NFL family remembers Will Smith

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Late Saturday, former NFL defensive end Will Smith was shot and killed in an apparent incident of road rage. As members of the sports world react to the news, the person who perhaps knew him the best has issued a heartfelt statement in response to the news.

“I am shocked and deeply saddened by the tragic loss of Will Smith, my close friend and client,” Segal said. “Will was loyal, tough, smart, caring and funny all at once. He was an amazing man whose true joy came from his special family. From my first meeting with Will at Ohio State to our business meetings, fun dinners and spirited and intelligent debates, he always treated me like family. My heart goes out to Will’s wife, Racquel, his children and entire family for this unimaginable loss. I love you, William. You will be missed and never ever forgotten.”

Segal represented Smith throughout his NFL career, nearly all of which was spent in New Orleans. He suffered a torn ACL during the 2013 preseason, was released early in 2014, and spent a brief period of time with the Patriots later that year.

The Saints and the Commissioner also have issued statements regarding Smith’s death.

“This is such a tragic loss of life,” Commissioner Roger Goodell said. “Our thoughts are with Will’s wife Racquel and their three children. He will be missed by many teammates and friends.”

“Our entire organization is deeply saddened and our condolences go out to Will’s wife, Racquel, their children and their entire family,’ Saints G.M. Mickey Loomis said. “Will came to New Orleans 12 years ago and quickly developed both on the field as a player and off the field as a leader to become one of the cornerstones of a team that would go on to win a Super Bowl. In our community he was an important contributor to numerous charitable causes to benefit those in need. Will’s contributions to both our franchise and our community as a whole will always be remembered.”

Coach Sean Payton called the death of Will Smith “senseless,” and indeed it was. Many other teammates, other NFL players, and people connected to the Saints, the NFL, and Ohio State have issued similar statements on social media and elsewhere.

Our prayers and thoughts are with Will Smith’s wife, children, family, teammates, coaches, colleagues, and friends.

19 responses to “NFL family remembers Will Smith

  1. When I saw this story this morning, it made me so angry because it was so sensless. Maybe it’s because I have my own children and know that whenever their mother is not home, the first thing they ask me is where is she. Smith’s wife now has to explain this to those poor kids for a freaking car accident because the other person decided to be an idiot. R.I.P. to him, and I just hope the family can cope with this as time goes on.

  2. Rich, poor, strong, weak. It doesn’t matter. All it takes is a second or two of stupidity and rage and your life can be changed forever.

    We should all remember that and use all our willpower to control our anger and not be that person.

  3. This is so sad. Look what rage and anger can lead to these days. So much unnecessary violence. Thoughts and prayers to the Smith family and friends. So sad…

  4. Jemele hill the biggest tacist on TV will find a way to blame the white man for his somehow.

  5. There are no guns behind bars and a lot of people in Louisiana State are Saints fans. I hope he gets a beating every single day. I hope he has to get put on PC and they COs leave his cell open and unguarded. I hope they put a hit out for him to get beat within an inch of his life every single time but not kill him. As a black man I’m pissed, as a football fan I’m pissed, and as a human I’m pissed! I hate when these unnecessary things happen not just here but around the world but this has made things worse.

    All I’ve seen is talk on “black on black crime,” BLM, and all the other stupid talking points. This man in his own selfishness helped confirm prejudice for others and gave us positive members of our communities even more work to do.

  6. They are saying it was because this nut saw Mr.Smith eating dinner with a cop who had killed his crazy father years ago. Will wanted to start a career in law enforcement

  7. This is sad and terribly tragic. We have all been there. Somebody cuts us off in traffic, laughs at us, totally disrespects us and in five seconds we have gone from normal guy to red hot, pizzed off, I want to kill that a-hole, guy.

    Dont do it. It’s hard. Take 10 deep breaths and let it go. As bad as you want a confrontation, it’s not worth it. Besides, the other party may be packing and you’re not.

  8. Going to the rival high school of will smith watching him play against my school and dominate like he did I knew he was going to be special. And he was pray for his family especially his wife and kids who now have no husband or father over a senseless act. May the lord be with you Will

  9. I believe in the death penalty. I don’t have to personally experience one of my own is killed to persuade me. I hope this guy fries.

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