Johnny Manziel is living with Von Miller, unless he isn’t

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Free-agent quarterback Johnny Manziel doesn’t have a team. But he claims he has a roommate.

I’m living out here with my guy, Von Miller,” Manziel told TMZ on Saturday night, via “Everybody knows Von Miller. Super Bowl MVP, Von Miller, my brother. I’m living with him right now. We’re getting our lives together, bro.”

Here’s the problem, bro. Miller’s life already is together, bro. Yours isn’t, bro.

In contrast, Miller has overcome his own personal issues. In 2013, Miller was suspended by the NFL after reportedly attempting to circumvent the NFL’s substance abuse policy by working with the sample collector to best the testing process.

There’s another problem with Manziel’s story, bro. It’s apparently not true.

Mike Klis of reports that Manziel and Miller are currently not living together. Per Klis, Miller is living in housing provided by ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. And ABC’s Dancing with the Stars is not providing housing to Manziel.

This doesn’t change the fact that Miller has openly lobbied, on multiple occasions, for the Broncos to add Manziel. But if anyone thinks Miller would be able to take Manziel under Miller’s wing and get Manziel to truly get his life together, bro, think again.

As one source with knowledge of Manziel’s decisions and lifestyle during his first two NFL seasons recently told PFT, “Nobody can mentor him. If he’s not going to listen to LeBron James, he’s not going to listen to Von Miller. . . . Either [Manziel] is going to make his own decision to be a professional/get his sh-t together or he’s not. His choice.”

For now, Manziel apparently has chosen to misrepresent his living arrangements, in an apparent effort to create the impression that he’s making the kinds of decisions he needs to make in order to get back into the NFL.

68 responses to “Johnny Manziel is living with Von Miller, unless he isn’t

  1. For about ten seconds there, my dreams of a broncos sb repeat were completely annihilated. Now I wouldn’t say they are spectacular, as Johnny Football name is popping up far too often in connection with Von. That’s bad. Really bad.

  2. As any fellow Alcoholic knows (like me) its very clear that he does not “have it together” and sadly I’m not sure he ever will. I have seen friends just like him lose their lives because they could not.

  3. I just moved to DFW and would like to offer JM my couch to crash on should he need it. There’s even a gym just down the road and we could be workout buddies! Think about it!

  4. therealbigben says:
    Apr 10, 2016 8:10 PM
    I just moved to DFW and would like to offer JM my couch to crash on should he need it. There’s even a gym just down the road and we could be workout buddies! Think about it!

    I guess fantasy football does not have the same meaning to everyone…..

  5. Johnny Football is ripped and could say he’s living with anyone in the world and he says Von Miller. Could’ve said any supermodel. Shows you his priorities are on football. 🙂

    Manti Teo had a fake girlfriend. I don’t see the harm in Johnny Football having a fake SB MVP roommate.

  6. liquidmuse says:
    Apr 10, 2016 8:13 PM

    How stupid is this? So Von Miller is homeless outside DWTS? Von couldn’t possible have another home Johnny is living in?


    Is it possible? In theory yes but according to the news article this is using as a source that isn’t the case either. They are living in the same city not the same home. Just another case of drunk guy saying drunk guy things.

  7. Very telling when they asked him about his partying concerns and he said partying isn’t a problem as long as you’re not out of control. He can’t even lie about partying because he’s just not willing to give it up. We will know he’s working things out when he starts to acknowledge that it’s time to avoid any parties his coaches wouldn’t be at.

  8. This guy is so clueless. Not only is he an alcoholic but he’s a chronic liar. No team is EVER going to believe ANYTHING he ever says given how he has shown to be unable to tell the truth. He wore jersey number 2. I’m wondering if that refers to his level of maturity or his IQ. Maybe both.

  9. I read that Von got a degree in Poultry Management at A&M and aspires to be a big chicken farmer after football. Maybe Jonny is holding down and bedding down in “the coup”.

  10. We have a fascination with a slow motion train wreck like Manziel – or Ryan Leaf – or Josh Freeman – or Vince Young – or Demarcus Russell. So much promise and opportunity and so little grasp of reality. While the others made enough money to finance their self – destruction, someone is financing Manziel – perhaps his family. Johnny is facing real prison time and every lie he tells will be in the pre-sentencing report. Sad but he has not yet reached bottom; he does not understand that he needs help. Ask any AA consultant how this ends. It ain’t gonna be pretty.

