Myles Jack says he’s worked out for the Saints and Dolphins


Myles Jack has made a few visits, and has a significant trip coming up later this week.

But two more teams have been added to the list of those taking a closer look at the UCLA linebacker.

During an interview on SiriusXM NFL Radio, Jack said he’s worked out for the Dolphins and Saints.

He’s also made stops to visit the Jaguars (who pick fifth overall) and the Falcons (17th), though it’s doubtful he’d last nearly that long. The Saints and Dolphins pick 12th and 13th, respectively, and it’s likely that if they wanted Jack, they’d have to move up to get him.

Of course, such a move might be justified for teams that need help loads of help on defense.

Jack will go back to Indianapolis later this week for a medical re-check, as teams want to know the status of the torn meniscus in his knee which ended his final season at UCLA in September. And at some point after that, he might run a 40 for some teams, something he hasn’t done so far.

12 responses to “Myles Jack says he’s worked out for the Saints and Dolphins

  1. The top three players coming out of high school that year was Robert k Jaylon smith jalen Ramsey ,And if not for off field issues and jaylons knee it would be the same way now .

  2. Obviously Teams could Trade Up and so they did the due dilligence, but I don’t see Jack getting out of the top 7 picks. No way he makes it to 13 or 17!

  3. Phins need help at LB this kid won’t be around at 13 though. Didn’t like the trade with the eagles to move back,hopefully someone falls but looks to me the elite talent will be gone.

  4. Ya not sure Maxwell is a starter on most teams he showed that last year. If alonso is healthy he can be avg-above average. Swapping first round picks wasn’t smart when you were in a spot to take whatever elite player falls to at 8.

  5. zackattack006 says:
    Apr 11, 2016 9:47 PM
    Are you kidding me? Fins got 2 starters out of the trade, for moving 5 spots down!
    Do you realize who the two “starters” Phillpy didn’t want ? One who is slow as dust on a table at corner and hasn’t been good since he was on a team with a ton of talent around him: See Byron Maxwell (see Seattle for when he “good”)
    The other is someone who has more injuries Bill Bellacheat’s report each week and hasn’t done anything since he was a rookie in Booofalo. See Kiko Alonso.
    Do you realize Miami has to take on Maxwell’s inflated contract ?
    I would rather drop five spots and not have these guys, but have the cap space to get players.
    Don’t get me wrong, they are both in the NFL and I am grinding each day 9-5, but NFL apples to NFL apples, Miami didn’t get two “starters”. They got two players who will start in Miami because the team is in piss poor shape.
    Umm Phins up ?

  6. For Miami, fans should actually be higher on the Byron Maxwell acquisition than the Kiko Alonso.

    Maxwell brings to the table exactly what Miami needs at corner, someone with size and the ability to press. That’s something Brent Grimes wasnt going to be a good fit for in the new defense. This isnt off/zone coverage in Miami anymore. Under Vance Joseph, who has a really successful history with secondaries, and may very well be the next upcoming young HC candidate, Maxwell should flourish playing some press man with reshad jones behind him.

    If things work out in this draft, Maxwell could also potentially be the #2, either off the bat or in a season or so. Maxwell didn’t fit in Philly, similarly to Brent Grimes not fitting the scheme this upcoming season. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with that either. There is a lot of size in the division with Gronk and Watkins and marshall and Decker…

    Maxwell wasn’t bad in Philly either. He had a horrible first 3 games, and was hurt the last 2. EVERYTHING in between was actually pretty successful, which i’d give high praise to, and point to them changing what they asked him to do. Nothing wrong with playings being good at certain things and bad at others, its about recognizing strengths and weaknesses and putting them in the positions to play to their strengths.

    Kiko on the other hand has a bad injury history, and frankly doesnt have the size to play what Miami is about to ask him to. That said, he’s a playmaker, and could be good covering these scat backs like Mccoy, Dion Lewis, forte, and some of these TE’s like clay and gronk in the division.

  7. Been a phins fan forever but to give up the chance at getting one of the few elite players in the draft to acquire two players with huge questions marks isn’t smart. But again this is the dolphins were talking about. They havnt made many smart moves in the last decade. At the very least just grab the best OL at 13 and hope he is ready right away. Just baffles me that the OL wasnt addressed in FA,how tannehill hasn’t been seriously hurt is beyond me.

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