Police say Will Smith’s death appears to be a case of road rage


Former Saints defensive end Will Smith was shot and killed on Saturday night in what police say appears to be a road rage incident.

“It appears that it could possibly have been road rage,” New Orleans Police Officer Juan D. Barnes Sr. said.

Smith was driving and his wife was in the passenger seat when their car was hit by a Hummer, causing Smith’s car to hit a third vehicle.

“The male victim and the driver of the Hummer exchanged words at which time the driver of the Hummer produced a handgun and shot the male victim multiple times and his 34-year-old wife twice in the right leg,” police said in a statement.

The 30-year-old Hummer driver is in police custody.

Smith’s wife was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment for her leg injuries. They have two sons and a daughter.

91 responses to “Police say Will Smith’s death appears to be a case of road rage

  1. Road Rage kills a lot of people on it’s own. Road Rage + hand guns are even worse. People with anger management issues shouldn’t be allowed to have a gun or a vehicle (or children or a whole lot of other things) to be honest.

  2. What possesses someone to do something so horrible. Poor kids lives are shattered forever. Very sad and tragic. Prayers to them all

  3. The facts provided include a guy, driving a Hummer, causing a vehicular collision, escalating to road rage, leading to a shooting death of a man and the shooting of a female.

    Another courageous man carrying a gun. When will society and the NRA judge guys that carry guns as cowards who need a lethal weapon because their actions and ability to communicate verbally are not sufficient to keep them safe?

    I doubt this guy carried a gun to keep him and his family safe. He carried it to try to have an upper hand in any altercation, allowing him to not only threaten others but to kill and maim.

  4. Things like this make me wonder if it’s time to do something about hand guns. It’s just too easy for punks and messed up people to kill with them. You never hear stories like this involving a hunting rifle.

  5. what is this world coming to?

    Such a shame to see a father taken from his family like that.

    RIP, Will.

  6. Talk about not thinking of the consequences of your foolish actions.the 30 year old hot tempered maniac will now have the rest of his life in an 8×10 cell to try to figure out why he did it.

  7. It was a Mercedes G Class. Outside of that, I’ll wait for the police to do their job rather than jump to conclusions like most posters on here.

  8. “When we all carry guns, we will all be safer”
    NRA logic.
    Until we, as a nation, stand up to these morons, we will get what we deserve.
    RIP Will Smith. My thoughts go out to your family.

  9. This is why private citizens need the opportunity to have conceal/carry permits. Its better to have a gun and not need one than like Smith, need it and not have it. The vermin will always have a gun. Its the law abiding citizen who won’t.

  10. I honestly wonder how the shooter made it 30 years without being killed himself or imprisoned. Shooting someone because you just hit their car? What’s wrong with people…..

  11. How does he hit someone and he has the nerve to be mad, guess Will Smith shouldn’t have been in his way, this a crazy world we live in……

  12. There is no such thing as a good guy with a gun. We all have times in our lives when we struggle with life. Sometimes we lash out at others emotionally hurting the ones we love or anyone else who is in the vicinity. More guns in our society leads to more incidents like this. Our laws should encourage deescalation of conflict, not encouragement of more violence. Guns provide owners with a false sense of security. It empowers them to push things farther than they should go. My heart goes out the the victim and his family. Senseless violence like this occurs because the existence of a gun made what would have been a police report over a fist fight a murder scene.

  13. I don’t know why some have to make it a political issue. This is a terribly sad tragedy. In American we seem to have an idiot problem and the driver of the hummer deserves the harshest penalty allowed.

  14. Louisiana, being a Red State, has Stand Your Ground laws. So expect that to be this turds defense, that he felt threatened by the large black man and had to shoot him, and his wife, to death.
    That law emboldens borderline psychotics to cross the line and needs to be repealed everywhere.

  15. Now the shooter’s hand size nor car size will matter. Having ZERO #gunsense has stained civilization. Now let’s listen to his puny “I feared for my life excuse”.

    This coward finally got a chance to use his “new toy”, ruining so many lives in the process.

  16. To tiger lilac:

    I believe you are dead on. Why do you need one on you at any time. These should be in a home protected for burglars. Hard to believe we live in a day where they are taken everywhere.

    I don’t even look at people on the road or if someone cuts me off in fact I drive in the right lane almost 90% of the time and always let people go. I have seen a guy get beat wth a tire iron at a gas station where road rage was the cause. And it was not pretty. Had to testify and still always brings back memories when I here about these cases.

    RIP will smith aka the fresh prince of no leans

  17. Extra large, aggressive ex-NFL player, arrested for assault before gets out and “exchanges words” with a driver they just had an accident with.

    Too many people judging the Hummer driver before all the facts are in. A gun is for protection. Maybe he was just defending himself.