  11. I meant “everyone” laughed at me and had a jolly time with it. Now do you see the light i saw a few months ago? hahahahaha

  12. They can sure have a lot of fun together in their Bosom of their home , one can do housekeeping and the other brings home the pork bacon

  13. So Johnny just makes up random crap and says it for the national media?

    If that is true, then this young man has some growing up to do and life learning.

  14. So the logic here is that if Manziel is not crashing at the DWS corporate housing provided to Von Miller, then there is no possibility Manziel is living at one of Von Miller’s homes? Is Von going to remain at his DWS housing and commute to work at start of minicamp and other offseason activities. Does he not leave the DWS housing on the weekends Is it sort of like a summer camp? Or maybe Manziel is crashing at the DWS dorms in violation of the new guests overnight rule? Haha! Maybe some more research and investigation needs to be done here. They are clearly good friends and so logic by default is that Manziel really is spending time at Von’s home if he says he is.

  15. I saw that on TMZ and thought how many head coach’s or GM’s in the NFL are saying “Yeah, that’s him, that’s the guy I want to lead my team, be my quarterback”? If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging…

  16. Elway and Kubs read the headline and had a huge panic attack. You can bet they are already in touch with VM or his agent telling him to get Johnny out of there.

  17. That quote in the article reads pathetically fan-worshippy, like a star-struck adolescent who won some prize of a day hanging out with Miller, not like a recent first-round draft pick who played for the guy’s alma mater!

    Did he just decide “his guy” Miller would lie for him, Miller putting his own integrity and hard-fought regained respect behind whatever ludicrous male bovine feces Johnny Footnote spews out, just because they’re Aggies?

  18. Johnny has always had groups of people around him that have ignored his bad behavior because of his athletic ability. It is very disorienting for him to suddenly be actually punished for doing what he has always done.

    Lots of kids never do grow up enough to take responsibility for their actions. It will be a tragedy for him and football fans if he can’t. But it has happened with every team, and will again. A young kid with too much praise and lots of money often start believing they can do no wrong.

  19. Just watch the video. Tells you everything you need to know about Johnny Alcoholic.

  20. In the video Manziel actually uses the argument that he has been to this particular bar 5 or 6 nights in a row without incident. Bro that is not an accomplishment to be proud of nor is it proof that you are “getting your life together”.

  21. My best friend was an alcoholic, until he died in a traffic accident. The one thing drunks and druggies do is lie better than anyone else on the planet. They even start to believe their own lies. So, Johnny Manziel, we see the truth, Bro…

  22. Is he like trying to throw Miller under the bus for something?? “We’re trying to get our lives together.” ??

    Misery loves company. I didn’t know Von Miller was miserable. Maybe highly charitable.

  23. Why did I even read this and feel compelled to comment. Truthfully, I was hoping we could get back get on to other real world pressing issues….important stuff. Like the inflation issue. DOH!

  24. Lebron James has so much stuff on his plate, if you think he had time to properly mentor Johnny then your an idiot….Von, Kubiak, and Johnny are all ATM alumni and I would say John Elway knows a thing or two about being a Pro QB…Also, Cleveland might be the worst team in the NFL for a young QB and Denver might be the best place for any QB in the NFL right now (great defense, great front office, 2 ballers at WR, solid run game, etc.)…Denver could be the best thing for Johnny

  25. You can tell by the video this guy is shot to pieces drunk. I predict a bad ending for this guy. Something money won’t be able to help him with.

  26. Hey, bro. I talked to Johnny E, bro. Says he gots me a job, bro. We’re gonna repeat, bro. IN YOUR WILDEST DREAMS, BRO.

  27. How is that hanging out with a proven PED abuser and cheater would be associated with “getting your life together”, anyway?

    Everybody knows Von Miller is a fraud cheater

  28. I wouldn’t be surprised if Manziel is a Denver QB by the start of the 2017 season. He needs to get his S together first and Von is the perfect man to help him achieve that.

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