Report: Ryan Clady trade doesn’t impact Colin Kaepernick pursuit

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The Broncos shed a big salary 0n Saturday with the trade of tackle Ryan Clady to the Jets, clearing nearly $9 million under the cap for the 2016 season.

That cap space will be useful for the Broncos in the coming weeks and months, but it reportedly won’t make a trade for 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick likelier to happen. The Broncos want Kaepernick to slash his base salary from $11.9 million to $7 million and Mike Klis of KUSA reports that number won’t change because of changes to the cap room in Denver.

Per the report, the Broncos view that $7 million salary as the rate for a top backup quarterback/competitor for a starting job based on what Chase Daniel and Robert Griffin III are set to make in Philadelphia and Cleveland respectively. Kaepernick has thus far resisted taking that pay cut with his $11.9 million salary guaranteed by the 49ers and other bonuses putting him in position to boost his earnings above $14 million.

As a result, Klis reports the chances of a trade getting done are “not looking good” and that the Broncos would move onto other possibilities — Brian Hoyer and Josh McCown get mentions — if the deal remains undone.

24 responses to “Report: Ryan Clady trade doesn’t impact Colin Kaepernick pursuit

  1. Y’know as far as place holders go, Hoyer isn’t a bad option. As far as wanting to compete for a title though? I think you’d got to do better than Mark Sanchez and Brian Hoyer.

  2. I believe Trevor Siemian will get a long look and really surprise some people. The Broncos are very high on him. Sanchez and him along with a first round pick will make for a nice competition. I would say, anyone of the three will give us as much from the position as we got last year and we won it all. SO RELAX. IN ELWAY WE TRUST

  3. As a Broncos fan, I’m disappointed in Elways QB succession plan from Manning. Elway has fired and missed with each attempt to secure a solid player for such a key position.

  4. The Broncos won a SB without getting much in the way of a contribution from the QB position. So far Elway seems to be ready to attempt defending that title the same way. Can’t say I blame him, they paid $21M out at the position last year and still led the league in INT’s. If what they want is simply someone who won’t screw it up too badly they would be better served to go with McCown or even Fitzpatrick over Kaepernick anyway.

  5. John Ełway does not fold; if he sets a price tag on you you can either accept it or leave

    – he will when Dirty Sanchez buttfumbles their playoff hopes away!

  6. Along about August or September some team with realistic playoff aspirations will lose a starting QB to injuries. It almost always happens. That’s when Kaep will be traded. He will still make his present contract money.

  7. As a 30 yr Bronco fan, and 100% Elway fan & supporter, I do not blame Kap at all….who the hell would just give away 5 million dollars!? John, you went to Stanford, calculate that again! If Kap is what you want, then bump it up a few million, or throw the 9ers a 3rd rounder or something.

  8. This keeps getting reported as the Broncos wanting him to take $7 mill, instead of $12 mill. That’s technically correct but not the full story. They want him to take $7 mill in 2017 too, when he is scheduled to make $14 mill. That’s asking him to take $14 mill instead of $26 mill. With no guarentees. That’s a bad contract and wouldn’t sign it either. Kap is already on a team friendly, year to year deal.

  9. You can’t realistically have a broad “backup/competitor ” category, place a value on that and squeeze everyone into it. Kap played in and nearly won a Super Bowl. Yes he was horrible last year but he’s shown more ability at moments than guys like Alex Smith and Brock Osweiller, so for him to risk injury for a fraction of their salary is a nonstarter. He’s sticking with the 49ers this year.

  10. Elway was out of his mind to think Kap would take $14M for one year when he will almost make that this year for just making the roster and has $11.9M in the bank already.

  11. Elway, Kaep still has to learn how to be a top tier NFL QB, if you sign him you will have to go down on the field everdyay and coach him up. He needs lots of work!!!

  12. Elway is an Idiot, he gets rid of a 29 year old Pro Bowl OT for a 28 year old soso OT to save some money to get Kaepernick whom he probably won’t get anyway. So you weaken your front line and end up losing games to save money, real smart. Elway even said on the tonight show to Leno that after a few games at Denver, Peyton was learning under Elways tutoring. Elway’s ego is bigger than his fat head, he couldn’t carry Peyton’s shoes in a wheelbarrow.

  13. If Elway didn’t clear Cap room for a Kaepernick trade and is content on signing McCown or Brian Hoyer he might as well park the Broncos in 3rd or 4th place in their division right now.. Trust me, with Sanchez, Hoyer or McCown at the helm the Raiders will thrash them twice…

  14. The Niners chaotic 2015 season can’t be blamed on Kap. That situation became a mess as soon as they fired Harbaugh, and it just kept getting worse.

    People talk like asking this guy to let go of somewhere between $4M and $7M (real dollars he’s guaranteed to be paid this year) is not a big deal. If he sits on the Niner’s bench while making that kind of money, more power to him. That’s less wear and tear on his body for getting paid more.

    The other thing is that I’m now getting a better understanding of why Elway and Manning hit it off so well. Both are so hard headed that they’d cut off their hand to spite their arm. The more I learn about each of them the less I like them.

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