    Maybe not,

    But to think Mr Smith is completely innocent here before all the facts come in is jumping the gun just a bit.

  18. I’d probably wait for the whole story before a rush to judgement and jumping on my soapbox.

  19. He was arrested for pulling his wife to the ground by her hair after a night out (much like last night). 300# man. Imagine what he was ready to do with a driver he just had an accident with.

  20. Man this broke my heart when I heard this a few hours ago.. Senseless killing over vehicles that could be repaired. People please think before you react. Life is much too short for the b.s. #RIP Will Smith

  21. Another courageous man carrying a gun. When will society and the NRA judge guys that carry guns as cowards who need a lethal weapon because their actions and ability to communicate verbally are not sufficient to keep them safe?

    When will people like you stop blaming the wrong people for crimes like this? The shooter is to blame, no one else. And if you honestly think the gov’t/police can do anything to curb the profileration of guns you’re living in a fantasy world. How has that worked with heroin?

    Just curious, every time someone in the US illegally commits a crime do you blame those that vote to keep them here? B/c if not then you’re a big hypocrite.

  22. Hand guns do two things. They make arrogant morons feel “tough” and they kill people. Go hunt and provide for your family with a hand gun…please try. Oh and while your at it exercise your 2nd amendment rights and take on the government with your little pistol.

    It unfortunate some people live in areas that safety is a real concern but the truth is most people don’t even know someone whose been in a situation where a handgun was needed let alone themselves.

    Even moments in which a handgun was used for safety they were most likely created by the unsafe use of a hand gun by someone else. I hope Will Smith’s kids understand that their dad died in cold blood in the name of safety.

    RIP Will Smith.

  23. I’m not a gun nut or an anti gun guy, but you gotta think if they weren’t so widely accepted and easy to get, fewer things like this would happen. Guns don’t kill people, but crazy people with guns sure do.

  24. I agree with most everything posted above. I would also be interested to hear what Smith’s actions were at the scene. Was he unusually aggressive? Obviously, he is an imposing figure. Not saying it justifies a shooting but I’d would certainly add to the context of what happened.

    Regardless, our society seems to be growing quicker to violence.

    This is just awful. One accident and now a bunch of lives are destroyed.

  25. It never ceases to amaze me how stupid human beings can be. Shoot a guy because he bumped into your car? And not even take the time to determine what even happened? How often do we hear about people being killed over cell phones? Remember when dudes were shooting other dudes to steal their shoes? I wonder if that still happens.

    Not to be Mr. Obvious or anything, but it seems to me that the gun culture has made black folks increasingly violent. I don’t know if the guy who shot Smith is black, but we can assume so and be right 90% of the time (not a guess. 90% is the actual number). Why we continue to ignore the problem and attempt to create more laws that will do nothing to curb gun violence is beyond me. Gang violence, Drugs and mental health are the 3 main causes of gun violence. Government’s answer? Lets make t harder for a guy to buy a hunting rifle and then politicize it like we don’t care about victims of gun violence. It is ridiculous.

  26. Smith never left his vehicle, him and his wife were shot in their seats. Gonna be hard to say, self defense. This is senseless and I hope the killer never sees the light of day again.

  27. Sports used to be a retreat from the problems of the real world.

    Now drug abuse, spousal abuse, and even murder have made their way into a “kid’s game”.

    Another reminder of how short and precious life is.

    Prayers for the family left behind.

  28. Praying for Will’s wife and her recovery, and that family and friends will come along side of them, and help them carry on. God bless the Smith family, and help them to forgive the maniac who did this to them.

  29. Did not know smith personally but by all accounts seemed to be a good guy. Maybe he escalated the incident maybe he did not. Regardless a very very sad day and unless new information comes out, I hope the shooter gets the death penalty.

  30. Knew it wouldn’t be long before some JA had an idiotic nra comment. It’s always somehow the fault of the nra. To the posters calling for a handgun ban, wasn’t there a ban on murder before mr smith was killed? Is a ban really gonna keep this loser from acquiring a gun? Smh at our present reactionary society. Just make more laws, that’ll get em.

  31. During the revolution, if you did not support the war (even for religious reasons) – your guns were taken away.

    Dissenters: During the Revolution, there were plenty of instances of confiscating guns (sometimes with compensation) for militia use from people who would not take a loyalty oath to the new nation, or who would not serve in the militia (this included plenty of religious pacifists in Pennsylvania). During the early theocratic days in Massachusetts, 75 supporters of the religious dissident Anne Hutchinson were disarmed.

    Catholics: In Maryland, temporarily barred from gun ownership during the French & Indian War.

