is showing he doesn’t have the judgment to be a front office guy/elevator of talent when his playing career is over.
    Good grief.

  20. Imagine being born into money, win a Heisman and making a ton of money signing a pro contract. I would have been thrilled with at least one tenth of that. What a diick.

  21. Absolutely can’t believe their are people who actually think this turd is an NFL quarterback. By the way, Joe Theisman had integrity and character which, for sure, Manziel does not. As for what he did or didn’t do playing for Texas, that was college ball. The NFL is a very different world.
    This clown should just keep on partying because, at this point, I doubt even a CFL team would give him a glance!

  22. Um, Von, please just stick to pass rushing!!!!! It’s better to thought a fool than………

  23. The rest of the AFC west wants the donks to get him as well. infact get him and Kap that way they can have all 3 of the stooges.

  24. kerrchris65 says:
    Apr 9, 2016 8:58 AM
    Stick to dancing with the stars and wearing fake glasses bro

    Fake glasses? Maybe you should look into his undiagnosed vision problems a a youth and why he set up a foundation to provide thousands of glasses a year for low income children.

  25. You can’t blame him, he’s just trying to look out for a friend who clearly needs help w/ a lot more than football right now… He knows its not going to happen

  26. The good news is that even if Elway doesn’t bring Manziel onto the roster, Manziel will still be a distraction for the Burros because I’ve read that Manziel has moved into Miller’s house in Denver and hopefully he’ll stay there during the season.

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