Merton Hanks out at league office

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A significant change has happened at the league office. Even more significant is the fact that it somehow has managed to stay under wraps.

Per multiple sources, NFL V.P. of football operations Merton Hanks has left the organization. While the specific label applied to the departure isn’t known, one source told PFT that the move resulted from an effort by the league to upgrade in that area. This implies that the change was initiated by the NFL.

As of this posting, the NFL had not yet responded to multiple requests for confirmation and/or comment from PFT regarding Hanks’ status.

Also out, according to multiple sources, are Joe Hurta and Russ Giglio. One source tells PFT that the current expectation is that more moves will be made.

Hanks, a four-time Pro Bowler and 1995 first-team All-Pro with the 49ers, has been responsible for making the initial decisions regarding on-field discipline.

56 responses to “Merton Hanks out at league office

  1. That probably explains Josh Gordon being held up for months like he’s a criminal.

  2. I’m surprised that dudes neck is still attached after all the chicken dances he used to do. Looked like he was having a seizure.

  3. Hanks will always be known for having the longest neck in the history of the NFL.

  4. Hmm.

    Deflategate related? Kensil had his office moved, Bill Leavy, the ref who was demoted, only to be promoted and responsible for 4 of Brady’s footballs over-inflated on 10.16.14 with minimal temp change from the locker room to the field, all mysteriously had “adjustments” to their NFL status on Park Ave.


    Arrest, try and convict Roger Goodell.

  5. He probably said something like, “You realize this deflategate stuff is all a bunch of NFL fabricated garbage…” and the League Office needed to make an example of him

  6. Wasn’t Hanks the uniform police guy? You know the guy who fines you for wearing your socks too high, not wearing the right color shoes, etc.

  7. It’s not complicated, Goodell keeps every dollar the NFL office stays under budget. Whacking a bunch of $250K employees gets Roger a new yacht.

  8. In an environment where the players feel like the league office has no sense of understanding what it is like to play the game, it only makes sense that the NFL would rid itself of one more executive who actually played the game. Certainly they will fill this role with someone with more experience in a penguin suit.

  9. He believed in science. Ideal Gas Law. Merton was pissed Goodell had taken psi and never showed findings to the public. Wonder why.

  10. Obviously the powers that be in the NFL league office took Carter’s fall guy advice to heart. They had several all lined up and ready to “go”.

  11. “It’s not complicated, Goodell keeps every dollar the NFL office stays under budget. Whacking a bunch of $250K employees gets Roger a new yacht.”

    That doesn’t explain the legal bill. Firing Paul Clement alone would probably fund a flotilla.

  12. By the way, if anyone hasn’t seen the movie “Concussion” it’s must see for NFL fans. I hate Goodell and the slimy owners as it is but after seeing this I needed to shower. That group is bad people. Greedy, cold, calculated bad people.

  13. I wonder if any of these guys has enough smarts & inside info to write a tell all book. It would be a best seller.

  14. mezanine10 says:Apr 11, 2016 1:04 PM

    No big deal. He’ll just return to Jurassic Park.

    I got nothing…you win the internet today!

  15. Be interesting to see what fall out. His severance probably is tied to a non-disclosure agreement so you won’t see him spreading any stuff around. But wait a couple of months and see what gets leaked. We may actually get to see the psi data after all.

  16. Let me know when Blandino has been shown the door? That is a big problem with the NFL right now and that guy has zero clue about officiating…..

  17. Goodell ready to hire former Jets employees for fresh ideas to scheme against the Pats and to sell the lie via ESPN in swift and “convincing” fashion.

  18. Turns out he quit on his own due to personal reasons…….or it turns out he was the consistent leak in the NFL office to press when it wasn’t something the NFL wanted to get out there………or he was unwilling to go along with the direction taken by the NFL relating to recent discipline……or …….someone please find out the reason before it drives us all crazy not knowing every little detail about the NFL…..

  19. Looks like Roger Dodger and his cadre of public relations spin doctors are drafting fall guys. Anyone who prefers honesty or truth over power and spin must go. Stay tuned.

  20. Love all the neck comments. First thing that came to mind when I saw his name on the article was that neck of his. It always looked like his shoulder pads were too low.

  21. I can’t say any other NFL player annoyed me more, ever, than whenever Hanks did that epileptic seizure on his feet routine after making any sort of significant play.

  22. The NFL office doesn’t need to find creative , new ways to catch the Pats. They have always have creative, news ways to cheat.

  23. cribbage12 says:Apr 11, 2016 3:51 PM

    Definitely on the All-Neck team.

    There’s also a GM in Colorado who heads up the All Horse-teeth team
    I’ll one up you. Google Don Mossi check out his baseball card … all time ugly team.

  24. I think about any former player would feel like the odd guy out in that office where basically everybody is just a suit with zero background in football. In most cases the less football knowledge the better as seen with Blandino.

  25. Hey, Merton, NFLPA calling for you. They say they will cover any non-disclosure issues and costs and keep you in the lifestyle to which you are accustomed.

  26. Can’t wait for the headline that states Troy Vincent is out. They should release him just for being clueless regarding the Ideal Gas Law.

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