Alleged shooter booked for second-degree murder of Will Smith

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The man accused of shooting and killing former Saints defensive end Will Smith on Saturday night in New Orleans has been booked on murder charges on Sunday.

New Orleans police announced that Cardell Hayes has been booked for second-degree murder after allegedly shooting both Smith and his wife after a traffic accident. There was reportedly an exchange of words after a Hummer driven by Hayes hit Smith’s car from behind and the argument eventually devolved into the fatal volley of shots.

“We are devastated and saddened by Will’s tragic and preventable death due to a senseless act that will leave a lasting scar on our community forever,” Saints owner Tom Benson said in a statement. “Will was more than an exceptional football player he was a father, a husband, a son, a brother and teammate to so many and an inspiration to countless more. He will be greatly missed by all those he touched and impacted both on and off the football field and his legacy will continue to shine. The Saints family is hurting and devastated as it has lost a member too young and too soon.”

Racquel Smith was hit in the leg twice and was taken to the hospital. The couple were parents to two sons and a daughter.

52 responses to “Alleged shooter booked for second-degree murder of Will Smith

  1. Three kids now grow up without their father due to an extremely selfish act by someone that has zero regard for human life….what the hell is wrong with people

  2. And the gun-nuts will argue that things would have been better if Smith also had a gun. Because a good old Wild West shootout in the middle of a crowded street is what will make us all safe.

  3. If the accident itself didn’t kill anyone, then there is zero reason why all parties shouldn’t still be alive. But instead, someone needed to grab a gun.

  4. We allowed 20 babies to be slaughtered at school, and poorly trained, poorly educated gun nuts claim their 2nd Ammendment rights are under attack. Our nation no longer has, or no longer listens to, its conscience.

  5. Looking at me Hayes mugshot he appears to be 6′-5″ around 250 pounds I’d say the defense of bring threatened is pretty much out the window

  6. On average 91 Americans are killed daily by guns. Is anyone truly shocked? There is way too many guns on the streets, and it’s not gonna change…

  7. The gun grabbers and would be confiscators will say that inalienable, natural born rights no longer matter. Start incarcerating criminals for decades and executing killers, en masse in the public square if you want to reduce crime.

  8. Let the punishment fit the crime. They should put Hayes in his Hummer and drive it out to a military weapons range to be used for target practice.

  9. Black Lives Matter (but only when the shooter is white), so everybody knows you won’t hear a peep from BLM on this one. Sad but True.

  10. I googled his name and was able to get his mugshot. Around 6’5, at least 250 lbs, and bl@ck. When I saw his first name here, I figured he was bl@ck. Surprise! He is. I wonder what the BLM thinks about this. Bl@ck on bl@ck crime. BTW, Carderll has a “I’m bad, I bad” look on his face.

  11. Smith should have been armed so he could have fought back.

    A polite society is an armed society.

  12. Some background on this guy, Cordell Hayes, turns out that his father was gunned down by NOPD in the December after Katrina and a $4 million settlement was awarded to this guy and his family.

    Guess he spent that money on a Hummer H2 and a gun. Hope he has some left for an attorney (because New Orleans public defenders office ran out of money months ago.)

  13. Not trying to be inappropriate here but I thought black lives mattered. Cardell Hayes (a black man) shoots Will smith (also black). If blm wants to be taken seriously they should start with trying not to murder each other. And stop blocking roads too. Ok rant over. RIP Will Smith you died too young.

  14. I love Will Smith. I just wish he would’ve stayed in his car. It’s so dangerous to get out of your car at night, especially in New Orleans. He was a calm man, so it’s unlike him to confront somebody. I don’t know his wife at all. Who knows, maybe she has a short fuse and she was the person who jumped out of the car and started a confrontation, so Will was trying to protect her, and they both got shot.
    Bottom line, just stay in your car, especially at night.

  15. The fact that this guy got out of his car with a gun should call for a 1st degree murder charge because it shows intent. I’ve been rear-ended with my pistol in the glove box. But not once did it cross my mind to get out and go approach the other driver with a gun on me.

    No, my first thought was to go and check on the other driver to make sure they weren’t injured. Because that’s what sound minded people do. A bumper can be fixed and I seriously doubt with the way they’re built that the hummer sustained a lot of damage.

    RIP Mr. Smith and may God wrap this family in his loving grace!

  16. Usap1. Smith never exited his car. He was killed slumped over his steering wheel. He was an “unwilling participant “. The killer has no legal defense of stand your ground as the aggressor. He approached smith, with the firearm. He was also a felon prohibited from legal possession. First degree murder. Public execution on pay per view with the proceeds going to Smith’s family

  17. Another example of some idiot with a gun. What will it take for our country to realize we need to change?

    Every stinking day the same senseless gun violence story…

  18. I find it hilarious how people think if the government puts harsher gun laws in place, it’s somehow going to keep bad people getting ahold of them.

  19. Throwing money at NO isn’t going to solve the problem. What it needs is a return to Law and Order. When that happens every other good thing will follow. Property values will go up. The schools will run more efficiently with better results. Put the bad people in prison and stop putting on a show for the people with state and federal funding that only goes into the pockets of corrupt politicians and businessmen.

  20. No one will do anything about the criminals because of P.C. concerns and worries by liberal politicians that criminal charges are doled out proportionally to race and gender. All this will end up is another excuse to scream about the NRA and legal gun owners, because in the end, they don’t vote for Democrats, so who cares if they are blamed for everything.

    For the uneducated, New Orleans and Chicago already have the strict gun laws you think need to be enacted to save lives.

  21. It sounds like this was more than a road-rage incident. Smith just left having dinner with an officer who was involved in a lawsuit for the shooter’s father being killed by police.
    My guess is he followed Smith, rammed his car and killed him out of revenge for the perceived slight.
    Either that or it is an amazing coincidence.
    Still senseless.

  22. Good thing the shooter wasn’t white, then we’d hear the gun nuts talk about how he was “mentally ill” and how we just need to show more compassion to people with mental illness.

  23. The very people who jump at opportunities like this to make their snide comments about the Black Lives movement, are apparently too obtuse to see that not only are they no better and behaving in exactly the same manner, but that people like them are the very reason the BLM came into being to begin with.

    The irony is just to rich.

  24. 700levelvet says:
    Apr 10, 2016 11:36 AM

    On average 91 Americans are killed daily by guns. Is anyone truly shocked? There is way too many guns on the streets, and it’s not gonna change…


    It sounds like you are blaming the gun deaths on their being too many guns. You think people who kill with guns wouldn’t kill with something else if you took the guns away? This is the problem with gun control enthusiasts. They blame the guns and not the people. Fix the people and the death rate will go down. Taking away gun rights will not lower the murder or crime rate.

  25. Josh, “volley of shots” implies there was some sort of defense mounted by Smith, to wit, a firearm of his own.

    Smith was gunned down in the driver’s seat of his own vehicle, reportedly shot in the back like a dog.

  26. Simple solution…Democrats want more gun laws, Republicans want to protect the second amendment…as a trial…Democrats give up their rights to guns and Republicans don’t. Both sides get what they want and we can measure the results.

  27. Simple solution…Democrats want more gun laws, Republicans want to protect the second amendment…as a trial…Democrats give up their rights to guns and Republicans don’t. Both sides get what they want and we can measure the results.
    That’s a great idea. If all the inner-city criminals gave up their guns, then law-abiding Repubs wouldn’t find the need to arm themselves. Unfortunately, the bad guys will never give up their guns. That’s the only reason I signed up for the CCW class and bought some protection for my family & I. If Dems don’t want to protect themselves and their family, they have the right to that choice.

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