    It was clear that the second amendment had a different meaning in those today are teaching us. If you didn’t support the nations cause for war, or a willingness to participate in said war, No guns for you. A well regulated Militia.

  32. In an accident just exchange insurance info or call the cops . Don’t engage in an argument with anyone for two reasons 1) it doesn’t change anything b/c the insurance company or the cops decide fault and 2) the person might have a gun . Senseless

  33. And this folks, is why we need gun control. Your average jackass with road rage should not be able to just whip out a gun in a moment of fury and kill a man with a wife and beautiful kids.

    RIP Will Smith. I wish we lived in a society where this wasn’t so commonplace.

  34. Aggressive drivers are everywhere but seem on their best behavior when suddenly a patrol car appears. Unmarked traffic cops are needed to arrest and prosecute these people that have put good citizens in harms way.

  35. If you wanna say guns don’t kill people, fine. You’re technically correct. But this guy would still be alive if the dude didn’t have a gun. Smh. RIP

  36. This driver should be put to death as soon as possible without even a trial. This is getting insane and getting out of hands! The sooner they start putting murderers to death within few months of their crimes, the better it will become and might help deter others. These guys are sentenced to life and all they do is eat, sleep, sleep with each other, and workout!

  37. “The right to keep and bear arms” as intended by the founding fathers was never meant for anyone and everyone to carry the means to end multiple lives in a moment of hate. When will we wake up? God Bless Will’s family.

  38. That’s how the world is now though.

    Seems like everybody is a tough guy. But when it comes down to it they don’t wanna get beat up man to man so they go and get their gun or they go and get 11 of their friends cause their too big of a coward to handle it like a man.

    Now 3 kids have no father. Boy they really proved a point.

  39. Will was a player that I enjoyed watching. He was tough, made plays, and did his job well. I was very happy for him when he won a Super Bowl.

    The term ‘road rage’ seems inadequate to describe this heinous murder. My condolences to all of those impacted by this tragedy.


  40. The gun itself is just as responsible for the shooting as the Hummer was for the wreck. I say blame the shooter and the driver, crazy I know.

  41. Why do many of you naïvely assume that the shooter legally possesed the gun or legally possessed the Hummer? Sounds like the actions of a criminal who by definition does not comply with the Law, no matter if there is one or hundreds of laws that make stealing a car or possessing a gun a crime.

  42. I’m a gun owner, but the NRA completely lost me in their reaction and militant stance after the Sandy Hook shooting of children.

  43. This guy should be placed in front of a firing squad immediately . If the law would toughen up and put people like this to death immediately, people would think twice before committing violent crimes like this.

  44. So he was in the car slumped over the wheel, the guy that rear ended him shot him? Then he waited for the police at the scene?

    Something doesn’t add up here.

  45. one wonders if black lives actually matter to black Americans.
    Now we all have lost one of our heroes, a good man, one who I cheered for for, defended against Goddel in the Bountyscam and followed even after his career. Now all we have are memories, his children and wife, broken hearts…

    Black lives didn’t matter once last last night the Lower Garden District….

    Rest easy Big Dog….


  46. There was a road rage incident here in Mpls this week. A woman gets cut off in rush hour traffic in a construction zone. She honks at the offending vehicle. 3 criminals in the vehicle with tinted windows pull up next to her and shoot her 4 times. Fotunately she is alive. I am fairly certain these guns were not legally obtained by the shooters. I carry (legally) most places I go. You just don’t know what is going to happen. In 20 years I’ve never felt like I needed to pull the gun. I will have it for the time (God forbid) that I may need it. No responsible owner wants to use their weapon against another human.
    This is simply about criminals possessing and using illegal guns. Your liberal judges will let them off with 6-10 instead of life w/ no parole as it should be.

  47. I will wait for the facts to pass judgment. If the shooter used a firearm out of rage, throw the book at him. Hopefully, evidence will be clear about the incident. Without unbiased witnesses, these cases can sometimes by difficult to evaluate. Whatever the facts, my condolences to the Smith, his wife, and family.

  48. When will something finally be done about this. People need to wise up and face the reality of today. This isn’t the late 1700s any more and those that signed the declaration of independence and constitution couldn’t foresee what this world has become. If they knew what would happen in today’s world clearly they would have enshrined it into law.

    All vehicles should be registered with the state. All vehicle owners should be required to be licensed by the state. All drivers should be required by the state to take a test to prove ability to drive. All drivers should be required to have insurance on said vehicle.

    And only that will stop the criminal misuse of vehicles.

    Only the state can stop this plague on society. The state has a long and storied history of doing things right. And it’s the evil opponents of the political party I support that keep up this relentless slaughter against our countrymen.

    10,000+ dead from vehicles last year!

    Thunk about the children.

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